The first day of kindergarten I dove in cognizant of the three most important things. My name, how to read, and 8773 Silas Deane. Sizing at 29 pounds and standing an inch shy of 3 feet my four-year-old self relentlessly repeated the last one in trembling fear that one day I may get lost and need help finding my way home.
Three years later I began the third grade standing confidently with a solid 7 inches and 15 pounds supplementing my appearance. My new teacher attempted to teach me time tables and how to divide 100 by 5 but I was solely focused on learning one thing, 8864 Pembroke circle, the address to my new home.
With the years passing by quicker than an arrow being shot from the finest archer, my older sister fell ill and I was forced to move in with my aunt and learned a song to remember my new home. “Walk down the block stop and look at your clock and come the 44th minute you’ll be in shock because the fisher is richer than the whole block.” 44 Fisher Street.
My middle school days came to an end shortly after and 3 months into my freshman year of high school, I was dictated to take a practice SAT exam, which required my address. Once again I had a new home, this time in Virginia with my mother, 13120 Forest Mist Lane.
A week into my sophomore year I moved again, but with my father. That is when I met you and the most impactful thing I learned that year was that your eyes are my favorite color and your laugh is my favorite sound.
Springtime swiftly rolled around and I got invited to my first high school party and woke up the following morning sensing that my ride was too hung over to drive me home so I insisted that I would be fine walking. Needless to say I woke up face down on the sidewalk covered in my own vomit with a kind woman named Clara, who luckily was passing by, helplessly shaking my body. Eventually, when I came to she asked me were I lived and if I needed help getting home and the only sound that raspingly scraped out of my throat was your name. And that is when it hit me that home is not a place where one frankly lives, but rather a place that possesses their heart.
—  please come home
Fun Things To Do as a French Peasant in the 18th Century Pre-Revolution Apparently (a partial list)

-pay the king’s tax 
-pay the local lord’s tax 
-pay sales taxes
-re-purchase the land your parents “owned” 
-pay rent on land you don’t “own” 
-pay tariff taxes 

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I just love malec like you can put our guys into whatever universe you want they’ll just fit and find the other.

007!Alec and Q!Magnus having illicit banter over the comms and Magnus being a tad too jealous of Alec flirting with his marks (spoilers, Alec can’t flirt for shit when he actually feels something, that’s why he brings back Magnus snow balls from each of his missions, because he doesn’t know how to express the gooey feelings. Also it’s against regulation).

Mechanic!Alec and richer-than-he-should!Magnus that just bought 12 old cars while knowing absolutely nothing about car repairs (spoilers: Alec can’t figure out why a multibillionaire hangs out everyday with him while he’s covered in grease and sweat… Until he does).

Detective!Alec having a crush on assistant DA!Magnus and not knowing how to approche him. The trial of the century will provide with some late night prep for Alec’s testimony… Among other things.

The inevitable coffee shop AU that everyone will inevitably read (all the coffee is fairtrade from Peru and Alec just needs his caffeine intake while he grades. This as nothing to do with the owner being CUTE AF shut up Jace).

Prince!Alec is sent to rescue a princess but falls in love with Warlock!Magnus (who did not kidnap princess!Clary at all, her mom is picking her up next Sunday when the hostile takeover of her husband’s kingdom is completed).

Wine producer!Alec hires PR!Magnus to promote his wines… But as every city boy that respects himself, Magnus can’t help but salivate at the sight of plaid on tight muscles so of course he keeps complaining about the mud.

After a whopping 11 entries, Full Moon Features’ Puppet Master is being rebooted by Di Bonaventura Pictures (1408) and Caliber Media (Bone Tomahawk). Full Moon’s Charles Band will executive produce the film, dubbed Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

While the subtitle is a little silly, there is a big reason to be excited about this news: Bone Tomahawk writer/director S. Craig Zahler is penning the script. He’s not going to direct, but anyone who has seen his debut knows what Zahler is capable of. This surprising move skyrockets the film high on my most-anticipated list.

The new take on the 1989 cult classic aims to maintain the inventive puppet kills infused with the comedic tendencies that made the original franchise so popular, while expanding on Toulon’s backstory and developing richer dialogue, characters, and narratives.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich follows a recently divorced young man who discovers a mint condition Blade doll in his deceased brother’s closet and plans to sell the toy at a convention in Oregon celebrating the 30th anniversary of the infamous Toulon Murders. All hell breaks loose at the Postville Lodge during the auction when a strange force animates all of the various puppets throughout the convention as they go on a bloody killing spree.

While the search for a director for The Littlest Reich takes place, the latest entry in the original franchise, Puppet Master: Axis Termination, is due out later this year.


A Red Sun Rises - The Originals fanfiction by DayStorm

RE-LAUNCH July 22nd

A soul-mate story. This story has undergone a near-total overhaul. Rewritten to better reflect my original vision but with tighter narrative, character dynamic coupled with richer backstories, conflict and a very real sense of risk and loss. Decisions have striking consequences and those will feel very real. Believable.

I want to write a love story that isn’t JUST a love story.

“A thousand years I have searched for her. A thousand years … never knowing she is what I sought so desperately. Our lives were stolen from us - what could have been, what should have been. Gone. All that time, wasted on loneliness.” - Elijah Mikaelson (ARSR)

“I have lived a thousand lifetimes, my soul unable to leave this world with you. And you could not leave this world at all. Forever is a curse, Elijah. I can’t change what was done. But I’m here now. And I will never, ever, leave you.” - Rachel Harding (ARSR)

If I was even half the mother that my mom is, then I’d be among the greatest because she truly is the best. Happiest Birthday to my mom, my dearest friend and the most beautiful, wise and radiant woman I know. Your life made me the most blessed of daughters, your life has made mine richer, fuller, sweeter and infinitely more worthwhile. 나는 당신에게 최고의 사랑 💞

pls dont ever let me catch any of u saying stuff like “homeless ppl/ppl in poverty need to exert more effort on getting better instead of shoplifting” 

a) like what the fuck is “getting better” supposed to mean? get richer? stop being poor? you’re one step from saying “get a job!”

b) this isnt a one or the other dichotomy

c) plenty of the ppl who are in poverty or even homelessness and lift are in fact minimum wage workers who may very well be lifting from their own employer in which case the “it hurts the employees!” (myth anyway) argument is void

Have some old ass Mega Man tracker music from the 1990s

back in the heady Windows 95 days, we didn’t have MP3s to listen to. and having a soundtrack in uncompressed PCM was a ridiculous notion (my computer at the time had an earth shattering 424MB hard disk). 

so if you wanted to listen to music from your fave games, chances are you settled on midis or mods (modules, XM, S3M, etc). probably midis, because was the shit (and it’s still around, wow). 

but then mods were a special, rare treat. unencumbered by general midi’s limited 128 samples, mods could use any recorded sound as an instrument. half of them still sounded like ass, honestly, but their depth was so much richer than the casio keyboard-like sound most GM drivers of the time had.

so yeah, believe it or not, us Mega Man fans of the GeoCities days were listening to this shit a lot. blessedly arranged music by nerds with college and compuserve e-mail addresses. I’m not even sure what software plays this shit today besides Winamp, but have fun with these.

elfpuddle replied to your photo “I wanted to build a starter lot with a greenhouse attached to it. Of…”

Live on boxes; the exterior is gorgeous!!

Thank you! :D I decided I’m just going to leave it there, unfurnished. It’ll be for richer sims to take, or perhaps the second or third generation of a family…

dramallamadingdang replied to your photo “I wanted to build a starter lot with a greenhouse attached to it. Of…”

Hah! That’s why I don’t build starters. :)

It’s so easy to get carried away, isn’t it? xD

There are three things, once one’s basic needs are satisfied, that academic literature points to as the ingredients for happiness: having meaningful social relationships, being good at whatever it is one spends one’s days doing, and having the freedom to make life decisions independently.

But research into happiness has also yielded something a little less obvious: Being better educated, richer, or more accomplished doesn’t do much to predict whether someone will be happy. In fact, it might mean someone is less likely to be satisfied with life.

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Take Me to the Moon 6.13 Previous Chapter / Next Chapter Fearghus and Alyse decided to hold a late afternoon, intimate wedding ceremony on the patio of their home, and invited their families. Alyse looked at Fearghus, as she prepared to say her vows, first “I, Alyse, take thee, Fearghus, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or…

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I’m really happy to wake up to the sound of rain… I don’t even mind that it’s another overcast day, the rain feels so pure and cleansing, everything looks shiny and greener and richer, I’m only worried about looking out for all the earthworms crawling on the pavement


I can’t stop laughing at Steve’s letter to Tony. He was like “I’m sorry for everything but not really since I grabbed all my pals back from jail and I’ll be basically running the secret avengers now, ring if you need us. BTW when Bucky get his new arm it won’t be Stark tech because T’Challa understands Bucky is a victim and he is also smarter, richer and vibranium is way more strong and light than any other metal thank you very much”

Writing Tip April 25th

20 Questions to Enrich Your Setting

Your scene’s full of dialogue and action but something’s missing.  Try to picture where it takes place in your mind.  If you imagine anything like the set of a Beckett play it won’t look much richer to your reader.  Beckett’s intention was to create sparse, desolate environments.  Most of us intend to create richer settings for our scenes.

Here are 20 questions to help embellish a setting:

  1. Does the reader know where and when a scene takes place?
  2. What man-made elements (if any) make up your setting?
  3. What natural elements (if any) make up your setting?
  4. What is the most prominent color?
  5. What design or aesthetic principles are visible?
  6. What non-speaking characters (like passersby) in the scene; what do they look like?
  7. What do those other characters look like to the P.O.V. character?  (Shorter, taller, fatter, thinner, etc).
  8. What objects (such as books, records or photographs) can one of the characters peruse? (What do they add to the scene?)
  9. What electronics (such as a TV or radio) can be switched on? (What station will be on?)
  10. What smells are in the air? (Pleasant, foul, natural, man-made, etc).
  11. What sounds can be heard? (Harsh, soft, brick-like silence, water, wind, etc).
  12. What can be touched and felt?
  13. What is the nearest object that can be picked up?
  14. What is the most dangerous object nearby? (If a character went nuts what could be used as a lethal weapon?)
  15. What kind of weather does the sky suggest? 
  16. What effect does the current temperature have on the characters and the setting?
  17. What imperfections are visible? (No matter how well-kept the setting something must be imperfect).
  18. What evidence of people not present in the scene are around?
  19. How easy would it be for someone to spy on the scene?
  20. How permanent is the setting? (Can you imagine how it will be destroyed?)

Many of these questions share an interest in how vulnerable the setting is or how vulnerable it makes the characters. Great scenes take place where they do for a reason; the setting plays a role in the story.  If a setting seems bland, it might be because that scene should take place somewhere else. 

-Yingle Yangle

It’s a small thing, but

In Lemonade, inbetween Love Drought and Sandcastles, when she speaks about birth and specifically, mothers’ hips cracking from giving it, we get that shot above. 

It’s a Kintsugi pot, a Japanese form of art where broken pieces of pottery are fixed and glued together with liquid gold, highlighting the cracks instead of hiding them and in that saying that it’s richer for it, treating the break as valuable history and that it’s now more admirable for having been broken.

I adore the concept on its own but in the context of birth it’s such a lovely reference to make.