Lets see how to I start this? Well first off let me say this… these 3 are the weirdest fuckers in the world! lol But that’s why I love them to death! We are all the same in a lot a ways and are extremely different at the same time, if you put all 4 of us in a room you’ll be over whelmed as FUCK cause not a lot of people can handle us together lol but let me start on Richelle. This chick has been one of the greatest blessings in my life cause if I didn’t meet her I would never have been truly happy, at first we never said hi to each other but one day we sat at the same table and got to know each other and we realized we’re both weird as FUCK!!! lol I hung out w/ her more and more and next thing I know I had a best friend I never had, a true friend that will tell me how it is and wont sugar coat things cause she knows whats best for me and is always there for me in a pinch and w/e the situation she’s always there, my life would truly not be the same w/o her and I’m grateful for everything she’s done she knows I’ll always be there for her no matter what and no matter the distance we’ll always be best friends no we’ll always be family so thank you Richelle for coming in my life and filling a void I have been missing. Next is Westin, what to say about this nigga me and him had some beef freshman year cause of our ex but we squashed it at the end of sophomore year. He was the first real friend I had in a long time and he’s one of the reasons I got to know Richelle but if I never gotten close w/ him I’ll still be lonely and we had a lot of differences and now we barely hang out but he will always be my first best friend and still is. He was there for me when I needed to talk to someone and I thank him for that so even though we barely chill we’re still close like brothers. Now, last is Nikko. OH LAWD! This fool is always at my house like everyday to the point where he has his own drawer and toothbrush lol but it wasn’t always like that I never really knew him back then but once senior year hit he asked me to chill at my house and I said sure and after that he kept showing up and we eventually became best friends no we became brothers, we hang out WAY to much, to the point where we say the same shit at the same time [I know cute right] lol he apologizes to much and I want to kick his ass cause he keeps doing it but we been through a lot and I’m grateful he’s my brother.

These 3 made such an impact in my life and Its kinda hard to picture my life without them, their close to me and my fam to the point they are family. I never had friends like them growing up so I’m grateful God put them in my life cause I needed them and as we grown older we’ll be separated but our friendship will always be strong no matter how big the fights or how far the distance we’ll always be family and I hope you all know that so thank you for coming into my life when I needed it the most. Love you guys! NRJ! SWAG! & The Fantastic 4! For Life!