Tales of Graces Doujin - Motto [AsbelxRichard]

So, forever ago, I commissioned rimie to translate the RichAss doujin Motto. I finally got off my lazy arse and cleaned up all the pages and set the text on them so everyone else could enjoy.

This is what I decided to do instead of studying for finals. I’m such a good student. Except now I’m out of distractions. Ah, well…

There were a few random pages unrelated to the plot that didn’t get translated at the end (and two “transition” pages) so those are still in Japanese. Deal with it.

Also, this is my first time ever cleaning doujin/manga pages and type-setting, so I honestly just went into it blindly for the most part. I’m really sorry if I messed up at all or if it was messy.

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Circle: Kyaberemon (キャベレモん)
Scanner: Sanae
Translator: rimie
Type Setting: whitebellsleuth
Page Cleaning: whitebellsleuth

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The sun’s light had just barely begun to spread over the horizon, but there was already a young man whom had been up and about on the grounds for at least an hour. His white clothing seemed to glow, a slight shine dancing about his blade as he practiced his forms.

“S-Sir, pardon me.”

Taking a moment, he sheathed the sword and turned to see one of the castle’s messengers. It took a bit, but he regained his breath as the young redhead strode over.

“I apologize for the interruption, but His Majesty wishes to speak with you. He’s asked that you meet him in the throne room.”

Asbel nodded, starting off without needing to be told twice. Though if the king needed to talk to him, why wouldn’t he just come himself like he’s done before? It wasn’t that far into the day after all. Then again, the time of the request was also odd. Nevertheless, the young lord moved as quickly as he thought wise to down the halls, soles padding against stone and carpet alike without much change in pace.

Upon reaching the doors that would allow him to enter into the throne room, heterchromatic eyes glanced at each of the guards stationed on either side. Without so much as a word, they opened the doors to allow him entrance.

A small smile curled onto the older’s face, the image of royalty sitting regally upon his throne as if it were home. Asbel’s feet took him forward, falling easily to a knee before coming anywhere close to the blond male. “What is it you wish to speak to me about, Your Highness?”

Richard rose, taking a few steps down and onto the carpeted path, continuing until he was only a few paces away from his friend. “Please, old friend. Using Richard suits you far more than any title.”

His gaze rose quickly in surprise, eyes wide. “Even here?”

Nodding, the king extended a hand. “Please.”

Asbel slowly reached up, accepting the hand and got to his feet. “Then….hey. You never told me why you asked me to come here instead of your study or something.”

“It is because I wished to…tell you something. This place seemed far more right than any other.” Although he outwardly seemed perfectly fine, the beat of the monarch’s heart had quickened slightly, his gloved hand still in that of his best friend’s. Taking only a moment, he stepped back and released Asbel’s hand from his hold, raising it to gesture around them. “This room is the place where many significant things have occurred over the years, Asbel. Some of which we were witnesses to….others we were not.” As he spoke, his body turned so his back was to the younger, a move not many of the kings before him would have made unless the other was highly trusted. “This place is where all knights kneel, no matter their station, before their king to swear to be loyal to him above all else.” Footsteps, though softened slightly, echoed throughout the room. Golden eyes glanced back once he’d reached the stairs. “Would you join me over here, Asbel?”

“Ah- yeah, of course.” Though he hadn’t realized it, the redhead had gotten entranced by the other’s words and fallen silent and still. Moving far quicker than Richard had, Asbel walked up closer to the throne than he ever had, pausing a couple of feet from the blond. “What-?”

Richard shook his head, a gloved hand gesturing towards the throne itself. “If you would…please sit.”

His jaw dropped, staring at the monarch. “What? But Richard, I’m not the king at all. I shouldn’t be touching that, right?” It was absurd. If anyone like Duke Dalen or any one of the guards were- His train of thoughts stopped. Looking around, Asbel noticed one thing he’d failed to realize upon entering: all of the soldiers that were usually stationed inside the throne room weren’t there. “….Are you sure I should?” He wondered, looking to Richard.

“It is part of why I asked you here to talk instead of elsewhere.”

Well that settled that in the lord’s mind, walking up the stairs and taking the throne as calmly as he could. “S-so….what is it, Richard?”

The blond’s eyes lowered to the ground, a faint smile upon his lips. “I have asked you here so I may convey but one thing, Asbel.” Much to the younger’s shock, he lowered himself to one knee as an arm rose to cross over his chest. “You once told me that you were my sword and that I could use you as I wish.” Raising his gaze, gold met the widened, slightly different colored set. “I now ask that, while I am king by birth and title…you honor me by allowing me to serve my own king.”

“Richard, what are you-” Realization dawning, he stopped his own question from leaving his lips. Slipping out of the chair, Asbel got to his feet and stepped forward, kneeling down on both to rest his palms on each of the blond’s shoulders. “But I’m not a king.”

“If it is not too bold for me to say, Asbel… You are my king.”

Title: Bad Day
Fandom: Tales of Graces
Rating: K+
Pairing: RichardxAsbel
Notes: For the awesome Spudsbel, because I’ve been spamming her with RichAss things for a while now and she seems to have been enjoying them. I promised her a fanfic of an idea I randomly got. I really hope you enjoy it, Spuds~

I apologise if these two are OOC. I tried really hard, but I’m more used to writing Asbel, if anyone, and I’ve never fanfic’d these two before. I don’t know how to Richard. *sigh*

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Daily Drabble 4: Never Betray

Series: Tales of Graces
Warnings: Blood and violence

“Did you really think you could kill me? What a foolish mistake!”

Richard’s sword slash the knight’s body again, blood splattering from the deep cut. The man was obviously dead but Richard wasn’t satisfied. He wanted this maggot to feel his anger. A couple more would do it. Maybe if he cut off and arm…

“Richard!” Asbel cried out causing said man to turn around. His childhood friend was pale in fright. With a calm smile, the blond raised his blade and brought it down on the dead knight’s neck.

Now Asbel didn’t have to be afraid. The enemy was dead.

“Asbel, it’s okay,” Richard said in a soothing tone. He walked over to the shaking red head and knelt beside him. Lifting his hand, he gently stroked his white knight’s face. A streak of blood trailed from his thumb. “He’s dead now. You don’t need to be afraid.”

Leaning forward, he kissed Asbel forehead before grabbing his handkerchief. He licked a section before wiping the blood off his friend. “Sorry. I didn’t realize I had gotten blood on me. There you go. All clean.”

Standing up, he held out his hand to the only person he trusted. A worried look cross his face as he saw the red head was still frighten. Turning around, all he saw were the knights who betrayed him. But they had all been stabbed and slashed to bits. There was nothing to be afraid of.

“We’re safe now Asbel,” Richard smiled softly as he wrapped his arms around the said knight. The red blood that was in Richard stained the pure white clothing of the man but he didn’t notice. “It’s only you and me now. I would never dream of hurting you.”

“And I know you will never betray me.”