Colt 1849/73 Pocket conversion

Made by Colt Manufacturing Co. in Hartford, Connecticut c.1849~1850′s and converted to fire metallic cartridge using the Richards-Mason mechanism c.1873~1880′s - serial number (31)7106.
.38 short Colt five-round cylinder, single action, new round barrel, silver-plated grip strap and trigger guard.

Colt open top revolvers come with all kinds of variations.


Colt Open Top Pocket type 4 revolver

Designed by William Mason and Charles B. Richards of the Richards-Mason cartridge conversions, made by Colt Manufacturing Co. c.1874 - serial number 33510.
.22RF seven-round cylinder, single action with a spur trigger, side loading breech, brass frame and nickel finish on the cylinder and barrel.

First introduced in 1871, the Open Top Pocket was the second metallic-cartridge firearm produced by Colt. It came the same year than the House/Cloverleaf model in .41RF, and a year before the Open Top.


Colt Single Action Army revolver

Designed by William Mason and Charles B. Richards, made by Colt Manufacturing Co. c.1873~1941 - serial number 284148.
.32-20WCF six-round cylinder, single action, side loading gate with spring-loaded ejector rod, gold-plated and engraved.

First generation Colt ‘Peacemaker’ revolvers were chambered in anything from .22LR to .476 Eley, through .44-40WCF and of course .45 Colt.