Excerpt from Chapter 15
  • Excerpt from Chapter 15
  • narrated by Richard Armitage

Four distinct characters are heard in the above excerpt from Georgette Heyer’s The Convenient Marriage narrated by Richard - Pelham, Pomeroy, Lethbridge and Drelincourt.

Nicholas Soames, Naxos Audiobooks [x]

“To be honest, few readers seem to have given the followers of Naxos AudioBooks more unquestioning delight than Richard Armitage. We have had more letters, more cards and emails concerning him, AND boxes of Belgian chocolates sent by courier, than anyone else, begging us to ask him to come and read more Georgette Heyer, or more anything. We ask, but alas he is too busy starring in films, on TV and currently in The Crucible.”  (1st September 2014)

***Richard’s narrations are an absolute joy to listen to, so if you aren’t acquainted with his audio work, do yourself a favour - click on the link to one of the two main RA fan sites for a sample listen. Even if you are already familiar with his audiobooks, you may find yourself, as I did, listening again, drawn in by his delicious voice and wonderful characterisations.***

Audio excerpts from The Convenient Marriage, Venetia, Sylvester and Lords of the North can be found at RichardArmitageNet [x]

RichardArmitageCentral also has an extensive list of excerpts from Richard’s audiobook narrations, including the Robin Hood stories and the radio play Clarissa [x]

Interview transcript source [x]

Lords of the North is currently unavailable but the other audiobooks can be ordered from Amazon. Commission for Richard’s charities is earned on purchases made via RichardArmitageNet [x]

My screencap and gifs from video source [x] Interview with Richard Armitage – narrator of ’Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel‘ (voted Audible’s Best Book of 2014)


New interview posted byRichardArmitageNet on their youtube channel! 

Richard can be found at 5:28. Martin is at 1:50

Who Should Play Commissioner Gordon in the Gotham TV Series? - IGN

Richard Armitage

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Richard Armitage in Spooks.

“The Strike Back and Hobbit star (he plays the dwarf leader Thorin in the trilogy) bears a resembles to a Year One-era Jim Gordon. The British actor, 42, was also under consideration for the role of an older Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel that ultimately went to Ben Affleck.”

l-o-t-r asked:

Did you hear that Richard Armitage NET removed all their RA Photographs because some sites are being invoiced (according to her). I was curious what everyone was thinking about all this as I see EVERYONE on TUMBLR or like 99.9% are regularly doing the same thing and posting up pictures. Makes having a TUMBLR pointless, don't you think? Let me know, I'm very curious about this craziness! Thank you dear!

i read something about RAnet doing that last night but didn’t know much more than that. unfortunately that is the way tumblr functions and i totally understand photographers being upset for not getting their proper dues…but i personally feel thats hard to achieve in today’s digital age because so many people don’t know/realize all the rules/laws on such things. im sort of conflicted on this because i make edits and i get offended when i see people repost my work, but on the other hand im like “all these pictures should be available to everyone! why else were they taken?” that’s my opinion anyway ^_^

R is for Richie Rich, Robbing the Rich and a lovely man called Curtis who writes about vicars...


Fan website and forum


Fan website


Fan website


See Curtis, Richard.  Creator of the Vicar of Dibley


Richie was RA’s horse when he played Guy of Gisborne in the BBC’s updated version of Robin Hood.


Robin Hood is an updated version of the classic tale of the hero of the greensward robbing the rich to help the poor.  Richard played Guy of Gisborne, evil but very hot (in all senses of the word) henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham, played by Keith Allen.


Richard joined at 23 after retraining at LAMDA.  According to an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine Richard fell in love whilst at the RSC but never got a starring role. 

Daily Mail Weekend interview, page 1

Daily Mail Weekend interview, page 2

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anonymous asked:

Anyone know where or how I can watch Strike Back? Because all I can find here is the version without Richard :(

Hi Nonnie - I wish I could help you, because watching Strike Back (now called “Strike Back:  Origins” by Cinemax) is a really important thing to do.  As you have probably figured out - there are three episodes (each split into two parts):  Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan.

You may be able to find a torrent somewhere (I, myself, am 100% technologically challenged, but my husband downloaded it for me quite some time ago) - or maybe you could buy it? - if you order on Amazon through, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.   I understand that not everybody has the cash to drop on luxuries, but in this case I would consider the purchase to be a necessity :)

WHY does life have to be so cruel?  I hope you are able to either find a good samaritan to link you up, or maybe you’ll get it for your birthday!
A Conversation with Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com

“It has introduced me to many people around the world, some of whom I consider to be good friends and meeting some of those people has led to several entertaining weekends and many happy memories. Sometimes I’m faced with a few challenges that I could do without. I’ve never been close to wanting to give up the website, but I won’t lie and say that it’s always easy. You encounter many different types of people with many different requests, but it is true that 99% of the time running the website is just plain, good fun. That’s why I do it I think.” -Ali,

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