New interview posted byRichardArmitageNet on their youtube channel! 

Richard can be found at 5:28. Martin is at 1:50


My fellow Wordpress Bloggers, this pertains to those of us who may be Hotlinking images!

My fellow Tumblr Bloggers - In this specific case, it is better that you save images to Post them and then credit with an external link to Ali’s site in general. 

If your only option given in a Reblog is to Link directly to an image, then please take the time to open a Photobucket or like account and hotlink to your own account.

EDIT/UPDATE:  Ali’s website security will now disable all Hotlinked images.  So if you place an image link in a Reblog, that is from her site, it will probably not work.  So folks, it’s time to get a free image hosting website, such as Photobucket.  Do note however that even the Free accounts also have limits.


RichardArmitageNet “Into the Storm” premiere interviews - the extended cut