Last night’s episode confirms my assertion that instead of brothers, Cal and Ethan should have been written as a long-established gay couple. One where they’ve been together since they were about 14, got married as soon as they were able to, and still do silly little things to show that they love each other. 

They way Richard and George acted their scenes last night it really looked like they were going to kiss on several occasions…


Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (2012)

The Swan - Richard Winsor
The Prince - Dominic North

The most uplifting scene from the production. Look how happy the prince looks here! Judging from this footage I think Dominic is capable of expressing the boyishness and the vulnerability in this story nearly as brilliantly as Ben Wright in the original.

I’ve already got the original Swan Lake DVD. And this updated version/cast makes me want to buy a blu-ray player so that I can get hold of the newer performance in HD :)