Glory Crampton and Richard White in the original staging of Maury Yeston and Arthur Kopit’s stage musical, Phantom. Theater Under the Stars, Houston, Texas, United States. Ca. 1991.

Fun facts: The ‘other’ big Phantom of the Opera musical, Phantom has been performed in over 1,000 different productions, including a Takarazuka production. Also, Richard White is the voice of Gaston in the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast.
What Are LGBT Organizations Doing to Support Black Lives Matter?
Activists hope to utilize groups like the Human Rights Campaign to help end police violence against African-Americans.

At a Black Lives Matter Rally July 13, Jasmine Richards, one of the activists gathered outside of the Los Angeles Police Department’s downtown headquarters, said LGBT organizations are not doing enough to support the movement for black lives.

“The LGBT community, they know we are the front lines of this movement, so that’s why we are seeing so many queer folks out here, but we need the queer organizations — we need them to speak out and stand out with us,” Richards, of Pasadena, Calif.’s Black Lives Matter chapter, told The Advocate. Richards was arrested in June on a charge that was until recently known as “felony lynching” for her attempt to intervene in what she and other activists believed was the unjust arrest of a black woman last year.  

In the wake of the recent shootings of two black men by police — Alton Sterling and Philando Castile — the Human Rights Campaign issued a statement of solidarity. “We are horrified and profoundly saddened by the recent murders of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, at the hands of police in Baton Rouge and near Minneapolis,” wrote Chad Griffin, the HRC president. “Today, as we grieve and mourn, we are also united in demanding solutions to stop the tragic epidemic of police-involved deaths.”