Glory Crampton and Richard White in the original staging of Maury Yeston and Arthur Kopit’s stage musical, Phantom. Theater Under the Stars, Houston, Texas, United States. Ca. 1991.

Fun facts: The ‘other’ big Phantom of the Opera musical, Phantom has been performed in over 1,000 different productions, including a Takarazuka production. Also, Richard White is the voice of Gaston in the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast.

So this weekend I went to Fanboy Expo in Tampa, and was able to meet(and speak cohesive words to) Paige O’Hara(Original Voice of Belle), Richard White(Gaston/PHANTOM IN YESTON/KOPIT’S PHANTOM), and Christopher Daniel Barnes(Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid). 

As Belle.

Oh my God.  My heart. MY HEART.

Also, to note, this is the same dress and the same jewelry I used for my Sido cosplay from The Red Necklace.. as it turns out… they all fit *really* well with Belle.

This weekend was the best weekend.