Real Name: Kurt Barlow
Classification: Vampire
Alias: Breichen
Bio: It’s unknown exactly how old Barlow is, although there are some claims that he predates Christianity itself. All that is known is that in life he was an Austrian nobleman, becoming a vampire sometime during his adult years. In the late 1930′s or early 1940′s he began a correspondance with a former hitman by the name of Hubie Marsten. Living out his older years in Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine, Marsten killed neighborhood children before eventually killing his wife and hanging himself inside his home. The details of communication between Marsten and Barlow are unclear as Marsten burned the letters before his suicide, but what is almost certain is that within these letters was an invitation to both Marsten’s home and his town. Barlow made good on this in the 1970′s, when his human disciple Richard Straker purchased the house, allowing the Master to roam free in ‘Salem’s Lot, going unnoticed until it was almost too late.
Abilities: Incredible superhuman strength. This version of Barlow displays both telepathic and telekinetic abilities, as well as some transfiguration and teleportation. 
Characteristics: Barlow is classified as a Type One vampire. These are the most powerful type, asserting themselves as masters over lesser subspecies. They are more mutated in appearance, with their fangs portruding to the point that they can rarely even close their mouths. Because of this, Barlow does not speak, but communicates with his subjects telepathically. 
Franchise: Salem’s Lot/Stephen King Universe
Films: Salem’s Lot (1979). Another version of Barlow, more closely related to the source material, appeared in Salem’s Lot (2004)