Richard’s eyes...

I know, I know… Who doesn’t just completely love everything about Richard, from his soft golden hair, his adorable smile, his appealing voice, to his beautiful soul, but, as everyone knows, one of the most wonderful features are his champagne eyes…  

I couldn’t bare not to “write” a short reminder about his eyes, because you can’t help fall in love with them and melt while starring into those beautiful drops of golden stars… 

And how can you not compare them with so many other marvelous sights: rays of sunshine going through a glass of whiskey, amber glitter, sweet soft caramel eyes…  

…mellow jewels of honey, in which you stare forever and melt in their warmth and sweet vanilla flavor …

…the ocean fondled by gilded strips of sunlight, sparkling fairy dust, sweet scent of champagne mousse… 

…and many other…

Sorry for the long post and for the low quality of the photos, yet, I really wanted to remind you about the wonder of those mild hazel eyes Richard has ^-^

Best of you 1

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A/n: no smut in the beginning chapter. 

Warning: RPF

Words: 1, 737

Summary: There are things you just don’t do in life. Falling in love with your best friends sister is one of them. 


I need to stop….I need to stop NOW”

Richard thought miserably as he looked across the table at Rob’s sister Lora. Crushing on the girl was wrong! She was too young and he was too recently divorced. He didn’t even need to think about falling in love with someone when his last relationship failed miserably. Plus there had to be some rule against having the hots for your best friends sister as well. Richard knew he had to get his act together!

What made the situation even worse was Lora reciprocated his feelings of romantic interest back. At a party a few months before, when the two were pretty smashed, Richard and Lora were in the corner of a room kissing like the world was about to end. When Lora made the offer of taking him to her room that made Richard snap out of his love struck mode. He all but told her that he was interested and they needed to stop.

After that Lora barely spoke to him. She had instead taken up a friendship with Matt that was infuriating Richard beyond reason. Rob acted completely oblivious to it as well.

She likes you. Matt is just a friend.”

Are you shitting me Rob?! Matt is practically drooling over her?!”

So are you Rich.”

Lora laughing over something pulled Richard from his thoughts. He looked up at her with a frown to see Matt with a half broken salt shaker in his hand. Richard liked seeing Lora’s pretty smile but knowing it wasn’t him that put it there was depressing. Instead, it was Matt, who happened to be bleeding all over the place, that made her smile.  As much as Richard like Matt at the moment he despised him. Matt was younger, good looking, and could make was really good with Lora.

Richard had gotten better with getting over Lora when she was out on tour with her band. However the moment she returned Richard was right back in love with her. Now here he was watching her and Matt flirt. Lora stood patting Matt on the head with a smile. Rob was looking between her and Rich with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Where are you going?”

Rob asked when she stood. Lora pointed at Matt.

“Going to find him a band aid for his new cut. Maybe with one the little mermaid seeing as he thinks she’s hot and all.”

Matt’s mouth dropped.

“How dare you tell my secret! I’m going with you now!”

Lora smirked motioning him forward.

“Well come on. We probably need to wash that anyway. Plus you are bleeding all over the breakfast table.”

When Matt stood and pranced toward the bathroom Lora’s eyes fell on Richard who was giving her displeased. That look seemed to be the one that he reserved just for her lately. As much as she enjoyed the jealousy written all over his face she couldn’t. She had spent the past few months trying to get over the feelings that she had for Richard. Lora thought that she had succeeded until Rob came to pick her up at the airport and there was Richard with him. The moment their eyes met she was right back in the trash can with his name written on it.

Every time she looked at him her mind replayed their make out session in the corner of that night club. What she thought was the beginning of a promising night was completely derailed by her asking him to sleep with her.

He probably thinks I’m a whore.

She thought miserably. He sure didn’t seem to mind that night! Just like that she was replaying everything in her mind.

She and Richard had been flirting and talking throughout the party. He had even held her hand a few times before making the comment that he wanted to taste her lips. Lora hadn’t even tried to object when he stood pulling her to a quiet dark corner of the bar.

He roughly pushed her against the wall before cramming his body against hers. The sensations itself was enough to make Lora want to take him right there in that dark corner. She had never been much of a wild person when it came to sex in public but if Richard had asked Lora would have made an exception.

The moment his lips was on hers she felt the stereotypical “butterflies and sparks” that had been missing in her last relationships. She didn’t care that he tasted like whiskey. All that she wanted was to get the already deep kiss deeper.

Lora rolled her eyes as she pulled herself out of the memory. She had doctored Matt as much as she could before letting what was now her best friend wander off to go cause havoc someplace else hopefully without injury. Lora walked back to the table taking her seat beside Rob.

“Well is he going to live?”

Rob asked with a smirk. Lora chuckled noticing Misha had taken Matt’s seat and was grinning like a fool for some reason.  

“For now. That man needs a warning label.”

Lora replied, again not wanting to look back at Richard. Misha laughed.

“So when is the wedding?”

Lora about choked on her tea as she gaped at Misha’s cheeky grin.

“Whose wedding?”

“Yours and Matt’s.”

Misha said sweetly ignoring the “go to hell” look that Richard was shooting him. Lora laughed hard at that.

“No! No! No! I’m not marrying Matt! That like the prospect of marrying my brother.”

Rob looked equally as grossed out.

“That’s just wrong.”

Misha giggled again.

“You and Cohen are cut together.”

Lora shook her head.

“It wouldn’t work out. There’s no sparks.”


Misha questioned. Rob was slightly smiling as he looked in between his sister and best friend, who looked ready to go on a jealous rampage.

“Yeah, you know like fireworks. The whole proverbial firework show you get when it’s the one. I know it’s load of crap but I’m a girl. I’ve always wanted the cheesy foot pop and sparks.”

Misha looked at her a moment before grinning.

“So Matt is a lousy kisser? Foot pop and sparks huh?”

Lora nodded ignoring the Matt is a lousy kisser question. As much as she wanted Richard to be jealous she didn’t think it would be appropriate to talk about the weird kiss that she and Matt had shared. With a brave sigh glanced at Richard who was just staring at her. His expression was unreadable as Misha stood like an overexcited puppy.

“Come here!”

Lora gave Misha a confused look before making the actor repeat his directions. She slowly stood muttering Jesus under her breath. Misha grinned as she got over to him.

“Put your arms around my neck. I’m going to give you sparks.”

Before Lora could get another word out Misha crammed his lips to her tipping her backwards like in some 1950’s movie. When he titled her upright she looked at him with wide eyes. There was no way in hell that she could look at Richard now. She knew he was staring a hole through her and if he wasn’t jealous before he had to be green as toad now.

“So? About those sparks?”

Misha questioned cheekily. Lora coughed before sitting back down beside Rob, who was giggling.

“Sorry Misha. That was like kissing my brother. A brother who is married to one of my good friends and whose kids I babysit.”

Rob was laughing hard at that. Misha blinked before sitting down pouting.

“I’m telling Vicki that you didn’t find me sparkly.”

Lora smirked, ruffling Misha’s hair.

“I find you sparkly just not that way dear.”

Misha sighed.

“We need to find you from frogs to kiss. You deserve sparkles. Every girl deserves sparkles.”

Lora shook her head.

“It’s a lost cause Misha.”

“Why? You’re like 29?”

Lora glanced at Richard who was still looking less than amused.

“I’m going to be cat lady.”

Before Misha could make a response Lora was relieved to see her niece and nephew running over. She eagerly scooted her seat back so her niece could climb on her lap.

“And not a moment too soon Audrey!”

The rest of breakfast happened to be almost uneventful. When Audrey got bored and went to find her mother, Lora stood and went to find a new drink. While she waited for a drink to be made froze the moment Richard walked over to her.

“What the hell was all of that?”

Lora frowned.

“That crazy fest back there?”

Richard nodded.

“Uh yea. Was all of that to make me jealous?”

Lora smirked.

“Well did it work?”

Richard frowned harder.

“You think my feelings are a joke?”

“What about mine?”

Lora countered as the bar tender handed her the Bloody Mary. Richard looking completely blindsided by that comment. He pushed a strand of his hair away from his eyes trying to ignore their friends who were clearly watching now. Rob’s eyes were wide as he looked between his sister and best friend.

“Well…they matter….”

Lora rolled her eyes.

“Not to you obviously.”

“You don’t know what fucking matters to me!”

Lora was beginning to get annoyed now. She stepped closer to Richard watching as his eyes went from her face to the tops of her breasts.

“Clearly not. Just an FYI I had nothing to do with all of this today. I didn’t even know what the fuck was happening. Second I know that you are jealous over my friendship with Matt. For the record, he does want to date me and he doesn’t give god damn that he is older than me or whatever the hell your reasoning is. My suggestions for you Rich is grow a pair and ask me out before Matt does again. This time I will say yes!”

She didn’t wait for the clearly shocked beyond all reason actor in front of her to say anything. Turning Lora briefly made contact with Rob and his wife Mollie, who looked equally as shocked before turning and storming out of the room.

Misha meanwhile, grinned from his seat,

“Well what tangled webs we weave.”






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Misha Collins - “A Study in Laughter” - The result of Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen re-telling the tale of a short plane trip in Australia, which suddenly experienced massive turbulence… at a time Misha was in the toilet endeavouring to pee. 

Photos taken during Creation Entertainment Supernatural convention in Seattle, Washington, 8 April 2017.