I Hate-Love You

Request: Hello my darlings, I’m in absolute love with your blog! Can I have a one shot where Cas and Gabriel both like the reader, and secretly fight over her? Like, they’re always trying to impress her and out-do each other, and it’s obvious to everyone else but her, so gets confused when Sam and Dean laugh about it. Thanks, I love you guys! (anon)

One Shot Title: I Hate Love You

Words: 2178

Written by: Castielle

Pairing: Reader x Gabriel & Castiel + Winchester Bros

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You were drinking coffee early one morning when Castiel appeared in the bunker kitchen.

“Hey, Cas,” you said, setting down your mug and giving him a smile.

“Hello, Y/N,” he said in that serious tone of his, but there was the trace of a smile curving up his lips. You remembered how you had once taken the angel aside and given him a talk, asking if it was illegal to smile. Castiel had looked at you with a confused expression on his face, but after that, you had noticed that he began to try harder to maintain some semblance of a smile when he greeted you.

There was an awkward silence and you saw Dean, frying eggs at the stove, give Sam, who was pouring himself some coffee, a look that was somewhat of a smirk. Castiel shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

You groaned inwardly. Recently, Castiel had begun to show up everything morning, greet you, and then the room would become so silent that you would have to think of something to say. Sam and Dean, the bastards, would never bother to try and help you.

“Won’t you sit down?” you asked pleasantly, moving the chair beside you with your foot.

“Thank you,” Castiel said, and took the chair.

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Some actors are famous for great lines like ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. But not me. No, I get ‘Lucifer, you’re my brother, and I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks’
—  Richard Speight Jr.