Did you know that in the early 1970s, an opera was written about the life of Mary Dyer? In the 1650s, the Massachusetts Bay Colony banned Dyer because she had converted to the Quaker faith and had made attempts to convert others.  After repeatedly ignoring her banishment, she was sentenced to death on June 1, 1660.

In the 1970s, Richard Owen, a composer who later became a Federal judge, wrote the Mary Dyer Opera.  He interpreted Mary Dyer’s story as a cautionary tale warning against religious intolerance.

During country’s bicentennial celebrations, the Mary Dyer Opera was performed in Boston. The documents pictured include correspondence between the composer of the opera and Katherine Kane. A memo from the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs is also pictured. It lists a temporary timeline for the opera’s production in spring of 1975.

Correspondence about the Mary Dyer Opera, October 1974, Box 16, Folder 21, Boston 200 records 0279. 001, Boston City Archives

Blog post by Monica Haberny, City Archives Outreach Intern

The Signs As Characters From Grey’s Anatomy

Aries: Callie Torres

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Taurus: Cristina Yang

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Gemini: Owen Hunt

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Cancer: Richard Webber

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Leo: Izzie Stevens

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Virgo: Mark Sloan

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Libra: Miranda Bailey

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Scorpio: Derek Shepherd

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Sagittarius: Alex Karev

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Capricorn: Meredith Grey

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Aquarius: Arizona Robbins

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Pisces: George O’Malley

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Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Scattered around the shore of, on the islands of, and even in the Crystal Palace lake, is a collection of large, strange-looking concrete statues. In 1853, with the relocation of the Crystal Palace building from Hyde Park to Sydenham Hill, extensive remodelling of the surrounding land was underway. As part of this, the artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was commissioned to build life-sized models of extinct animals.

Originally planning to create sculptures of just mammals, Hawkins later joined with palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen to also build models of dinosaurs, to educate visitors in this relatively new field of study (the word dinosaur had only been coined 11 years earlier by Owen). The models included creatures from a wide range of eras, with Dicynodonts, Ichthyosaurs, Iguanodons, a Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurs, a Megalosaurus, Irish Elk, and a Megatherium among those on display, as well as a model limestone cliff to illustrate how fossils were dated at the time.

When made, the sculptures were designed to the latest scientific knowledge – but given the lack of fossil evidence available for some of the creatures, some are hilariously wrong by modern standards. Iguanodon is depicted as an obese, quadrupedal version of its namesake, with a large horn on its nose – nowadays the dinosaur is known to have been bipedal, the nose horn actually a thumb spike.

The statues were in poorly looked after for many years, first overgrown by vegetation, then the mammals in particular were damaged by wear and tear after some were moved following a restoration in the 1950s. In 2007 the sculptures became Grade 1 listed, and a programme of restoration is underway, to bring the statues back to their full, scientifically inaccurate glory.


5x11 - “Wish You Were Here”
“You’re the peds surgeon?”

Grey’s Anatomy Music
13x21 - “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Song: “Can You Hear Me?”
Artist: Amber Mark 
Scene: Meredith practrices different versions of her speech to Maggie about her and Nathan being together while discussing the possible fall out with Alex from the house to dressing for press conference.
Song: “Already All Ready”
Artist: La’Porsha Renae
Scene: Brody and Warren gather to look on as Webber, Edwards and DeLuca remove dozens of worms from Mary’s insides; April tries to use Mary and Dennis’ relationship problems to talk to Richard about his.
Song: “Boy like you”
Artist: Weslee 
Scene: Veronica is taken into surgery where Jeremy stands by her side Arizona and Amelia deliver their son; Veronica holds the baby as he is born.
Song: “Angels”
Artist: Khalid 
Scene: April emphasizes to Baily that she and Catherine are very much alike; Catherine and Richard walk by each other with a word or glance; Veronica gives Amelia a message for Jeremy then asks for her to hold her; Veronica dies.
Song: “Old Friends”
Artist: Jasmine Thompson 
Scene: Catherine considers Bailey’s words; Amelia and Arizona watch Jeremy with the baby; Catherine extends an olive brench to Richard; Owen comforts Amelia; Mer convinces Maggie go out with her and Amelia.


a) Maggie is my hero

b) Warren made me laugh for the first time ever

c) Writers are just pissing over everything for me at the moment

d) Griggs is cute but Arizona’s love story speech is basically the whole fandom!

e) Cross is still an idiot walking into doors and getting TB

f) Owen and Amelia have couple friends we didn’t know about. I nearly cried.

g) Jessica and Marika have exactly the same smile. It’s beautiful

h) April is tough af and army af

i) Jackson and Maggie are step siblings. Never forget.

j) Stephanie will either die of TB or give up being a doctor out of guilt

k) Bailey and Webber can bicker like no other

l) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Chief is Richard Webber. Forever and always. Sorry Bailey. Maybe I’ll change my mind by season 19?

m) DANCE PARTY WITH LADY CHIEF TRIFECTA. Basically my favourite moment of season 13 so far

n) I was saying to @superheroshepherdess just two days ago how Amelia and Meredith are ridiculously alike and everyone needs to catch up to this fact

o) I never want to live in a world without my mum

p) Alex had one scene? What the… Don’t even ask about Jo cos she was nowhere to be seen

q) DaLuca was so much more interesting when he was banging Maggie

r) Amelia basically said there’s a before and after. Meaning their marriage. I need a brick and somebody to throw it at. But I don’t know who should be on the receiving end of it. So I’ll probably write a fic instead.

s) This season is so bitty and disconnected it hurts

t) It would have been perfect if Amelia and Meredith were waiting by Derek’s grave

u) Arizona and Riggs are a little bit adorable. I like how quickly Arizona is ready to ditch Webber for the chance to gossip!

v) I can’t believe we’re all going to get TB and die guys.

w) Tiny human hearts need a minute to adjust to losing something. We are all tiny human hearts

x) Next week is apparently the plane episode so wave goodbye to any unresolved issues you have until the 27th April (my birthday!)

y) I’m not sure there were 26 points to make on this episode

z) Definitely not

Who you should fight: Paleontologists edition
  • Bob Bakker: He will kick your ass and take your girlfriend. Do not engage at all costs.
  • Jack Horner: Will attempt to weaponize mutant dinosaurs, and will fail at this task. Remind yourself of Chickenosaurus when you feel guilty about waling on an old man.
  • E. D. Cope: Makes up for the weakness of his attacks by sheer quantity. While he will lose in the end, he will have dealt lasting damage.
  • O. C. Marsh: Like Cope, but slightly more successful. Try to engage both at once, as they will target each other instead of you.
  • Thomas Carr: Will pull his punches at first, but this is only because he is meticulously preparing to utterly destroy you. Do not fight.
  • Franz Nopcsa: As difficult to fight as his name is to pronounce.
  • Roy Chapman Andrews: This man is basically Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones had a flesh-eating hippopotamus. Hiding and hoping he thinks you're in Mongolia is your best chance for survival.
  • Mary Anning: A lifetime of dealing with the patriarchy has made her dangerous. Approach her kindly, or not at all if you're a dude.
  • William Buckland: I dunno, man, the guy's devoured a human heart and probably has dark magic powers. Avoid at all costs.
  • Mike Taylor: He's far from spineless, that's for sure. Overall, a fair fight.
  • Alan Feduccia: Despite the weakness of his attacks, he is inexplicably difficult to defeat. Ignoring him is probably the better option.
  • David Peters: Will probably attempt to use photoshop to determine your battle plan. When this inevitably fails, he will be easily defeated.
  • Thomas Holtz: I can't imagine why you would want to fight Thomas Holtz. Share memes with him instead.
  • Gideon Mantell: The poor man could use a break. Don't fight Mantell, he has enough to deal with between Richard Owen and scoliosis.
  • Richard Owen: Nobody is going to stop you, and most people would even encourage you. However, you WILL lose. Do not fight Richard Owen.