Grey's OTP Wishes

Japril: (aka my babies) Right now I understand that they are recovering and that’s great. But I wish we could see them have some friends. Any friends really. I know the cast was all their for them when Samuel died (with the exception of Meredith) but I would like to see them actually spend some time with someone else. I’m currently liking the budding Jackson/Ben friendship but I would love to get some scenes with them and Alex again like we used to. I miss Alex/April banter. Possibly a Japril/Jolex friendship? If you haven’t read The Supply Closet Gang by tinyhuman02 ( aka kepnerrrd then you should. Also, I would really just like to see April have a good friend. She’s not this annoying resident like she used to be (not to me, I’ve always loved her). She deserves a friend and not just Arizona. Also, I am forever holding onto my hopes of seeing the Kepner sisters again. They make me laugh.

Jolex: Alex, be nicer to your girlfriend. One minute he says he is going to marry her but then we watch like 6 episodes in a row where all he does is hang out with Mer/Callie/Maggie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really liking this new OT4 but Jolex used to be so cute. Let’s get them a good storyline.

MerDer: Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I’m still not over Derek cheating on Meredith. I’m loving this more confident and independent Mer were seeing and I love that she said she could live without him. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching to see if Shondra gives Derek a storyline that doesn’t make me want to call me McArogantAssYouAreNotTheSun. That being said, I don’t think I could ever see Meredith with anyone else. Why did we have to get another cheating storyline?

Calzona: I really feel you you calzona fans. You’ve been through hell. What I’m seeing right now is some necessary space between these two ladies but I agree with you all, they are endgame. I imagine we will see Callie try to have another real relationship, have it fail and the two of them will come running back into each other’s arms more or less. In the meantime, hang in there.

Owelia: First things first, Owelia? If I could vote I vote for Omelia but that’s just me. That being said, they are a nice budding ship. They have some rough patches to work through given all their baggage and I’m sure Meredith will be no help. But I think we need to face that Cristina is not coming back. Crowen had a beautiful run but it’s over and this is not unlike real life. In life, we can have more than one love, even more than one great love. This new relationship is not what I would have wished for. I’d give anything to have Cristina back. But this relationship symbolizes moving on for all 3 characters. Cristina gets to move on and do big things with or without a new man. Amelia gets to put her past behind her and rebuild. Owen gets a crappy side of this for awhile, he never wanted to move on. But I can see that Amelia will help him through this and hopefully he’ll get what he’s always wanted. Plus, all this sneaking around in on call rooms is hot.

Richard/Catherine Avery: Seriously though, that women is always in Seattle. Doesn’t she have a job on the other side of the country? I’m not complaining in the least, I really like Catherine Avery as Jackson’s mother, April’s supportive mother-in-law, a funny and talented suregon and as Richards girlfriend. If I had to guess, I’d say Shondra had some plans for them down the road, possibly starting with the upcoming surgery on the cheater (this one is going to be funny).

One more time for Japril bc my babies:
Dear Shondra, please send me as many Japril sexy times as possible and more hilarious scenes with the new grittier April. Also, don’t you think you’ve put April’s career through the shredder enough times? I mean, you fired her twice. Can you please put a little more emphasis on April becoming a strong surgeon? Let’s put Jackson in that wish too. I want/need my OTP to be one big sexy, hardcore, funny, talented surgical machine. Please and thank you.


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