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The episode was magnificent really intense. But in my opinion too much confusing.

Meredith was admirable even if I don’t like the character the aggressor, needless to say, also she had to forgive and Amelia ( confirmed that she reminds her Derek). Heartbreaking scene between her and the kids (who finally reappeared)

Owen was a total idiot and asshole he behave just like a teenager, though when he talked with Meredith about Amelia he looked very upset. And despite all the issues he still care about her.

Amelia Guys I love Caterina Goddes Scorsone she is terrific in every damn role!!!!!!!!

Amelia’s character is absolutely my fave so strong powerfull,confident but under that husk se’s so fragile, I’m so proud of her stuggle and for her strengh the way she is facing the obstacles. The character is so intense, amazing and real, I loved the scene when she enters the room an found Meredith there, and the various clips with her! I also enjoyed her loyalty to Meredith when she watched over her no matter the fight.

I also loved the comparison between the two.

But honestly I preferred something more about the sobriety and her relapse but I hope in future episodes will see flashbacks that show us her struggle because this is such an important issue and can not be thrown like that!

I didn’t  appreciate that Amelia has gone from Meredith in search of a kind of approval? I know that she did it to show her that she was really trying to change her life but just NO


Amelia and Owen need at their side a stable person wich they are not right now. If their relationship is expected to continue they must solve their problems, because honestly I’m not going to watch this tug of infinity. (Even if I love them so much.)

I’m losing a little ‘my trust in them, although I have read the spoilers.

They are too fragile right now to be there for each other but I WANT that if they really start this damn relationship there is gonna be changes.

  • They have to talk, really, not only kissing in on call rooms.
  • They must discuss important topics (her relapse, His PTSD, maybe even Cristina and her baby)

 Shonda must stop this crap between them, I’m sick of spinning around!

I am deeply disappointed because episode after episode I realize that everything that we saw in 11S was just a mockery and bullshit, not only Omelia’s cute moment (guys see how we got here) but also for the sense of family  -Maggie-Meredith- Amelia.

Let me explain, I LOVE Amelia and Owen but how could continue their  story if the creators and writers don’t develop it ??? I need more, I want more real and intense scenes, I will not only see the surface I want Shonda digs deep.

Richard was amazing! Especially for the speech about forgiveness and how he told Meredith about Amelia’s struggle , It was so real and intense!

Alex was sooo sweet, he is really Meredith’s person. Karev was just great, he was really the only one that moved me and made me cry.

Nathan ????? boh

Japril and Calzona the same as 12x08.

Stephany I’m so proud of her Amelia would be really proud of her!


Jo although I don’t like her this time they are on her side, after all she’s been cast aside by ….everyone …?

for the other characters I don’t know there’s been too much all at once, I liked the episode itself it but I hated hated these damn time jumps !!!!! Enough!

But Denzel Washington’s direction was brilliant .


A/N: I wrote a thing. This is the first time I write in first person. Please tell me what you think of it!!

The first time I had to make amends after getting sober was when I was 17. I thought it would be the first and last time. I told myself that these were my stupid teen years and I’ll just put them behind and I’ll never fall into that pitch black hole again. If I got through this pain, I can overcome anything without pills, I had thought.

It had taken a couple of days at the hospital with my angry brother and about a week with my heartbroken mother and many sisters at home with many biographies about recovering addicts. I knew that I had to go back to school, no matter how hard it was. So one Saturday I got up and went over to the hospital again. My best friend, the one person I was closest to, a beautiful girl with a lot of promise, she was laid on that hospital bed and her face showed no sign of life. I gathered all the courage I had and walked into the room where her mother and father were sitting beside her bed. How do I walk in, after I planned a dual suicide with their daughter and then survived?

“Hello,” I said after I cleared my throat to bring their attention to my entrance, “I’m Alyssia’s friend. I just wanted to say how sorry I am and ask about how she’s doing”

“Thank you dear,” the mother’s eyes were already swollen from obvious crying the days before.

“The doctors told us that she’s in a coma, but we know our daughter, she’ll pull through,” the father wasn’t any better, his voice breaking as he spoke, “What’s your name, are you in Alyssia’s school?”

“Uh,” I hesitated, realizing they had no idea who I was, “Um, my name is Amelia, I was with Alyssia the night of the…uh… I came here to make amends, I’m so sorry.”

“You’re Amelia? You’re the one who convinced our daughter to do this?!” The mother was now shouting at me like fire was coming out of her eyes as she looked at me

“How dare you come here after what you’ve done?” I flinched as the man’s voice changed from soft and sad to furious and threatening, “Leave our daughter alone! Get out of here! Get out right now!” That was how my first attempt at making amends ended. I never knew if Alyssia ever woke up, but I imagine she had a nice funeral with a lot of people who loved her better than I did if she did not wake.

The second time I tried to make amends was 10 years later. I had come to terms that I killed my friend Michelle when I found out that she actually made it through. After she committed suicide, everything happened so fast.

I woke up with the love of my life at the time, and his heart had stopped beating. I do not know how long I stayed in that hotel room shaking his body and calling his name, begging him to talk to me and come back to life. I do not know how long it took for room service to come in after hearing my cries and call the police. I do not have any idea how long it took before Addison came when I asked for her help, but I can’t imagine it was too long.

My face just never seemed to dry that day. I wasn’t crying, but tears were continuously streaming down my cheeks. I remember Addie and I had a talk, but I was too zoned out to remember most of it, the agreement was to get admitted into a rehab center to get proper treatment with the condition that I get to attend Ryan’s funeral.

I attended the funeral and I was in disguise for most of the service. No one questioned me or my presence because he seemed to have had a lot of acquaintances that no one of his family heard of before. I was there alone, after promising everyone at the practice a thousand times that I’ll call if I need anything.

I noticed his father and brother. There didn’t seem to be a mother. It was somewhat a small service, and by the end of it, I approached the family. The dad was definitely high, not oxy, but I wasn’t going to busy myself with that thought. So I talked to the brother. He was cleaned up, and as we made small talk I discovered he was pretty successful. The irony; Ryan and I were more similar than I thought. It felt like I was being stabbed with a hundred knives when he talked about how they had given up on him and barely heard of him and how the news wasn’t surprising.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I told him that I was Ryan’s fiancé, that he actually was great (even though I barely knew because we were rarely sober together), I told him how we were going to have a life together. He apologized for the influence and pain his brother must have been. I was disgusted. I could see he was too, he was judging me. I had to leave. My amends are to be made with Ryan, but he’s gone now, so all this doesn’t matter anyway. I swore to myself and on his soul that I’ll never get myself in the hellhole of addiction again.

After the second time, I had thought that this was it; there could never be something bigger to draw me back to drugs or booze. I was 32 and I had my share of hardship in life- it’s what I convinced myself, that a greater agony couldn’t possibly exist. That thought seems cruelly funny now.

Derek died. I came close, too close, to letting myself down the rabbit hole. I was ready to never get out of it and to join all the people I loved in whatever happened after they all stopped breathing. But then there was this guy. I had thought him dead too, but he appeared out of nowhere and reminded me that maybe there are still people I love in this universe. Maybe something will be worth living. Maybe I could be in love again.

Never have I imagined that this same man, the one who had saved me, could also destroy me. Derek had warned me, he told me that if I were really in love, it would destroy me. Oh my, do I regret not listening to him more closely now.

I had gotten so used to it, that when I crashed down the third time, I was prepared to hide it and never tell anyone about it. I should have known that my plans almost never work out in this life. I had a choice between two uncomfortable situations: a consult with my brother’s widow who hates my gut, or with the guy who’s been screwing me. I chose the latter, because I was mad at Meredith and I knew Owen wouldn’t even talk to me and I was perfectly content with that this morning. Talking isn’t very good for a hangover.

When I arrived to Meredith’s page, she was the one who was in fact on the table. I froze. Great, I’ve done it again, here comes another funeral.

This isn’t the day to start my sobriety again, I thought as I downed another vodka tonic and let it burn my throat. I killed my brother’s wife; I get to drink before I live in hell for eternity.

I don’t know how exactly I ended up in the hospital again, but I passed by the ICU, and she was just laying there. She isn’t dead. Is she going to be dead? My drunken head was spinning and I couldn’t think straight. I let myself in her room and only seconds after I had checked her chart, Richard Webber was behind me.

“She’s strong. The attack was brutal but she’s pulling through,” he said.

“I didn’t kill her too?” I asked, hoping my voice wasn’t too small for him to hear

“What?” He was confused, “Amelia, are you drunk?”

I assume I was reeking and that’s how he could tell, “We had a fight, I was mad at her, and I didn’t come to her page first.”

“You mean you neglected your job because you had a fight with her?” he was mad at me too, I would be mad at me too, “And now you’re drunk? You have to get it together before coming here again!”

“No, no! You don’t understand, I have to be here! I’m her sister!” I feebly argued

“If you were her family, you would have helped her instead of freezing in that trauma room!”

“I thought she was dying! I was hung-over, I was-” he cut me off

“You need to leave her now; she doesn’t need your drama right now. You need to get back on track Amelia, you need to take a leave of absence and come back to work when you’re sober,” he put his hand on my arm and wanted to lead me outside.

“You don’t tell me what to do!” I jerked my arm free

“I’m not going to let you jeopardize anymore people,” he pointed at me, almost threatening and then lead me out and told me to get sober again, told me it’s for my own good.

It wasn’t easy. Owen was too deep in his own problem. Edwards only wanted a good education and it wasn’t coming from me. I had to do it alone. I lurked around Meredith’s room because this was by far the hardest thing to make amends for. This time the person was alive, they had the power of forgiveness in their hands.

“I’m just not ready to forgive you yet.”

This was also by far the most effectual time I had tried to make amends. One day at a time. Day 31 was starting.

Relative size of whale to man.

This is a fin whale (or Rorqual). It’s the sixth-largest animal on earth, after the blue whale, right whales, and bowhead whale. Unlike those larger whales, the fin whale isn’t lumbering and girthy.

Rorquals were often called the “greyhound of the sea” by whale fishermen due to their slender build and speed when chased; nevertheless, the Antarctic fin whale had over 750,000 animals killed in the 19th and early 20th century, and only about 15,000 remain today. The North Atlantic fin whale is somewhat better off, but never had high populations of individuals to begin with. 

Even though fin whales don’t reproduce quickly, they’ve recovered significantly since hunting bans were enacted. For example, the population around Greenland increased by nearly 4,000 individuals between 1974 and 1989, even given Indigenous Subsistence Legislation allowing the Inuit of the country to hunt the whales for food and oil - the skiffs of the Inuit are ill-suited to chase down fast whales, and the total take for the year of 1989 was 4 individuals, 2 of which were already injured and debilitated from unknown causes.

The Principal Forms of the Skeleton and of the Teeth. Dr. Richard Owen, 1854.

Grey’s 12x09 review/recap

I don’t want to be the annoying fan who should just stop watching the show, but these are some stuff I’m a little mad about.

Yet another time jump. 6 weeks gone.

We start the episode with a trauma coming to the hospital as usual, and it’s clear that: Amelia is still out of the house and later we see she’s unfocused, probably hungover. Jo refused Alex’s proposal and now he’s crashing at Mer’s, and Maggie is getting some with Andrew, and Owen still glares at Riggs mysteriously whenever he passes by. Basically nothing has changed.

It escalates quickly, and Meredith’s patient has a seizure and wakes up to attack her, and so now it’s all Amelia’s fault for choosing between two non critical traumas she was being paged for at the same time.

  Like if they weren’t in a fight there wouldn’t be a chance that she chooses to go to her “sister’s” patient later because “sisters” cut each other some slack

As expected, she becomes deaf from the attack, and she also can’t talk. We spend 6 weeks in Meredith’s bubble of recovery, missing a lot of important story lines such as: 

when Amelia is getting sober and who is she talking to; Richard, Owen, Stephanie, ???? 

Any interactions between Jo and Alex, or has Alex again ignored everything and everyone in his life to do nothing but be with Mer, does he even have a job anymore and we just see Jo come in to cover Alex with a blanket lovingly and then because of Meredith Alex goes back to Jo and I’m assuming she’s like wtf

Omelia. So Mer is such an angel to put Jolex back together, but once again, when it comes to Amelia’s life, the hell with her, right? It’s so upsetting that it’s implied that they had 0 interactions in these 6 weeks.

Japril. Jackson serves April papers, everyone assuming they’re divorce papers, but we still have no idea what happened in these 6 weeks.

Nathan Riggs. Still a mystery, which I’m not as upset about if it were a normal episode, but 6 weeks and no one knows anything?? or they do?? What about Amelia and Riggs, anything happening there?? No one knows.

Do Callie and Arizona even have a story line? Individually even? No? Ok then.

The one thing we learnt is that Penny is actually great. And Meredith is forgiving with literally everyone except Amelia. And everyone should listen to Richard.

Maybe I will just stop watching and leave it all to binge watch in the summer. When I was binge watching when I first started grey’s, I wasn’t bitter or angry about any of the things that were happening on the show, I just went with it and clicked on the next episode. Maybe I should just do that to stop distracting myself and watch as things resolve themselves instead of waiting restlessly for them to.


“I had this memory game when I was a kid. A bunch of cards face down, in rows. Each card has a picture. You turn one over, look at it, then you turn it back over. Then you have to try and remember where its matching card was. Sometimes, you have no idea, and other times it shows us exactly what we need to see. The cards seem completely out of order and random but you keep turning them over and the more cards you see, you get a sense of how everything fits together.”


SNEAK PEEK #2 | Grey’s Anatomy 12x09 - “The Sound of Silence”


Oni masks are used to seal devils within and have been scattered across Earth to ensure that Tarakudo and his generals never again rise to power. Users can each summon different tribes of Shadowkhan, but if all nine are together, spirits are set free, summoning enough Shadowkhan to engulf the planet in darkness. The burgundy mask calls forth Ninja Khan who are able to hold their own against the most professional martial artists. The purple mask calls Razor Khan who demonstrate remarkable agility and could essentially tear anything apart. The yellow mask summons Bat Khan who are capable of flight and blast beams of energy from their hands. The green mask calls Sumo Khan who are strong to the point where their strength can rival someone who bears the Ox Talisman; unlike other tribes, they cannot be destroyed easily unless they fall over or hit each other. The blue mask summons Samurai Khan who are expert swordsmen capable of slicing through any matter. The orange mask calls forth Squid Khan, snake-like creatures considered the scariest of the bunch. The black mask summons Crab Khan who show great power and speed, even when split in half. The olive mask calls Mini Khan, tiny sharks that can eat humans’ shadows, causing them to grow progressively in size. The red mask calls Mantis Khan, nimble critters that use their claws to cut and pierce through anything.

The Shadowkhan and the Oni Masks, by Richard Owen.

Forearm of Giant Armadillo - Dasypus gigas (now Priodontes maximus)

Look at those crazy claws! The giant armadillo actually walks on that third digit. Though it walks “normally” on its hind legs, the fore-body weight rests on just those two giant scratchers. They developed that way to help the armadillo dig, but apparently they work for walking on, too…what happens if they break a nail?

  • Nomenclature (obsolete):
  1. Dasypus - From Ancient Greek dasupous, meaning “rough-foot” - though the -pus in the genus name can be elucidated to mean “foot,” das(y/u)- is not a commonly-used prefix and is not listed in most Greek/Latin root references.
  2. (Dasypus) gigas - Gigas - from the Ancient Greek gigas, meaning “giant”. However, gigas CURRENTLY means “a billion.” When the name of the genus was changed in the 1950s, the species name was changed, too, as the currently-accepted definition of gigas was no longer appropriate.
  3. Dasypus gigas - “Giant Rough-Foot”
  • Nomenclature (current):
  1. Priodontes: Prio - from the Latin prior - “before”, -dontes, from dent/dont, “tooth” - so Prio - dontes means “before teeth” - refers to the fact that the genus is completely toothless.
  2. (Priodontes) maximus: Maximus - from Latin maximum - “greatest, largest”, which is the superlative form of magnum - “great, large”.
  3. Priodontes maximus = “Largest before teeth”

On the Anatomy of Vertebrates: Vol II - Birds and Mammals. Richard Owen, 1866.


The remains of the skeleton of the Hylaeosaurus.  Disovered by Gideon Mantell in 1832 in the Tilgate Forest of Sussex.

4 different depictions:

Gideon Mantell, The Geology of the South-east of England. 1833.

Gideon Mantell, The Wonders of Geology. 1840.

Richard Owen, Geology and inhabitants of the ancient world. 1854.

Richard Owen, Monograph on the Fossil Reptilia of the Wealden Formation. Part IV. London: Paleontographical Society, 1857. Series: Paleontographical Society Volumes, vol. 10. (1856).