History of a Pleasure Seeker

He did not judge them, because he intended to emulate them one day if he could.

Two points in my defense. One, I swear I picked this off the library shelf without knowing it was a Downtown Abbey porno: I was just scanning spines, and it had the same design as a legit Knopf Everyman! Second, History of a Pleasure Seeker is actually a pretty good story, even without the sex. I found Mason’s characters sympathetic and believable—the depiction of the afflicted tutoring charge, especially, is compassionate and interesting. Even the protagonist is not as implausible as some reviewers seem to think. I encourage the skeptics to peruse any San Francisco Crossfit: trust me; Piet Barol lives.

The pacing at the end is poor; you can definitely tell when it first occurs to Mason (or his editor) that he can milk Piet Barol for another book or two. But I mean … I’m going to read them, so-o ….


Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1958. Directed by Richard Mason. This film shows various versions of an Australian Christmas Day from start to finish, from city to bush to beach. This is contrasted to celebrations in other countries. Christmas is celebrated in the middle of the Australian summer under a blazing sun. But even in the heat it is a season for traditional things; for family affairs and meeting with friend