Dean Winchester’s eclectic taste in music, as shown in his (non-classic rock/heavy metal) FBI aliases

My whole thought process here started today with the famous Aaron scene, and the alias Dean uses while he shows his badge to his “gay thing”.

Yes, Marc Bolan was an openly bisexual celebrity (referenced here by BEN EDLUND, similar to 10x22, where ANDREW DABB references Freddy Mercury - another bisexual man - as one of the other aliases Dean chooses for himself). 

This is a telling reference in itself in the context of this scene, but as a huge T. Rex/Marc Bolan fan myself, this scene got me super excited also besides that. Like, super SUPER excited. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE IT MAKES TEXTUAL THE FACT THAT DEAN IS A GLAM ROCK FAN. Like, classic glam rock. Silk shirts, high heels, glitter eye-shadow glam-rock-fan. A one step away from David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” glam-rock-fan. 

He is a fan of THIS:

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He is enough of a fan to take Marc Bolan’s name as his alias while he usually chooses aliases based on classic hard rock musician’s/heavy metal band members that he likes/identifies with.


Out of curiosity (and procrastination, because of course I should be doing something else right now) I checked the list of the music aliases Dean uses over the years (I assume that these aliases are Dean’s ideas since he is the brother more interested in music, after all.) As a result, I spent a great evening with a whole spectrum of music genres, based on Dean Winchester’s amazing and broad AF music taste.

It’s true that most of the aliases Dean chooses are heavy metal and classic rock bands (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Kiss, Ted Nudgent, Styx, Rush, Warrant, Poison, Guns and Roses…)(I don’t blame him, these are great bands).


There are exclusively six writers who gave Dean a much more eclectic taste in music during the last seven seasons:

  • Andrew Dabb
  • Robert Berens
  • Ben Edlund
  • Robbie Thompson
  • and a writing duo Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (season 10/11)

So, let’s look at what genres/bands broadens Dean’s iPod album collection, shall we?


Yes, Dean was sneering at Vince Vincente and his spiked codpiece (and a rainbow wig that I am completely sure Dean imagined, because even google can’t find me one band who used that as a prop), but that was all Performing!Dean talking, obviously. How do we know? Because as far as real-life parallels to the fictional band Ladyheart go, this is what Dean hates so much:

Yes, Dean is completely disgusted by leather pants, huge wigs and studded codpieces, here visualized by Mötley Crüe. Dean said so IN TEXT.

(I am pretty sure Ladyheart is supposed to be Mötley Crüe since their next album was to be named “Theatre of Mercy” - mirroring Mötley Crüe’s album “Theatre of Pain”. Also, “Rock Never Dies” was written by ROBERT BERENS, who named another one of his episodes “Girls, Girls, Girls” - after a Mötley Crüe  song and album.)

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And yet, in episode 8.02. “What’s up, Tiger Mommy?” (written by ANDREW DABB), Dean introduces himself and Sam as Agents Neil and Sixx, two members of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Which means Dean is a Mötley Crüe fan, and he doesn’t seem to mind huge wigs and studded codpieces that much in their case. (Bam, LAWYERED!)

The name LADYHEART (called into existence by my above mentioned personal god Bobo Berens) reminds me of the British band LADYTRON (playing synth pop/new wave/electronic combo), and named after the super famous ROXY MUSIC synth pop/glam rock song.

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So, yeah, Dean is a fan of studded codpieces, big wigs and hair metal. He is also a fan of a long list of different music genres (real Dean behind the cut):

2) 90′S GRUNGE

In episode 10x13 “Halt and Catch Fire” (written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER), Sam and Dean use aliases “Grohl and Cobain”, as in DAVE GROHL and KURT COBAIN from NIRVANA.

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3) BRITISH 1970′S/1980′S PUNK ROCK

In episode 11x13 “Love Hurts” (also written by ERIC CHARMELO & NICOLE SNYDER) Dean uses alias “agent Weller”, as in PAUL WELLER from the classic British punk rock band THE JAM.

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In episode 10x19 “The Werther Project” (written by ROBERT BERENS) Dean pretends to be a Neighbourhood Watch member by the name of Dwight Twilley.

DWIGHT TWILLEY is a power pop singer from the 1980s.

5) POP ROCK/ART POP/BLUES ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 9x14 “Captives” (written by ROBERT BERENS), Sam and Dean take aliases of “agents Nicks and McVie”.

STEVIE NICKS and CHRISTINE MCVIE are members of the legendary soft rock/art pop/blues band FLEETWOOD MAC. THEY ARE ALSO BOTH FEMALES!!!

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6) POST PUNK/INDIE ROCK (with female vocals)

In episode 10x14 “The Executioner’s Song” (written again by ROBERT BERENS) Sam and Dean take names “Moore and Ranaldo”.

THURSTON MOORE and LEE RANALDO are members of the legendary indie rock band SONIC YOUTH, with famous vocals of KIM GORDON.


In episode 8x17 “Goodbye Stranger” (written by the one and only ROBBIE THOMPSON), Sam and Dean use names “agents Tandy and Lynne”.

RICHARD TANDY and JEFF LYNDE are members of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, a band that combines pop-rock, synth pop, electronic music and elements of disco.

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In the episode 5x14, “My Bloody Valentine” (written by BEN EDLUND), Dean uses names “agents Cliff and Marley”, as in JIMMY CLIFF and BOB MARLEY - famous reggae musicians.

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In episode 8x08, “Hunteri Heroici” (written by ANDREW DABB), Team Free Will pose as agents “Nash, Crosby, and Stills”.

DAVID CROSBY, STEPHEN STILLS, GRAHAM NASH (and occasionally NEIL YOUNG) were a folk-rock supergroup started in 1968.


In episode 11x04 “Baby” (written by ROBBIE THOMPSON), Dean uses name “agent Walsh” as in JOE WALSH from THE EAGLES, a soft rock band of “Hotel California” fame.

Dean’s taste in music, reflected here in the names of musicians he chooses as his personas, alongside his most favourite rockstars, shows how broad Dean is in his tastes - Dean practically is a fan of anything that sounds good to him, regardless of genre (as shown with his liking for Taylor Swift and Broadway musicals, for example). It’s a shame that this wonderful music taste is still hidden in the subtext, and all I can do is hope that our new Dean will be allowed to play some of his favourite bands in his car next season, especially since both Dabb and Berens seem to be the keepers of Dean’s super eclectic, infinite playlist. Please Dabb, make it happen!


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anonymous asked:

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They score around 81-84 on IQ tests according to Tatu Vanhanen and Richard Lynn and have a tradition of incestuous cousin marriage which has stunted their intelligence. When you say “Middle-Eastern” I assume you mean Arabs and not Jews of various sorts, who have much higher IQ’s aside from “Ethiopian Jews”.

Their intelligence is reflected in the societies they build, although huge mineral wealth did take many of these people out of the sand-huts they were living in at the start of the 20th century. I don’t doubt they could improve their intelligence slightly with better social environments, nutrition etc. but they repeat the same behavioral patterns in Western nations so it’s largely genetic.

The Winchesters Brothers Band: Why it is time that Sam and Dean start their solo careers

One of the classic elements of Supernatural is that they very often use name of Rock musicians as their aliases. That is obviously due to Deans love for Classic Rock, but then again their life on the road resembles that of a band on tour. 

Now I recently read a short meta that there is a pattern in season 10 with aliases of bands, who split up or musicians who left their band and started a solo career (if someone could send me the link, so I could add it?). But looking back, I realized that this is not only a pattern that appeared in season 10, but ever since the Carver era started. 

Here’s a overlook:

8x02: Agents Neil & Sixx : Vince Neil & Nikki Six of Motley Crüe, Neil had to leave the band temporarily.

8x03: Sam as Agent Sambora: Richie Sambora had left Bon Jovi temporarily at the time the episode aired (in 2013 he left the band for good).

8x04: Agents Rose & Hudson: Axl Rose & Saul Hudson aka Slash of Guns N‘ Roses, Slash left the band in 1996.

8x07: Agents Roth & Malloy: David Lee Roth was the original singer of Van Halen, later replaced by  Sammy Hagar. After Hagar left as well Mitch Malloy auditioned as their new singer.

8x08: Agents Crosby, Stills & Nash (Team Free Will): David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash founded their supergroup at a point where they all were successful musicians of their own. In choosing the name Crosby, Stills & Nash they wanted to show that each of them still had their artistic autonomy. 

8x15: Sam as Agent Keith: Keith Richards is the guitarist of The Rolling Stones as well as a successful solo artist.

8x16: Agents Bonham & Jones: John Bonham & John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, the band broke up after Bonhams death. Strangely enough Dean poses as  Bonham although it is Sam who nearly dies at the end of the season.

8x17: Agents Tandy & Lynne: Richard Tandy & Jeff Lynne of ELO, a band that broke up temporarely. 

9x02: Agents Stark & Banner: Tony Stark (Iron Man) & Bruce Banner (Hulk), not in a band, but in the movie „The Avengers“  the superheroes have to find a way to work together to save the world after initially disliking each other.

9x05: Agents Micheals & DeVille: Bret Michaels & C.C. DeVille of Poison. After a fight in 1991 with Micheals DeVille was forced to leave the band, although he returned in 1999. 

9x12: Sam as Agent Perry: Joe Perry left Aerosmith temporarily.

9x13: Sam as Agent Frehley: Ace Frehley left Kiss.

9x14: Agents Nicks & McVie: Stevie Nicks & Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, both women (!) had solo careers as well.

9x19: Agents Wilson & Fisher: Nancy or Ann Wilson & Roger or Mike Fisher of Heart. Nancy and Ann are siblings as well as Roger & Mike. They also dated: Roger dated Nany, while Mike was with Ann. Both Fisher brothers left the band.

9x20: Agents Bonham & Peart: John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Neil Peart drummer of Rush. They are both drummers, but not in the same band (they both have the same profession, but not in the same „family“).

9x22: Agents Spears & Aguilera: Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera. Of course it is Cas who choosed these aliases, but Spears and Aguilera are known to be rivals at the beginning of their careers.

10x05: Agents Smith & Smith, no relation: a reference to the movie „Die Hard“. Of course, ironically the first time they choose aliases with the same name, they pretend no to be related. Seeing that 10x05 is a meta episode which explicitly tells us the importance of subtext, that could be a foreshading for Sam & Dean breaking up their bond/band.

10x08: Agents Frehley & Criss: Ace Frehley & Peter Criss both left Kiss.

10x11: Agents Collins & Gabriel: during fans and critics Genesis is usually split up to the Peter-Gabriel-era and the Phil-Collins-era. Dean later poses as Mr. Presly: Elvis Presly of course was a solo artist.

10x13: Agents Grohl & Cobain: Dave Grohl & Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. After Cobains death the band broke up and Grohl founded the Foo Fighters.

10x14: Agents Moore & Ranaldo: Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, the band broke up in 2014.

10x16: Agents Allman & Betts: Gregg Allman & Dickey Betts of The Allman Brothers Band, Betts had to leave the band.

10x19: Dean as Dwight Twilley: Twilley & Phil Seymour performed as Dwight Twilley Band, they both had later solo careers.

Now what could this mean for Sam & Dean? Looking at the reasons those bands broke up, there are various causes: some broke up rather ugly, some eventually worked together again, some broke up because one of their band members had died. But some managed to be both successful within a band as well as a solo artist. Now hopefully Sam & Dean as well will learn to be their own person as well as working together as a team.