A variety of styles of flying kit and Heinecke parachute harnesses are in evidence in this clutch of Jasta 4 pilots grouped around one of their black-nosed Fokkers at Escaufort airfield on 5 September 1918. From left, with victories noted, are Ltn d R Richard Kraut (one), Ltn d R Robert Hildebrandt (one), Flieger Rohde, Ltn Joachim von Winterfeld (two, killed 5 September), Ltn d R Egon Koepsch (nine, acting staffelführer in Udet’s absence), Ltn d R Heinrich Maushake on the wing (six), Ltn Heinz Graf von Gluszewski (two), and Ltn d R Julius Bender

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Aircraft of The Aces • 53 Fokker D VII Aces of World War 1 Part 1 by Norman Franks and Greg VanWyngarden

In saying that human beings are by nature political animals, does Aristotle mean that cities as they presently exist, with all their strife and so little justice, are places where we fulfill our nature? Or does he instead mean that it is our nature to live in true cities - cities that do not yet exist, but that we should try to build?
—  Richard Kraut