House Sigils of Silicon Valley 

By the way I think its kind of nuts that a game on the HBO website won’t let me quote the swearwords used in another HBO show. If I had my way House Bachman’s motto would be “Don’t bring piss to a shitfight” also they wouldn’t let me use the phrase “snack dick”


I have just found out something else i share in common with Richard Dunne. Last year i was centre back, captain, wore puma kings and missed a lot of training due to knee problem. He is also centre back, always wears puma kings, was captain on some occasions and missed training due to knee injury. 

Today i found out he used to play right back, i played right back for a season 2 years ago before moving to centre back. I am officially insane now. 

jarrich wedding headcanons
  • Richard proposes to Jared. Jared has always known he wants Richard in his life forever, but he would be too shy to say it
  • Jared does all of the wedding planning. while some couples would fight about this, Jared is happy to organize and be given free rein to create the wedding of his dreams, and Richard is relieved not to have one more thing he knows nothing about to deal with in his busy life
  • the wedding is in California in autumn. one of those casual, rustic ones that are popular these days. mason jars and fairy lights and bird motifs everywhere. lots of booze, at Gilfoyle’s suggestion (the Pied Piper guys are deeply involved with and supportive of the wedding)
  • their rings and tuxes are identical, because why would they distinguish themselves when they feel like two halves of the same soul
  • the honeymoon is at a quaint bed and breakfast in the Northeast somewhere, like Maine
  • Donald Dunn legally changes his name to Jared Hendricks