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No, really!! Rich is having an episode & Michael was in his way!! You're a nurse; you're supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids so this doesn't happen!! GO DO YOUR JOB!!

C: Besides, Richard has been doing very good in his therapies. He hasn’t had an outburst or episode in almost two weeks!


“We had an extraordinary friendship. We would sometimes sit up until three in the morning, and he would tell me about his past, his mother, minister, his loves, and the next day he would just look straight through me as if he’d given away or revealed too much of himself. It would take, after one of these sessions, maybe a couple of days before we’d be back on friendship terms. He was very afraid to give of himself.” – Elizabeth Taylor

anyway what a wonderful day to rmbr that gansey canonically has dimples, really loves bright colors and flowers and nature, is buff, in love with all his friends, really hecking bi, also that hes on a year long road trip currently with his girlfriend blue and his boyfriend henry,

Green 1902 Patent triple-shotgun

Retailed by Westley Richards in England c.1911.
12 gauge triple-barrel cluster, single trigger, top break action, automatic extractor.

There was a short-lived enthusiasm for these guns back in the early 20th century, but balancing problems and no doubt WW1 put an end to it.