ABC, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company: Bring Galavant to Blu-Ray and DVD

Hey, Galavant fans! I got a petition created to support the show by getting it on Blu-Ray and DVD so anybody who missed it will be able to watch. Please support the cause and sign the petition to help make it possible.

Trumbo Movie Streaming (2015) HD

➣ Trumbo Movie Storyline
“ The career of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is halted by a witch hunt in the late 1940s when he defies the anti-communist HUAC committee and is blacklisted. ”

➣ Trumbo Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-10-27
Casts : James DuMont, John Getz, Garrett Hines, Helen Mirren, Michael Stuhlbarg, David James Elliott, Christian Berkel, Bryan Cranston, Stephen Root, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Roger Bart, Diane Lane, Richard Portnow, Mark Harelik, Alan Tudyk, Mattie Liptak, Dean O'Gorman, Louis C.K., Elle Fanning, John Goodman
Duration : 124 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.9

The Empire Strikes Back art department.

FRONT ROW: Allan Moss, Michael Ford, Alan Tomkins, Harry Lange, Leslie Dilley, Norman Reynolds, Ralph McQuarrie

MIDDLE AND BACK ROW: Sharon Cartwright, Brian Archer, Bob Walker, Ian Giladjian, Fred Evans, Michael Lamont, Fred Hole, Michael Boone, Steve Cooper, and Richard Dawking
ABC, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company: Bring Galavant to Blu-Ray and DVD
These past two Januarys, I and millions of others always looked forward to Sunday night at 8 PM not for The Simpsons, the Golden Globes or even the Football games, but for a hilarious musical adventure series called Galavant. And while it wasn't the MOST watched series of all time, anyone who took the time to watch both seasons, ESPECIALLY live, will tell you it was a very unique viewing experience. [...]

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Young Richard: “Will I be a good king?”
King Richard: “Not really.”
Young Richard: “Loved by all that I rule.”
King Richard: “Nope sorry.”
Young Richard: “Do I stand up and fight for truth and right and good?”
King Richard: “Let’s see now. No. No. No.”
Young Richard: “Will I go on some grand adventures with my closest, bestest chum?”
King Richard: “Not exactly.”
Young Richard: “When will that day come?”



You’ve seen the films, kiddo. It ain’t over till it’s over.

 Daniel, Love Actually (2003).

  • Young Richard:"Will I be a good king?"
  • King Richard:"Not really."
  • Young Richard:"Loved by all that I rule."
  • King Richard:"Nope sorry."
  • Young Richard:"Do I stand up and fight for truth and right and good?"
  • King Richard:"Let's see now. No. No. No."
  • Young Richard:"Will I go on some grand adventures with my closest, bestest chum?"
  • King Richard:"Not exactly."
  • Young Richard:"When will that day come?"

I did a cover of Gal’s amazing Serenade a while back. Gosh, I freaking love this song. If anyone needs instrumentals from this show, let me know. I would loooove to see more Galavant covers on Youtube!

Trailer released for Alice Through the Looking Glass

Trailer released for Alice Through the Looking Glass

in which Richard Armitage stated he would have a cameo during the end of the Crucible publicity. Note that at imdb (under other crew), Armitage is not credited but Martin Barrie is listed as his stand-in. Have to say this trailer looks killer. I know it’s only a cameo for Armitage, but I’m very much looking forward to the film as well. Also, Alan Rickman. The new ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’…

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A Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF), with the crew of the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission aboard, arrived at the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC, now Johnson Space Center) Saturday morning, November 29, 1969. Astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., Richard F. Gordon Jr., and Alan L. Bean were on their way to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL) where they remained in quarantine until December 10, 1969. Minutes earlier the three astronauts had arrived at Ellington Air Force Base from Hawaii aboard a U.S. Air Force C-141 transport. The crewmen were confined to the MQF from splashdown until they arrived at the LRL.

The Galavant Review

Just finished the season season of Galavant, and as of now, I have seen EVERY episode of the series, LIVE no less, and have never tuned to something else whenever it was on. So, whatever the show’s fate, I am SO glad I got to watch this entertaining, hilarious, musical, wonderful show from beginning to end. Now, for the reviews of the seasons.


From the writer and the composer of Tangled, ABC’s “Galavant” is a hilarious spin on the television musical, with fun performances by the cast, wonderfully comic songs, brilliant production and costume design and an impressive scale for what they had to work with. While the ending will leave you hanging (this WAS advertised as a 4-week comedy event, after all), the first season of Galavant as a whole is still well worth your time no matter what the reason.



A fantastic continuation of such a great but underseen series, Season 2 of Galavant was, simply put, even more hilarious and epic in scale, giving us more of the brilliant cast’s performances from before (like Timothy Omundson, Mallory Jansen and, of course, Joshua “Galavant” Sasse himself), and even the songs (still by Alan Menken and his lyricist Glenn Slater) and humor are stepped up to eleven here. And if this is in fact the last season of the show, I’d be very happy to know that Galavant’s adventures went out with a great bang this time.


So, those may have had a minor spoiler or two, but if you folks haven’t already, PLEASE see this show. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s incredibly catchy, and it’s a real treat to have watched on television.


So, several weeks ago, I had made a post of my favorite actors/entertainers ever.  At the time, there were sixteen faves, but I had made that post before I had started watching MFU, and suddenly, it became “No–all EIGHTEEN.”

So here is the revised post of my faves.  Click for names.

Galavant Season 2

So last night, I was watching Grease, so I recorded Galavant to watch tonight, and let me just say, it did not disappoint one bit, so here’s my little review of this season and of the show in general.

First, the music. I mean, come on. Alan Menken, everybody. 👏👏👏. His music is so beautiful and tells such beautiful stories, and they are so catchy it’s incredible. Bravo.

Okay, now the show itself. Season One was so great. It set up this fairy tale world and all the fun fairy tale archetypes (the brave knight, the captured princess, the evil king), and it set them up marvelously, throwing twists and turns every which way that contradict all the expectations of fairy tales.

Season Two just BLEW Season One out of the water, in my opinion. Now, since the characters and the universe have been established, Season Two gave the characters so much depth. Madalena experiences love. Richard exhibits valiance. Isabella becomes a true ruler. In my opinion, the beautifully painted characters are what make the show.

One of my favorite musicals, Into the Woods, points at the fact that no one is truly good nor bad. People just fight for what they believe in, and morality becomes merely an issue of perspective. Galavant did a fantastic job of capturing that idea because you find yourself not only cheering on Gal and Richard, but also sympathizing with Gareth and Madalena. This season I was so impressed by the dimension that was given to Madalena and Gareth.

It was such a satisfying feeling when all the principal characters ended up together in the finale, after being apart for the whole season. And you realize that they ARE all friends, and they ALL rely on each other, and even though they caused the giant battle, they, for lack of better phrasing, are all in it together.

I’m sorry. I’ve just become really really obsessed with this show recently, and I felt the need to talk about it. So there you have it. Can’t WAIT for season 3. #fingerscrossed

Favorite moments:
-I don’t like you
-What is this feeling?
-when tad cooper was actually a dragon
-when the armies applauded the jester
- goodbye
-when sid killed Galavant
-the dwarfs and the Giants

Favorite Galavant Song Meme

Okay, folks, I figured I’d post more Galavant stuff for a while, especially since my petition to get Seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray and DVD is starting to pick up steam right now, so what better way to further show my love for the series than by starting a favorite song meme?

Actually, I was gonna do a Top 10 Personal Favorite Galavant Songs, but then I realized there were so many good songs from the series that it’d be impossible for me to name so many, especially since they had Alan Menken on board doing the music (as well as executive producing), and thus this was born. Filling it in is simple: just name your favorite song from each season, as well as your runner-ups (they don’t have to be in any kind of order, mind you), and details as to why the songs are your favorites of the respective seasons. Then you’ll compare and contrast the two, and then ultimately pick which one is the best overall.

BTW, for those of you who HAVEN’T seen Galavant, it’s best to warn you that this meme WILL contain spoilers for all uninitiated to the show. With that said…



Favorite Song -
Runner-Ups -
Why I Love This Song The Most -


Favorite Song -
Runner-Ups -
Why I Love This Song The Most -


Which Had Better Lyrics? -
Which Had Better Orchestration? -
Which Had Better Vocals? -
Which Reprise Was Better? (use only if both songs had at least one or multiple reprises) -
Which Is Overall More Enjoyable? -


(insert detailed reason here)