• Rory’s and Logan’s characters were off but not completely. Logan was ready to marry Rory so I think it’s a shock that he would want to carry something on with her but at the same time, Logan was known for having a couple of girls on the go. Morover, I think Rory always changed when she was with Logan, she was nasty and didn’t seem like the same Rory we knew. (She was so cautious and didn’t want to hurt anyone like remember how she wouldn’t let Jess kiss her in public because she was worried about dean but now she can cheat with logan and its all fine???)
• RORY WAS A DICK TO PAUL! SHE DRAGGED OUT A 2 YEAR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM! And when we first meet him, he sounds like he really cared and tried to impress Luke and Lorelai by taking notes of the small things they said.
• Luke saw Rory as his own daughter
• Luke also saw Jess has his
• EMILY GILMORE HAS GIVEN ME LIFE – her character development was the best by far and I’m so happy they touched on so many subjects like grief and her maids and the society which she always had to be happy in
• JESS. Jess is still in love with her after all these years and he wants nothing more for her to succeed and get all her goals even if that means pretending like he doesn’t love her anymore
• I’m so glad they paid richard all the respect he deserves – plus Lorelai’s story about when she was 13 had me balling
• Michel having a husband and them not making a big deal about it was nice - it felt natural
• SOME OF THE SCENES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL – like the secret wedding and the Life and Death scene (plus colin, finn and robert are back)
• I’m not a fan of the ending – that was not closure and it hurts my heart
• The dean scene made me so happy – it was just perfect and it felt natural
• I don’t think they needed the Christopher scene. They’ve touched on him being absence loads of times and every time he said he felt guilty about it
• I love that Lane’s band is still together
• Kirk and Lulu wanted kids
• I don’t like how absent Sookie was – remember when she was pregnant and she came and stayed at the Inn to make sure Luke’s food was okay, she was in love with the Inn I just don’t see how she could leave it for 2 years

Update: I now get the importance of the Chris scene - It was actually well done then AND THE ENDING WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER IF LORELAI TURNED TO RORY AND WENT ‘can’t wait to meet the new gilmore’ I’d have been happy then Update: I love all the Paris scenes. Remember the episode where Rory has a dream about Paris being married and owning the house, it reminded me so much of that and all her scenes just worked. Plus the stairs joke (relatable) Update: If they could only get Sookie for one episode, they could have wrote her out better. It’s just not in her character to have upped and left the Inn and there’s no way in hell she would have gone that long without staying in touch. Like her and Jackson and the kids could have gone on a long holiday and I would have liked that better.
Things I need from the revival
  • Luke and Lorelai already married, maybe with a kid (though I can’t decide if this might seem weird…but they really did want kids.) Luke being supportive and loving to Lorelai throughout the emotional tumult of losing her father.
  • Richard’s death & its emotional impact on the other characters being appropriately addressed. I think his funeral would be a really interesting starting point for the first episode.
  • Lots of Lorelai/Emily/Rory time - as a threesome, but also as pairs. I want to laugh and cry along with them.
  • JESS. ALL THE JESS. Jess with Rory, Jess with Lorelai, Jess with Luke, Jess with everyone. And yeah, Jess ending up with Rory.
  • Adult Logan. Maybe it’s just my obsession with Matt Czuchry’s character on The Good Wife, but I really do want to see where this dude is at now. I also hope he gets some sort of closure with Rory.
  • I oscillate between hoping Dean grew up and moved on and is happy and being convinced that he basically turns into the guy in the bridge of Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’.
  • Paris and Doyle, being…Paris and Doyle. Possibly with mini-Parises and Doyles running around. Let’s be real…they probably have a monopoly on the entire world at this point.
  • Lane having accomplished something really awesome. Her character was given such a raw deal towards the end that I really need to see her living her dream in some way.
  • Mrs. Kim. Being Mrs. Kim.
  • Sookie and Michel. I need lots of Sookie and Michel. This show is not complete without Sookie and Michel.
  • Kirk and Lulu with a son named Kirk, who is basically a miniature clone of adult Kirk. 
  • I’d really like to see April make an appearance, though yeah, this may be mostly because it would make me excited to see Bay Kennish turn up in Stars Hollow. 
  • But for the love of all things holy, please no Anna.
  • Town meetings, complete with our beloved townies.
The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

- Every time Lorelai makes a reference

- Every time Rory is reading or studying

- Every time Emily mentions the DAR

- Every time Emily, Paris, Michelle or Doyle says something rude

- Every time Jess says something sarcastic

- Every time Luke says something moody

- Every time Logan calls Rory “Ace”

- Every time Kirk is working or says something weird

- Every time Mrs. Kim references God or Jesus

- Every time Sookie and Jackson argue

- Every time a new maid appears

- Every time Lane and her band reference music

- Every time Dean is being soppy

- Every time Tristan calls Rory “Mary”

- Every time Madeline or Louise talk about or to boys

- Every time Richard takes a work call

- Every time Miss Patty talks about her show days

- Every time Taylor talks about the town

- Every time Babette talks about cats

- Every time Jackson does something stupid

- Every time Christopher comes back to town

- Every time someone says Stars Hollow

- Every time someone drinks coffee

- Every time anyone references anything!


Band of Brothers - Part 7 - The breaking point

“It’s called ‘wounded’, Peanut. ‘Injured’ is when you fall out of a tree or something”

My entire family is going to hate me on Thanksgiving this year. Here is why...

Grandma: So how is school?

Me: Good, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life comes out tomorrow!

Aunt: Have a boyfriend?

Me: I don’t need a boyfriend when I am going to see Luke Danes on my computer screen tomorrow.

Uncle: What are your plans after graduation?

Me: Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival so many times that I can recite it from memory.

Mom: *to all of my extended family* Guys you aren’t going to get any useful answers from her. She’s gone, I’m honestly surprised she even came today. I figured she would be at home preparing herself for the release. 

Me: *singing the Gilmore Girls theme song at the top of my lungs*