richard speight jr x reader

SPN AU Imagine: Waiting for Gabriel to wake up after rescuing him from Asmodeus

Every day you brought Gabriel food, and left it on his nightstand; hoping that he’d be himself enough to eat, even though angels didn’t eat, it was no secret he was different from the others if not the opposite. But day after day, each meal you brought him went bad because he didn’t even wake up. He lay there like a comatose patient and it was like taking watch over a stiff. At least he wasn’t dead…and his grace remained in tact. You hadn’t heard from the horse’s mouth how long he’d been imprisoned by Asmodeus since he passed out the minute he was sprung. Meticulous work went into removing the thread from his lips, and having Cas visit to heal him everyday.

He’d been through so much, the healing didn’t even work immediately and his own grace was working overtime to kick his system back into working mode. Daily, you’d massage his hands to keep e’m limber and have sweets on standby. Just being able to open his mouth would be the same as granting his freedom and you couldn’t wait to hear his voice again. You lost count of how many hours total he was inactive. But little by little, you could tell the TLC was working because sometimes when checking on him, the blankets and sheets would be messed up and you’d actually have to tuck him back in. The fact he was stirring at all was a good sign. His unconscious signals to you included shifting in his sleep, tired moans and twitching fingers from time to time. Any day now, you’d be greeted by his infamous gold irises instead of the constant tease that his road to physical recovery was almost done.

One afternoon, you felt neglected sleep yank your eyelids down. And you could’ve dropped into a nap right there…had you not been standing up at the fridge. Feeling your hand drop the bottle of cranberry juice, you snapped up again and slammed the fridge door closed. You were so frustrated waiting for Gabriel to wake up, and manually snapping him out of it was one of the worst things to do. Like, who tries to wake a trauma victim? Insensitive people, that’s who. You wanted to see him awake and safe, but watching over him left you dozing; even though the normal thing to do was stay by his bedside and be vigil, you decided the best thing you could do was get some rest while he did.

Walking into his room, you saw his head had flipped to the left. No movement today, he’s been like that for the past 18 hours. Why not nap in here? You walked to other side of the bed.

“Got room for two?” You asked, watching him respond with shallow breathing.

Climbing on the empty side of the full-sized mattress, you lay on top of the comforter.

“At least I’ll be here when you wake up.”

By 8:00 that night, while your deep sleep kept ticking, Gabriel’s eyes fluttered open. Was he dead? The last thing he remembered was getting carried out of his cell and once in a while vaguely remembered a gentle massage on his hands. Looking to his left, he saw you. Sleeping all cuddled up by his side. It happened, he was safe. He could smile without the stitches pulling on his mouth. Feeling his lips, he could feel the smooth skin that he had before and no holes. Cas, right? Only an angel could repair that. Still smiling, he forced his sore muscles to to sit up. Grabbing an extra blanket from the foot of the bed, he pulled it over you, and ate the sandwich you left on his nightstand as he waited for you.

“I’ll be here when you wake up.”

This Baby Will Have A Father: Part 1

Summary: Y/N is an actress on Supernatural. After becoming pregnant, her boyfriend leaves her, not wanting anything to do with the baby. Unsure of what the future holds, her male costars show her that she’s not alone. 

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

Pairings: Reader x SPN Cast

Warnings: Unplanned pregnancy, nervous reader, fluff

Word Count: 1,311

Author’s Note: This idea came to me two days ago, and I ended up writing most of it in one sitting. I hope you all enjoy this impromptu piece! Thank you for reading!

Filming had only resumed one week ago, and you were already having difficulty hiding your pregnancy. Hiatus had come at the perfect time, right when you were really starting to show, but now that you were in your fifth month, loose sweaters and baggy shirts were no longer able to conceal your constantly expanding stomach. You had told the show’s producers, and of course, the women in wardrobe knew, but the life growing inside of you was still a secret to most of the cast and crew.

It had been a hectic day on set, and you were beyond grateful when Bob called for lunch. You saw some of the guys head into Jensen’s trailer and figured now was as good a time as any to tell them you were expecting. Before you could lose the gumption, you marched up to the door, pausing only briefly before knocking.

“Hey, Y/N/N!” Jensen smiled as he opened the door and stepped aside for you to come in. A loud roar of laughter filled the air.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“Not at all!” Jensen picked up his plate and pulled out the chair he had been using. “Have a seat.”

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Last night had blasted by. You’d decided it would be a laugh to try and get an archangel drunk, but in return you had to drink three times your body weight to compensate for his drunkenness. Gabriel had been an acquaintance of yours and you wouldn’t exactly call him a friend, in fact, you kind of assumed he just wanted to have his way with you and that would be it.

You’d drank so much and Gabriel had been so sweet to you that one thing lead to another….

It was early when you woke up. Too early to hear the birds chirping outside and too early for the sun to peak through the curtains behind you. You decided you may as well go back to sleep for a few hours until your alarm clock woke you, but as you closed your eyes you felt something snake it’s way around your waist and pull you close. You ripped whatever it was away from your body and jumped out of bed faster than a woman at a shoe sale.

Your breath was racing, but finally your eyes adjusted as you stood a few meters away from your bed.

“…What are you doin’?” a groggy voice asked. Gabriel came into vision. He was sprawled out on his stomach, naked. Luckily for you his lower half was covered by your covers. You’d forgotten about last nights events almost entirely until you saw the very light sheen of sweat on his forehead that his hair was now sticking to.

“W-what are you still doing here?” You questioned the celestial. This is when he opened one eye, looking at you.

“Huh? What are you talking about, Y/N?”

“Usually one night stands don’t tend to stick around, Gabriel.” Okay. That sentence came out more aggressive than you’d wanted. It was obvious the effects of the alcohol hadn’t completely warn off you yet.

“Was…….was this what this was?……….right…..” Gabriel looked down. He looked a little heartbroken. “…That’s embarrassing……You give all your love to a woman and she throws it in your face the next morning.” He grumbled, looking severely disappointing. What alarmed you was that he didn’t even look angry, just upset.

“What? But you’re always lingering around me and flirting with me. You can’t possibly think I’d believe you wanted more than just……that.”

“Why do you refer to sex as ‘that’? It’s not a sin, Y/N. All though…….what you did last night could probably be counted as a sin in a lot of heavens.”

“Gabriel!” You scolded him for joking this early in the morning.

“Sorry….the point is…….” He began to fidget with the covers next to him and the pillow his face was slumped into. “It’s forbidden for angels to be in love with humans. Yet here I am.” He gave you a simple smile. “It kinda hurts when you call it a one night stand. Especially when I know it was a lot more than that for both of us.”

You stared back at him for a while, trying to think of something to say. You did have feelings for the archangel. Feelings you didn’t think in a millennium he would return. You opened your mouth, nervously trying to say something to him. But no words would come out. You were too scared. Before you could panic any further, Gabriel reached his arm out across the bed to you.

“Come and keep me warm.” He said. You were amazed by him sometimes. He could say one thing and everybody would know he meant something completely different. To anybody else ‘Come and keep me warm’ simply meant what it was. But coming from Gabriel, you knew there was more to it than that. Gabriel saying ‘Come and keep me warm’ instead meant ‘It’s okay that you can’t think of what to say, but I want you close to me’.

So that’s what you did. You grabbed his hand and climbed back into bed. You lay on your back staring at the ceiling, the nerves eating away your stomach. The archangel wrapped both arms around you and pulled you against him, pulling the covers over both of you. He nestled his head on top of yours, keeping you warm next to his chest and you both fell asleep to the sound of each others breathing. You were safe and warm in the arms of an angel. And he got to hold his favourite soul close to him.


Hiding that you’re dating Gabriel from your brothers

Word count: 1868

Warnings: Smutty, (orgasm denial, having to keep quiet), I’m trash ;)

A/N: I might make a part 2 for this to continue on with the story 

“You’re going to have to tell them sometime sugar,” Gabriel spoke only slightly out of breath from the heated morning you two had spent together.

Gabriel’s arm was wrapped behind your head, you were leant closely onto his bare chest and both of your legs were securely intertwined.

“I don’t know Gabe,” the use of that nickname made his heart flutter every time it left your lips but he refused to back down. Although the Winchesters dislike him, they deserved to know who their little sister was dating. On top of that, Gabriel didn’t like the thought of you keeping secrets from your own brothers all because of him for so long.

“Come on sweetheart, I’ll be right there by your side,” Gabriel persuaded lifting his hand to your face and stroking his thumb over your cheek.

Silence overtook the room for a moment as you thought about what Gabriel had said. You knew he felt guilty as he was the source of the secret which was breaking the trust your brothers had with you and in turn, you felt guilty for making Gabe keep the secret too. Eventually, you came to the decision that it would be best for everyone if you told your brothers (even if it meant living with a few angry Winchesters for a while at least you and Gabe would be able to be yourselves around them and not keep sneaking around).

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Sugar and Spice

Summary: When your landlord gets sick of you being late with rent, you decide to find a sugar daddy as a last resort. What you never expected was that one of your favourite actors, Richard Speight Jr, was one.
Word count: 911
Warnings: Don’t think there are any.
Cover art by wifey @pepperwoodatnight thank you <3

Your name: submit What is this?

Chapter one: The meeting

You were late with your rent yet another month, and your landlord was getting sick of it. You were a student and for some reason you couldn’t get a job no matter how many you applied to, so here you were at your last resort; A site for finding sugar daddies. You scrolled through endless profiles, young men, old men, you name it.

You had looked around for over an hour, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through Johnnyboy, RobertAdventure01, AndyAwesome, DickSpeight- wait, what? You blinked and looked again. In grey letters was the name DickSpeightJr. You looked at the picture. It was taken from a distance, so you didn’t see who it was immediately, but a closer look confirmed that holy shit, Richard Speight Jr was on a sugar daddy site, looking for a sugar baby!?

You clicked his profile. It stated his name, age and a short bio. Actor, director, single. You clicked the message symbol. After about ten minutes you had finished what you thought was an appealing letter to the actor. You waited while your heart pounded like crazy. No way would you be able to sleep now!

It took an hour before you got a response. He liked you. He thought you sounded sweet. He said you were very beautiful. He wanted to meet for coffee. Your heart jolted as you typed a reply, and eventually you decided on a nearby café in a few days.

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Spilled Milkshakes

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Reader works at a drive-thru of a fairly popular fast-food restaurant, and one night, she spills a large strawberry milkshake on the lap and car of one person (or two) she reeeeeally didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of.  

Warnings: good milkshake being spilled!!! Richard Speight Jr being Richard Speight Jr!!! 

A/N: Hi. You must be wondering why I am, once again, posting a random one instead of…say…your request, or the first part to that Chuck series, or the next part to the Billy series…well. I’m procrastinating. Again. 

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Prompt Plot: Secret Admirer

Characters: Gabriel x reader

Requested by: @unleashthemidnight

Note: I actually really enjoyed writing this, I hope you like it too :)

Gender: Any/Neutral      Triggers: None      Words: 1,816

Originally posted by im-proud-of-us15

It was pretty normal really, random things appearing on your pillow or around your room. At first it was notes with reminders or compliments, a pack of your favorite candy, a single flower. But now that Valentines Day was coming up it seemed to increase. The notes turned into pieces of art and the flowers turned into giant bouquets.

You had confronted both Sam and Dean about it and they denied it, at first you thought they were doing it to cheer you up. But one day when you got back from a hunt, there was a rose on your pillow which you knew hadn’t been their previously. 

In fact, when Sam and Dean found out about your “Secret Admirer” they freaked out. They were convinced that it was some creepy supernatural freak that had targeted you. But nothing bad has ever happened, so they calmed down.

When Castiel came back, you asked him about it, but he was completely clueless. You really had no idea who, or what, was doing this, and you really didn’t understand why.

There was really only one person that you would expect to do something like this, but he was dead. Gabriel was dead.


You came out of the bathroom, freshly showered, rubbing the towel through your hair when your eye caught on something. A small box sitting on your pillow.

Walking over and opening the door you listened intently for any noise of someone in the bunker. Sam and Dean had gone to go get some food, so you were all alone. Hearing nothing, you walked back over to the pillow and picked up the box. Opening it you stared at the object for a few moments. 

It was an old antique looking locket, it was gold and oval shaped, with a symbol carved into it you didn’t recognize. This was the first time you had been left a piece of jewelry. Picking it up you admired it, opening the locket, a small folded piece of paper fell out. Unfolding it, you read the familiar handwriting of your admirer “To keep you safe”.

Just when you were deciding weather of not to wear it, you heard Sam and Dean come in. Getting dressed you quickly went out to see them. Walking into the kitchen you saw them setting out some food. 

“Hey y/n, they didn’t have what you wanted so I got you a burger”

“Thanks, um, I got another gift from…well whoever it is”

Sam and Dean both looked up, seeing the locket in your hand.

“A necklace?” Dean asked while walking over to you, taking it from you “Hey, Sam do you know what this symbol means?”

Walking over, Sam looked the locket over “Well, it’s definitely pretty old, but I’ll have to look it up” Walking over to the bookcase Dean was still looking at the locket, a look of worry on his face.

“There was also a note inside”

“What did it say?”

“To keep you safe”

“I don’t know if I should be worried or touched” he said sarcastically, handing the locket back to you.

While you ate, both you and Sam looked through some books for the symbol. But so far you had found nothing. Giving up you closed your book and leaned back in your chair “I wonder if it’s enchanted”

“That could be what the note meant” Sam said closing his book as well.

“Well, I don’t think you should wear it, not until we know what it is, and who keeps doing this, I mean seriously, this has been going on forever”

Hearing the sound of wings you all turned to see Castiel looking around the room “Hey Cas”

“Hello” he said approaching you.

“Hey perfect, Cas, do you know what this is?” Dean asked picking up the locket and tossing it to Castiel.

Castiel looked at it for only a moment “It’s a enochian locket, very rare, the symbol on the front means ‘protection’, it has a magic spell on it too keep anyone who wears it safe from harm, where did you get this?”

“Y/n’s secret admirer left it”

Castiel looked concerned “Very few creatures could have found this locket” he slowly handed you the locket, concern in his eyes

“Like an Angel?” you asked curiously

Yes, but also demons”

“Great, demons. Hey, wait, what if…what if it’s Crowley?”

You and Sam both looked at Deam in surprise, talking in unison “Crowley?”

“Yeah, I mean, he’s always flirting with you, maybe he’s smitten”

“Did you just say smitten?” Sam teased

“No way, I mean, Crowley?” you thought to yourself for a moment “Oh god”

Dean chuckled “Looks like you got a Demon Sugar Daddy”

You frowned before standing “I’m going to bed” as you walked back to your room you could still hear Dean chuckling under his breath.

As you entered your room, you lied in your bed and turned the locket over in your hands. You spoke to yourself quietly “There’s no way it’s Crowley” You set the locket on your bedside table and got ready for bed. You stayed awake most of the night, unable to stop thinking about who it was that kept giving you these gift, and who wanted to keep you safe.


The next morning, you, Sam and Dean headed out to a nearby town for a hunt. It seemed like a vampire might be having a party there. When you got there, it didn’t take much digging around to figure out you were right, but what you were wrong about, was the fact that it was more than just one vampire.

It didn’t take you long to find their hideout, you walked quietly through the building, looking for the vamp. When you made your way into a large room, you saw a tall man standing in the middle of the room smirking at you.

“Come for dinner?”

Dean smirked “Not so much”.

Before you could approach the vampire you were grabbed from behind and thrown backwards. The other vampires came out of the shadows unexpectedly, taking out your blade you sliced at the vampire that had attacked you. Dodging it he lunged at you. Dodging you managed to kick him and knock him backwards before you took the opportunity to cut off his head.

Just as you were running towards Sam and Dean another vampire walked out in front of you. Getting in a fighting stance, you felt the presence of someone else behind you. Turning quickly you sliced at the vampire as the other one jumped you from behind. Kicking out, you made the vampire in front of you stumble, while the one holding you bit down on your neck, but rather than feeling their fangs press into your skin, they pulled back in pain as if they had bit into metal.

Taking the opportunity you spun and sliced her head off, but you had let your guard down. As you looked to see if Sam and Dean were okay, the vampire behind you lunged forward and stabbed you in the back with a dagger.

You stumbled forward, the feeling was unusual. Rather than feeling pain, you felt pressure and the breath leave your body. Turning, you saw the vampire staring at you shocked. Lunging forward you punched her in the face before cutting her head off.

Standing, you turned to see Sam and Dean finishing off the last few vampires. Dean looked up at you, with an intense look before running over to you “Did he just stab you?”

“I…don’t know”

Dean turned your body, seeing a tear in both your jacket and shirt, but no wound to your body “What the hell?”

Realizing what happened you turned towards Dean as you pulled the locket out of your shirt “I guess it works”

Dean stared at it for a moment before looking into your eyes “Good think you wore that, you’d be dead if you hadn’t”


The drive back was quiet, and now you were sitting on your bed again. You were still wearing the locket, twirling it between your fingers. Hearing the sound of wings, you didn’t look up, but instead just spoke aloud “Hey Cas”

“Nope, try again”

Your head snapped up, you stared in shock at the man standing at the foot of your bed “Gabriel?”

“The one and only”

Standing up from your bed you took a few steps toward him “You’re..”

“Devilishly handsome, perfect?”


“Oh yeah, that too” he replied with a smirk “Glad to see me?” Standing in front of him, you were suddenly filled with anger. Smacking him hard on the chest he pulled away from you “Ow, hey!…is that a yes or a no?”

“How are you still alive?”

“Long story, boring really, but let’s not talk about me, instead let’s talk about that close call you had today, you really need to be more careful when you’re facing multiple bad guys, if you weren’t wearing that locket, you’d be gonzo”

You stared at in him silent shock as he walked over to your bed and threw himself on it “It was you” Gabriel perked up his eyebrow “You’re the one whose been leaving me gifts and notes, and this” you said touching the locket.

Tilting his head, he smirked “Guilty”

You began walking over to him, anger written across your face “Why? Why not just…show up, tell me you were alive?”

“Well, I had some stuff to figure out, but…I just couldn’t leave you alone. Not with those two dumbos watching you back. So…I’ve been watching you, leaving you things to make you smile, and with that close call you had a couple weeks ago with those wendigos, I thought you needed something else to keep you alive, so I went and hunted that bad boy down” he stared at you for a moment before sitting up “But you knew didn’t you? That it was me?”

“No…I mean, I thought that you would be the only person to do something like this, but…I did think you were dead”

Gabriel saw the anger in your eyes turn to sadness. Sighing, he glanced down at his hands “Yeah..” clearing his throat he suddenly stood up, standing directly in front of you “Well, I better go, got places to see, people to freak out”

“Aren’t you going to tell Sam and Dean you’re back?”

“Pssh, nah, you can do that. Besides, I only came to see you, tomorrow is Valentines Day after all” he turned and winked at you “See ya sweetheart” leaning forward he pressed a kiss to your cheek before disappearing.

Staring at the spot he had just left, you wracked your brain trying to figure out if what just happened really did happened. And when you turned around to see a large bouquet of candy and chocolate sitting on your desk, you smiled knowing it really did.

It Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Richard x Reader
Words:  1400
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi *waves* Would you write a smutty oneshot with Richard and x reader? Where he’s hesitant to be with her cause she’s over 20 years younger than him, but she doesn’t even like guys her own age and she’s been crushing on Rich for a while. So whey they do fuck it’s like rly hot and passionate cause they’ve both been pining after each other for a while. I was gonna challenge myself to request this off anon, but then I couldn’t lol. If you don’t think this is too weird I might un-non myself XD 

Warning: Smut!

          You were watching him onstage, entranced by how much energy he had while performing in front of everyone. Everything about him mesmerized you.

           “You’re staring,” Jared said, coming up behind you.

           You nodded, “I know.”

           “Talk to him,” Jared said simply.

           “He knows,” you shrugged, “Just won’t say he likes me too. I’m honestly not even sure of his feelings.”

           “He likes you,” Jared said, “I know he does.”

           “Well, you might want to inform him,” you said.

           Jared chuckled, “I’ll do what I can.”

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Sugar and Spice, ch 4

Summary: Your sugar daddy, RIchard Speight Jr, finally asked you to sleep with him.
Word count: 2045
Warnings: Smut, Dick’s big dick
A/N: Special thanks to my wifey @pepperwoodatnight for beta’ing and helping me come up with ideas when I got stuck xoxo

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4: the night 

Richard smiled and pushed you down against the mattress gently, leaning down to kiss you passionately. You let your hands roam his back and shoulders, then you tugged at his shirt.
“Want this off…” you mumbled against his lips, and he pulled off.
“You sure?”
“Of course I’m sure, silly.” You ran your hands down his sides, over his stomach and up his chest. “I want to see you.” 

Rich nodded and pulled his shirt over his head, and you bit back a moan at the sight. He sat back on his heels and ran a hand through his hair as your eyes roamed his torso.
“Fucking perfect,” you whispered and pulled him back down onto you, kissing him hard. He moaned into your mouth and grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling your head up to give him a better angle as his other hand went to your side, and under your shirt.

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Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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Imagine Gabriel protecting you from Lucifer

Word count: 762

Warnings: kinda spoilers if you haven’t seen season 5.

A/N: Might turn this into like a mini series thing because it kinda ends on a cliffhanger. Also it was really hard to write my sin-namon roll Lucifer as a bad guy because I love him too much (I literally use quotes from the show in this though aha, I guess I block out all of the bad things he does). 

 requests for one shots/imagines are open.

(Part 2)

A loud gasp escaped your lips as you were flung to the side of the room. Breathing heavily, you reached up touching your head wiping away the blood which was dripping down your face. Lucifer walked over to your limp body before smirking and letting out a small laugh.

“Broken. Flawed! Abortions.” Lucifer announced as he lifted his foot ready to stomp down hard on your neck.

Instantly, Lucifer’s body was flung onto the opposite side of the room, painfully you pushed yourself into a sitting position looking up to see Gabriel running towards your weak body. His arms snaked around your waist as you leaned into his chest. Leaning down, he placed a kiss into your hair.

“Guys! Get her outta here.” Gabriel ordered to Sam and Dean after giving you a long kiss on the forehead.

Sam and Dean dragged you away from your boyfriend but you thrashed and screamed not wanting to be taken away from him. You knew what he was doing was suicide and that if you left Gabriel there would be a hundred percent chance you would never see him again. You continued to kick and scream as both Sam and Dean pulled you towards the door, you looked up into your boyfriend’s eyes seeing sadness and love radiating off of them.

Suddenly Lucifer flicked his hand and the Winchester brother’s grips on your arms were released as they were blown back out of the room, the door closing quickly and locking behind them. Almost as soon as you were free from Sam and Deans grip, you ran back over to Gabriel pulling him into a passionate kiss which he quickly responded to, his wings wrapped around you protectively.

“Over a girl. Gabriel, really?” You and Gabe pulled away from each other when Lucifer spoke but his arm and wing were still wrapped around you pulling you protectively into his chest, “I mean I knew you were slumming, but I hope you didn’t catch anything.”

“Lucifer, you’re my brother. And I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks.” Gabriel spoke seriously causing you to giggle slightly making him look down at you and smile. His hand stroked your waist back and forth to calm you down from the situation you were both in. “I’m sorry Lucifer, I truly am, but I am in love with Y/N, she is my soulmate and I would do anything to protect her.” Gabriel dropped his archangel blade into his hand.

Lucifer’s head shot up once he heard the word ‘soulmate’, it had been thousands upon thousands of millenniums since an angel had found a soulmate and now he stood in front of one.

“Soulmate?” Lucifer spoke quietly to himself, confusion laced his voice and his face contained a shocked expression. Out of all of the possible outcomes to today that Lucifer could have thought of, this was definitely not one of them. His brother had found his soulmate and he was in complete and utter shock until the reality of what was supposed to be happening came crashing down quickly around him.

That’s when it happened almost too fast. With a flick of the wrist, you were ripped out of the comfortable hold of your boyfriend and thrown into Lucifer’s arms, an archangel blade pressed firmly against your neck. Your eyes flicked up to your boyfriend, he looked completely and utterly broken.

“Please Lucifer, don’t do this!” Gabriel begged, “Do whatever you want with me, just leave Y/N out of this.”

“Hm, Y/N… I quite like that name,” Lucifer replied before pressing the blade deeply into your neck.

Pain shot through your body as your throat filled up with blood and you gargled. You reached out to your boyfriend as darkness took over and your body fell to the floor.

“NO!” Gabriel screamed rushing over to your limp body, taking it into his hands as he rocked your empty body back and forth stroking a hand through your hair.

Tears overflowed his eyes when he heard the sound of fluttering wings fill the quiet room, he looked up to see Lucifer had gone leaving only him in the room, crying over your dead body.

You gasped loudly jolting up quickly, a hand reaching for your neck as you panted heavily. Confusion overcame you as there was no blood or any sign that you had your neck sliced open.

You quickly looked around the room and were shocked when you laid eyes on the person sat watching you next to the bed you were laid on.


Shut Up

Richard x Reader One-Shot

Warnings: Fluff. Severe flirting. Make him stop.

Today had been tiring, but tonight was proving to be incredibly boring. You had half a mind to go straight to bed at 9 pm. You sat on the sofa watching a reality programme on your TV, not really paying attention to anything happening. As you went to change the channel the table next to you buzzed quietly. It was your phone. You picked it up and clicking the home button you found two new messages. You unlocked your phone to read them in full, seeing they were from Richard when you did.

The first one read. This was a little odd considering Richard literally never messaged you a hello.

The second one said. You wondered what he wanted from you and the idea of him texting you first made the butterflies in your stomach do somersaults.

You decided to reply three minutes later. The problem was you were stubborn. You loved rich to pieces but god forbid he ever found out of your feelings for him. So waiting a while to text him was a common occurrence in your life.

Sure it wasn’t a romantic line but it was to the point, you answered his question. You placed your phone back down on the table and went to grab the remote. Before your touch grasped the end of it your phone began to buzz once more. You picked it up and read the next message.

Your butterflies were doing nose dives now. Come over wasn’t a question, it was almost a demand. You didn’t want to seem eager so you replied to him instead.

You couldn’t think of anything else to say but asking why he wanted you there seemed fair to you.

Rich had replied with the simple word “movie”;. You had no idea what movie you’d be watching with him tonight and as much as you wanted to be subtle with your feelings you really wanted to spend time with the man. You replied to him quickly and picked up your car keys to leave.

You were in your pajamas but you were too cozy to change, so you slipped a hoodie on with some trainers before hopping into your tiny car. You were nervous to spend time with the guy, which you knew was darn right stupid because you were fine if more people were around. You hung out with him a lot, but never alone and never at his place. You knew where he lived from where you borrowed certain things from him and the drive there was quick and quiet. It was almost 10 pm so the city had settled down and there wasn’t as much traffic as in the day.

When you pulled up into Richard’s driveway you picked up your phone once more to send him another text. He had already responded with two very typically Richard emoticons. You smiled to yourself and replied. You waited in the car where it was warm for him to come and let you into the house, but he instead texted you back again.

That lazy asshole couldn’t even be bothered to come and let you in. You locked your car and made your way over to his house, letting yourself into his house. You took off your trainers in the hallway and announced yourself.

“Richie? Where you at?” You called out towards the ceiling, for some reason expecting the roof to have answers for you. You heard that southern accent echo down the stairs to you.

“Im up here!” He called out. “First door on the left!” He called out once more. Trust you to fall for a lazy man. You chuckled to yourself and began making your way upstairs. The stairs were dark as were the hallway,only being illuminated slightly by a warm lamp on the wall.

“Rich?” You asked quietly, poking your head through the door. You weren’t expecting to see the man in sweatpants and nothing else and you definitely weren’t expecting him to be laying in bed.

“Hey, Y/N….” The man said, still looking at the television he had mounted on the wall. He finally put the remote down and turned to look at you, immediately bursting into a fit of laughter, probably because of your outfit choice. “…You’re wearing Disney pajamas, seriously?” He was cackling to himself and causing you to blush severely. You couldn’t help but smile back though, the more you tried hard not to the bigger your smile got. “…You look adorable!” Richard exclaimed. As you were about to walk across his bedroom to a chair on the side of the bed, the man got out of his bed and waltzed on over to you, grabbing you and pulling you flush to his bare chest. You thanked god for the low lights in this room right now, because beetroots had nothing on your face.

“Honestly when you say ‘movie’, a girl assumes you’re downstairs with popcorn. Not in bed, half naked.” You began to make conversation with him, trying not to think about how good it felt to feel his bare back as he hugged you. His skin was hot to the touch, and boy was it soft on your fingers. Stop it. You mentally scolded yourself. Richard laughed at you, breaking away from your body now.

“Well if you look behind me….” He pointed behind himself at a table he had that had plenty of snacks. Popcorn, chips, a little bit of candy and some beer.

“Holy shit, you outdid yourself tonight, Rich.”

“My lady needs feeding if she’s gonna watch a movie.” Your heart jumped in your chest at the phrase ‘my lady’. You swallowed hard, trying to smile and not appear as awkward as you were certainly feeling. You walked over to sit on the chair by the side of the bed, but Richard turned around and gave you one hell of a glare.

“The fuck you doing?” He walked over to you and grabbed your hand, pulling you up from the chair with one pull. He pulled you so hard that you ended up stumbling into his chest again, somewhere you really didn’t want to be right now. He grabbed you, chuckling. “Get in the bed.” He commanded, alarmingly.

“S-sorry?” You asked, barely a whisper leaving your mouth.

“I didn’t invite you over to my house, late at night, to sit on an old wooden seat next to my bed. I wanted a cuddle buddy for a movie. Now get in the bed.”

Wh- okay!- okay! I’m moving!” He pushed you towards the bed and eventually you climbed up and sat down against the headboard, waiting nervously for him to climb in too and turn the movie on. You vauegly saw the dvd he was holding and you could just make out that it was some kind of war film, very typical of him. But it didn’t matter much to you as you enjoyed spending time with him. Tonight you were on red alert however as the man was shirtless and in bed next to you.

You were silent as you began watching the film, two dim lamps illuminating the bedroom walls. You were very aware of Richard’s chest heaving up and down slowly as he breathed heavily. He seemed very tired already. You wanted to do something, to look less awkward and feel less but you didn’t know what to do. You placed your hands on your lap and played with the materials of your pajama bottoms. Rich was eating his way through an entire bag of pretzels, offering you one every two minutes. Every time you shook your head, too scared to go near him. 

About half an hour into the film the table next to you began to vibrate. You looked to your left and noticed a phone going off. 

“Oh I left my phone on that side…” Richard realised. 

“That’s alright I’ll pass it over…” You replied, reaching to grab it. Before your fingers touched the metal gadget, Richard had leaned completely over you. You shrieked to yourself as you hadn’t expected the man to be virtually on top of you.

“Richard!” You shouted. He simply let out a throaty cackle. The bastard knew full well what he was doing, teasing you and mocking you. “Get back over there, you big idiot.” 

“You calling me fat?” Richard sounded serious now, though you knew he was teasing again. He sat back against the headboard and looked back at the tv.

“I wish you wouldn’t say things like that.”

“What do you mean? I’m joking.”

“I know it’s a joke, but I know that there’s bits of that joke that you believe now and again.” You hated Richard’s self esteem problems, even though he didn’t show them very often. 

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.” Richard shrugged and pretended to be distracted by the movie. You didn’t mean to, but you snapped.

“It’s not fine! You’re gorgeous!”  You yelled.

You instantly realised that you’d just screamed your attraction at him, but you remained calm and pretended you didn’t care. Rich sat there silent for a few moments, you assumed he was thinking about having you sectioned under the mental health act for your outburst. 

“You think im gorgeous, huh?” Rich said softly, breaking the silence. You sighed loudly at his response. Richard chuckled. “I’ll never be on your level of gorgeousness. You’re like…..a goddess or something.”

“What?” You furrowed your brows and squinted his way. “Im sat in a god damn hoodie and pajamas, I’m not agoddess. You need new glasses.” You turned your attention back to the movie. 

“Y/N…..a blind man would know you’re a goddess. A straight women or a gay man would. Pajamas don’t take away that, they just make you god damn adorable along with it. I just wanna scoop you up into a blanket.” Richard giggled to himself at the image of you wrapped up in a blanket like a tiny animal. He’d finished his pretzels and disposed of the rubbish. 

“That why you wanted me to be a cuddle-buddy?” You asked. You were trying to remain normal and maybe even sane. 

“Nah. Called you over to get in your pants, obviously.” He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you covered your face in shame and embarrassment. 

“You’re so not funny.” You winced at his teasing but continued trying to watch the film. 

“Ah. Shut up.” Rich retorted. 

“Make me” You shot back quickly without thinking any further. Before you could think about what you’d said the man was leaning heavily over your legs, his right hand planted onto the pillow next to you and his lips attached to yours. 

It was….bliss. It felt like somebody had taken every little anecdote, every happy story, every funny memory and smile you’d ever made. Like they’d put all of that happiness into this kiss. The kiss lasted all but three seconds, but it felt like it lasted a lifetime. When you finally opened your eyes, auspicious looking eyes were staring back into them, long eyelashes brushes across the bottom of his eyes as he looked down to your lips once more. Then he kissed you again, for two seconds longer than before. And you felt the same buzz and energy. 

You spoke when he broke away for a second time. 

“That was a figure of speech…….I didn’t mean it.” You said quietly. He chuckled lightly. His face was so close you could almost feel his laugh against the skin of your face.

“I meant it. Shut up.” Richard repeated, and he dove back in to kiss you once more. You moaned into the kiss this time and Richard took it as an ‘ok’ to kiss you deeper and for longer. After several breathless moments he broke away, resting his forehead against your head and closing his eyes.

“Stay with me.” He whispered.

“What?” You asked.

“Stay here tonight. Sleep next to me. Please?” He asked you very sweetly, and who were you to deny the man of his cuddle buddy?. You switched off the lamp on your side, as he switched off the television and his lamp. He then lifted the covers for you to slip in with him, then snuggled up an inch away from you. For about twenty minutes all he did was watch you, as you peacefully fell asleep next to him.

Watch It

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Brief violence

Notes: Saw the gif, thought of this. Just a quick little Gabriel drabble.

“You listen to me, you arrogant dick.” Gabriel stressed, “If you touch the sweet lady behind me again, I will hurt you.”

The guy who had tried to force himself onto you earlier just laughed at the shorter man in front of him. “Sure you will tough guy” the man said sarcastically, patting Gabe on the back while making his way back to you.

Clearly not listening to the archangel, the man grabbed your arm in an attempt to pull you from the bar. All of a sudden a fist came flying towards the side of the guys face, causing him to let go of you.

“What the hell?!” He barked, staring at the angel with blood oozing out of his nose and down his hand.

“I told you not to touch her, let’s go Y/N” Gabe said. You grabbed your things and trailed behind your savior.

“Rich?!” Briana practically shouted.

“What?!” He looked up, affronted.

“You’re texting Y/N again?!!” Briana asked while leaning over to take a sip from her water.

“Well what if I am? What’s it to you?” he replied grumpily while looking back at his phone screen, typing furiously.

“You’re so whipped” Briana muttered under her breath.

“What?” Rich asked, looking more than annoyed right now.

Briana snorted “nothing Richie” she said while winking to Matt.

Sugar and Spice, ch 3

Summary: Your second date with your Sugar Daddy, Richard Speight Jr, is at his place, for a barbecue, and you meet his friends.
Word count: 2270
Warnings: Asshole!Rob Benedict, pre-smut, mini bit of angst

Part 1
Part 2

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Chapter 3: the barbecue 

“Come inside with me.”

Your voice was low and soft.
“Right now?” Rich asked. You looked at his hand on your thigh. Just the feel of it almost had you wetting your panties. He had such great hands. You nodded.
“No, I can’t,” he said, and your heart dropped,
“Oh. Okay.”
“I have to be up early tomorrow. But I was thinking… I want you to come to a barbecue with me. It’s at my house, and uh…” He smiled. “Then I want you to stay,” he finished. You smiled back and nodded.

“Sounds good. When is it?”
“Next Saturday.”
“I’ll be there.”
“Great. I’ll transfer the money to your account tomorrow, that okay?” he asked and squeezed your thigh. You were so turned on that all you could do was nod. Richard chuckled and let go.

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That of Dreams

Requested by Anon

Hey! Could request a fic where a fan ends up kissing Rich at a con? The narrative could be the lead up, like, Rich seeing the fan in the crowd and falling for her? Her getting taken aside, or chosen out of the crowd (Etc). Matt and Rob could be involved too perhaps? Maybe they make fun of him for getting smitten with a fan? I love your writing, by the way!

Word Count: 982 words


She… was perfect. He didn’t know her name, what she sounded like, or anything about her, but he knew that her name would be beautiful, her voice would be that of an angel, and everything about her was fascinating.

The crowd filed into the auditorium, people grabbing their seats and eagerly waiting. The lights on the stage flared up, signaling that the event was about to start. You were in the first row and this was your very first convention, so you were willing to spend the extra money. Music began blaring throughout the speakers; everyone’s attention was immediately drawn to the actors that busted through the curtains.

“Hello, Chicago! How are-“

That’s when he saw you. Rich’s eyes were transfixed on you like a sniper on its target. You could hardly tell whether his gaze was for you, someone else, or just purely random, but it blew over pretty quickly.

Rich cleared his throat, pulling the microphone to his lips once again. “Sorry about that! Just a bit of a sore throat. Anyways, give it up for my co-hosts for this event: Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict!”

Matt and Rob waved at the huge crowd, eyes full of joy and smiles on their faces.

You were having a blast as the morning wore on. The three actors had the whole audience laughing and smiling the entire panel; it was almost perfect for your first con.

Jared and Jensen’s panel was right after this one, but you weren’t planning on staying for it. Creation had a mix-up and scheduled Rich and Rob’s photo ops during the J2 panel. A lot of people were complaining, but had to choose one over the other. Of course, many stayed for the panel.

Good news for you and the people who went the photo ops: shorter lines and more time with Rob and Rich.

As Matt made one last joke, the lights flickered on and that concluded the panel.

Rob cleared his throat and waved to the audience. “Thank you all for coming! If you’re not coming to our photo ops due to the scheduling, Rich and I are very sorry and hope to see you at karaoke!” With that, the three actors disappeared behind the curtains as Louden Swain played their exiting music.

The photo ops were across the building, and ten minutes after the panel. Yea, Creation screwed up a little. That meant you needed to get out of there so you could make it in time. The problem was, a quarter of the audience also really wanted to get to the photo ops on time. Let’s just say, it took you five minutes to exit the auditorium. That left you with five minutes to make it.

“Just my luck. There’s no way I’m gonna make it,” you mumbled to yourself, glancing down at your phone as you quickly walked down the hallway.

Due to all the things going on, the halls were mostly clear, that is, when you checked a moment ago.

As you looked up from your phone, you collided with something only a body would feel like. It all happened in the blink of an eye, and you were on the ground along with your collider.

“I’m so sorry. I’m in a hurry and I wasn’t looking where I was going.” You scrambled to your feet as the man you’d run into pulled himself up.

“It’s my fault. I’m in a bit of a hurry, too.”

Wait… That voice sounded awfully familiar.

You peered at the man and almost laughed at your stupidity. The guy you ran into was Richard Speight Jr.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching and-“

Rich chuckled. Oh goodness. What had you done?

He brushed his shirt off absentmindedly and glanced at you. It was you. You’re the girl he saw in the audience. And he just ran into you. “It’s no problem, really. I was running late to mine and Rob’s photo ops anyways. What’s one more minute?”

Stupid, Rich, stupid, he cursed himself.

You laughed nervously and nodded. “I was just headed there, too, actually.”

Rich’s mind went rampant. You were headed to his and Rob’s photo ops? Chances were that you were there for Rob…. but still.

Both of you absentmindedly started walking toward your joined destination as Rich made conversation.

“I saw you at the panel. How’d you like it?”

You smiled, shrugging. “Ya know, it was okay.”

Rich feigned a hurt look, but he couldn’t keep it up when he looked at you. Something about you made him want to smile and you saw that in his eyes.

You glanced down at your phone, eyes widening as you noticed the time.

“Oh my gosh, we’re gonna be so late. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Rich replied coolly, “Both of us would have been late anyways. C’mon, we’re almost there.”

The two of you jogged toward the line of about 40 people and a few bouncers. You strayed from Rich (you didn’t know when or why both of you got so close to one another) and headed for the back of the line.

Rich didn’t know what got into him in that moment, but as he watched you leave his side for that split second, he knew he couldn’t let you get lost in the crowd. With his luck, he would never see you again.

That reasoning was at the front of your mind as he grabbed your hand and pulled you back into his chest.

Dozens of fans, and a very confused Rob Benedict, watched as a girl and guy, who’d known one another for only a few minutes, kissed like they’d spent a lifetime together.

Years later, and you still reminisced on the day you would always be grateful for. With one look at your husband, you know that it wasn’t love at first sight, but two people who took a big risk and reaped the reward of love.

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Chapter 9 - I’m Not Kissing You

Richard Speight jr x reader

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The walk to the bar put you on edge with Richard. All of your friends, Richard’s and yours, were walking in front of you both chatting away, singing and jumping about in excitement. But there you were walking nervously next to the man you adored, not saying a single word to him, he ignoring you too. Once you had all made your way to the bar you all clambered inside one after the other. The bar was big with very few people inside and it had that typical bar smell, leather and spilt cider. They had the bar in the center of the room with two bartenders stood behind chatting away with each other and waiting for their next customer. Briana and Kim headed straight for the bar ordering their first drinks of the night, certainly not their last, whilst Osric, Jared and Jensen went over to the pool table they had hidden away in the dark corner.

The rest of the gang found three large tables and moved them all up together, sitting around on the chairs. Your friend patted the seat next to her, inviting you to join her and sit with the gang. You were happy to have somebody distract you from the man stood behind you, so you obliged. You began to become more comfortable, being added into the conversation a little more and laughing with the guys. Kim and Briana came to the table, placing their beers down and sitting together opposite you and your friend. You were distracted by the two loud women and you hadn’t yet noticed that Richard had sat uncomfortably close to you, Rob opposite him.

You turned your head to the right to see what was rubbing against your thigh and you realised who had joined you. Richard was sat on a stool next to you with his thigh leaning against yours and his hand on your knee. What really confused you was the way he was pretending it was normal for him to do. He wasn’t looking your way nor talking to you, yet there his hand and thigh were. He was acting as if he wasn’t touching you so personally as he continued to joke with Rob, looking at something he was showing him on his phone.

Your stomach dropped, suddenly taking away any appetite for a good night you had. You understood what guys were like and that they like to mock and joke a girl about feelings or love or lust. But what you hated most was the fact that Richard was now doing it in public. You started to wonder if he’d figured out your feelings toward him, and as your stomach became more empty, so did your glass. You must have had three beers already since you’d been there and that had only been about half an hour. Of course the guys had gone through almost the same, but they were a lot bigger than you and could handle their drink a LOT better.

You sat there quietly, nodding or smiling when somebody said something to you. That was until Rob held his phone up at you and pulled you out of your daze.

“Y/N! Hey, scoot in! come on!” Happy blue eyes were beaming at you from across the table, ushering you closer to the person you wanted to be furthest away from in the world. You politely declined his photo, telling him the lighting would make you look bad and other excuses. But that was before a strong arm pulled you into the side of Richard. Your body fell towards him, and he pressed the side of your heads together. Rob took the photograph and uploaded it to twitter before you could even shout at the pair of them.

“Guys! what the hell I had literally no time to react to that!” You complained, mostly focusing your anguish at Rob.

“Hey, he could have kissed you! You should be glad he didn’t.” Rob argued, shaking his head.

“Yet.” Richard added sternly.

“Yeah, no. Never going to happen.” At this point you were no longer joking. You were dead set on never letting the man come near you again, not like that. You wanted to look after your self esteem instead of giving in to that gorgeous sea of gold that were Richard’s eyes. You stood up, stumbling slightly from your alcohol consumption and walked off to the bar for another drink. You ordered your beer and watched as the bartender poured the drink for you. A gentle tap on the shoulder caused you to turn your head to the side. Rob was leaning against the bar smiling at you, in rather a sweet and innocent way.

“Hey…” You spoke quietly, not in the mood for any more joking around. Your heart was at stake here.

“Hi. I was just wondering why you won’t kiss Rich. I mean, why not? he’s a nice guy and he freakin’ adores you. My ears were almost bleeding this morning from him saying your name the whole time. So whats the deal?” Rob had ordered another beer for himself and took a seat on one of the bar stools, you following and taking the one next to him. You took a sip of your fourth beer, feeling the results almost instantly. The only problem to alcohol that you found, was how much it brought out the truth.

“To tell you the truth, Rob. I don’t like to be mocked.” You replied in confidence. Rob furrowed his brows, obviously confused by your response.

“What do you mean mocked?” He asked, taking a sip of his beer.

“You know what I mean. Teasing me, grabbing me. Embarassing me in front of all of my friends by laying on top of me and pretending he likes me.” Admittedly your voice had cracked slightly in your rant. You didn’t sound half as confident as you’d have liked. Rob noticed that you had genuinly been upset about all of it.

“Y/N……Rich is……not teasing you. He’s not pretending he likes you. He really does. Trust me I’m his best friend. I knew he liked you before he admitted it…”

Rob took a moment to look back at your group of friends at the table, Rich was sat joking about with Kim. “…If you don’t like him in that way I think you should simply tell him. It’d stop him getting more hurt.” Rob was talking as if you had been leading his best friend off, which was insulting and 100% bullshit.

“Rob, I’m not leading him on. I-I don’t…Guys back home don’t like me. You know, I’m the bottom of the scrap pile of girls to choose from. And I’m certainly not Richard’s type. I’m not good enough for him, I’m not pretty enough for him. I mean he’s just…..he’s Richard! If I were to stare into his eyes for too long I would drown…. If I were to listen to him speak for a moment longer than I should, I’d explode……he’s the most beautiful, talented and funny guy I’ve ever met. I don’t want to give in and let him kiss me as much as I want to kiss him myself. I love him. I’m just trying to protect myself for once in my life. Can you understand that?”

Alcohol definitely was a horrific idea for tonight. Rob was sat there taking in everything you’d just said. You expected him to be angry at you, or to walk off. But he didn’t. He sat there and watched you for a little while. His eyes felt like they were scrutinizing everything you were doing. You turned to your side, facing the bar and polishing off your beer. You waved your hand to the waiter, asking for another.

The silence between you and Rob was terrifying you, building up your nerves to the top of your throat. Unless it was vomit from everything you’ve drank. You hoped it was the nerves. You heard the faintest of giggles from Rob and you had no idea what he found so funny.

“What?” You asked, a little annoyed by his cheery mood. Why couldn’t everybody be grumpy like you?

“Nothing….” Rob answered with a smirk. He then grabbed his glass of beer and left you alone at the bar. At least, you thought you were alone. You were completly unaware that there had been somebody else sat on your other side for a good few minutes. You felt a gentle tap on your shoulder, but not as gentle as before. You turned slowly so’s not to give your growing headache any problems. Your eyes stared straight into the eyes of Richard. He has the softest of smiles traced on his lips as he stared at you. Your heart began to thud louder and louder to the point you could almost hear it. You sincerely hoped he couldn’t.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” He asked, his voice quiet and soft. At that moment your heart went ballistic. The sudden realization that Richard had heard everything you said about him washed over you like a high wave. You started to panic. You wanted to run straight out the bar, but you knew with the amount you had drank tonight that you wouldn’t be able to get far. And even if you did, Richard would be right there at home waiting for you. You began to stammer.

“I-uh…I need to…..I need to go to the bathroom” A lousy excuse, yes. But it was all you could muster right now.

“I don’t think so.” Richard responded, grabbing your right arm with his hand. He held you there gently, not hurting your arm or forcing you to stay there. But it was warning that if you tried to leave he would pull you back down.

“You’re always running, you never stop.” You looked down at your feet. You were to nervous to look him in the eyes. You’d just outright told him that you love him and boy were you gonna pay.

You felt gentle fingers touch your chin, pushing your face up a little, pointing your gaze back to his.

“It’s time to stop running.” The words echoed from his lips as if they were being said in a dream, or a fantasy of yours. Only this time it was real. He was really holding your face in his hands, stroking your cheeks gently with his thumb. He leaned forward, giving you one last gaze, before he closed his eyes and placed his lips against your own.

Everything stopped.

There was no music, no voices shouted in the background.

You could no longer feel the seat you were sat on.

No smell of beer in the air.

Only him.

He was intoxicating. The smell of leather, aftershave and…him.

All you could hear was his shallow breath, struggling to get enough air in his lungs. And then there was the feel of his lips. He wasn’t aggressive. He wasn’t rough.

The feel of his soft lips brushing over yours as he continued to kiss you both tenderly and gingerly at the same time. One of his hands had moved down into your lap and he interlaced his fingers with yours. You could literally feel yourself falling in love with him, then and there. You had finally let go.

His lips began to come away from yours as he finished the kiss. It was almost like the world had been paused, just for you to have that tiny moment. The music continued to boom around the bar and hustle and bustle of your friends and other people was no longer gone.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, staring back at Richard in silence. You didn’t know what to do, nor what to say. But Richard did.

“Let’s go home…” The way he had said it made you feel like you really belonged with him, so you followed him, and you went home.