I was rewatching the Supernatural Comic Con panel and I realized something very touching...

So Jensen was answering a fan’s question…

Everyone around him gets rowdy with their phones… 

He yells at them but turns out the fans were holding glow sticks and waving them, so they decided to take pictures of them, probably to show their wives when they get back but little did they know… 

The fans were actually saying Always Keep Fighting.

Everyone starts clapping, obviously, a very touching moment between the cast and the fans but within seconds everyone is over it probably because of the time schedule…


Always Keep Fighting my friend. We love you.

My fave moments from this year’s SDCC2018 Panel in no particular order:

This adorable Mishalecki moment:

Jensen admitting that he picked the gym teacher outfit:

Jensen doing whatever this was when he didn’t  know where to sit :

Misha making this face:

And Jensen making this one:

This cute cockles moment when Jared was announced as “Bearhead Wait-a-seccy”:

Jared adorably looking for Gen in the crowd:

Jensen doing this adorkably awkward two handed wave:

Misha talking about Jensen fangirling over his outfit in “Tombstone”:

Misha’s answer to a fan question about which sci-fi monster they’d like to fight on the show:

Just generally Rich and Rob:

Alex talking about working with the boys:

+ their reactions to him calling them terrible:

Jared being a little shit:

Misha talking about the boys teasing him:

And finally, Christian Keyes’ advice to Jensen about playing Michael, which was doing this:


Supernatural: A Summary

Sam: This plan backfired

Dean: We need to fix this!

Everyone: No! Please don’t

Angels: *tries to stop TFW*


*Destiel eye sex*

Sam: this is my fault

*flips beautiful hair dramatically*

Winchester #1: *keeping something from the other*

Winchester #2: is there something you’re hiding from me?

Winchester #1: No

Winchester #2: oh ok

Later on in the season

Winchester #2: You lied to me!

Winchester #1: I’m sorry!

Winchester#2: *full on soap opera* I cant be near you!

Dean: SAMMY!

Sam: DEAN!

*one of them dies

*come back to life

Winchester #1: *while hugging* oh thank Chuck you’re alive! I will never lie or keep something from you ever again!

Whinchester #2: ok I forgive you

*more Destiel eye sex*

Sam: ok I think I have figured out a way to fix our problem. But there is a small chance we could set off an even worse problem.

Dean: let’s do it! What’s the worst that can happen? What do you say Cas?

Cas: I don’t know Dean this could be a bad idea

Dean: please? *heart and puppy eyes*

Cas: *Brain singing: I will always love you with heart eyes and a rainbow in the background* ok

*plan backfires*

*Adam dancing in the cage*

*and repeat*

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In the SPNFamily, we are:

 As loving as Jared Padalecki.

As strong as Jensen Ackles.

As free-spirited as Misha Collins.

As sassy as Mark Sheppard.

As innocent as Alex Calvert.

As spunky as Richard Speight Jr.

As protective as Jim Beaver.

As jubilant (and Fandom Dedicated) as Osric Chau.

As smart as Felicia Day.

As pure as Rob Benedict.

As elegant as Ruth Connell.

As fearless as Katherine Ramdeen.

As tough as Kim Rhodes.

As no-nonsense as Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

As sexy as Sebastian Roché.

As tender as Matt Cohen.

As hopeful as Briana Buckmaster.

As adorably cuddly (in an evil way) as Mark Pellegrino.

And we are ALL Family.

  • Gabriel: *is about to say his first word on eight seasons after suffering immense trauma and hearing a very emotional speech from Sam who was relating to his trauma*
  • Me: *expecting something meaningful and heartbreaking*
  • Gabriel: Pornstars
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... why are you like this