“All my life I never (remarried). The fear to live with a man was so bad. I never took a night job because of him.”

She said she will no longer live in a house because of the attack, preferring the comfort of close-by neighbors.

“”I always live in the condominium or apartment so people can hear me,” Abowath said.

She added that because of her husband’s murder, she also had to give up a promising career as a doctor.

“I was a foreign medical graduate,” she said.”I passed it away to take care of the children.”

Though Abowath said she would have preferred to see Ramirez executed rather than die naturally, she still took solace in the fact that he was dead.

“At least he’s gone,” she said.”

- Sakina Abowath on the death of Richard Ramirez

being interested in serial killers and their motives and what drove them to kill but understanding that they were awful people who did awful things and not normalizing/romanticizing them

romanticizing/being attracted to/admiring/shipping serial killers


When does evil begin?

Seeing the headlines about Charles Manson today gave me the idea to make these. Headlines about infamous killers set to their childhood photos.

Top to bottom: Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dylan Klebold.

reblog this if you are part of the tcc, but you still respect people of colour, gay people, transgender people, people who suffer from mental illness, disabled people, etc.

4 main reasons Criminal Minds is the best show:

1. the quotes at the beginning and the end of each episode that foreshadow what’s to come or explain what happened in the episode

2. the fact that they reference many real cases and serial killers throughout the show

3. the fact that they show faces of real killers in the opening credits

4. matthew gray gubler

Serial Killer’s famous quotes.

“Thanks a lot, society, for railroading my ass”  

 — Aileen Wournos

“ Yes, I do have remorse, but I’m not even sure myself whether it is as profound as it should be. I’ve always wondered myself why I don’t feel more remorse”  

 — Jeffrey Dahmer

“The more I looked at people, the more I hated them” 

— Charles Starkweather

“People say ‘Ted Bundy didn’t show any emotion, there must be something in there.’ I showed emotion. You know what people said? ‘See, he really can get violent and angry.’”

Ted Bundy

“I am sorry for only two things. These two things are I am sorry that I have mistreated some few animals in my life-time and I am sorry that I am unable to murder the whole damed human race.”

— Carl Panzram

“You got to realize; you’re the Devil as much as you’re God”

— Charles Manson

“Killing became the same thing as having sex”

— Henry Lee Lucas

“When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants to be real nice and sweet, and the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick”

— Ed Kemper

“Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I’m an amateur”

 Jack the Ripper

“I didn’t want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them”

David Berkowitz

“A clown can get away with murder“

John Wayne Gacy

“If anything goes wrong, you die first”

 Richard Chase

“I was born with the devil in me…”

H. H. Holmes

“We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

Richard Ramirez

“Going to the electric chair will be the supreme thrill of my life”

Albert Fish

“I have written to the Home Office and the Parole Board to say I do not wish to be considered for parole in 1990, and my own belief is that I shall probably remain in prison until I die”

Myra Hindley

The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them.

— The Zodiac Killer

Okeeey so I don’t usually post stuff but a friend of mine asked me to make a true crime tag yourself and I thought tumblr might appreciate it. I have no idea why there’s like 400 typos in it I swear English is my first language wtf. Anyway it’s just a meme it’s not meant to be disrespectful or gross or anything please enjoy my completely unfunny sense of humour. (Also I blatantly stole the d a m a g e d thing from another tag yourself I apologise)