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we begin a new and fresh week, here at Musica in Extenso with a new edition (3th Edition!) of our special series that features and focus on the orchestra: Famous Overtures Week! In the anterior editions we talked about different overtures from composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Giuseppe Verdi. We are tend to like these music and the orchestras also performing very often at the beginning of a concert.

Let’s focus on the famous Rienzi overture from the genious composer, Richard Wagner.

Today on Musica in Extenso:

Richard Wagner



Conductor: Nicolás Pasquet

Orchestra of the University of Music “FRANZ LISZT” Weimar

Join us this week and stay tuned! - Editor-in-Chief


The Wattersons vs their copycats and rip off.

After I did one for Gumball I decided to create one for every Watterson’s members.

Hope you like them!