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I think what bothers me the most about the Hobbit movies is that, in their bloody-minded insistence on facilely equating dwarvishness with rough, stereotypically masculine interests and pursuits and elvishness with delicate, stereotypically feminine interests and pursuits, they deprive us of seeing Richard Armitage in full Thorin Oakenshield getup playing the harp.

That’s the true injustice here.

Richard Armitage Joins Julie Delpy’s ‘My Zoe’ — Berlin

“ Armitage, who’s renowned for playing Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, will play the role of James, the ex-husband of Delpy’s character Isabelle. Their toxic marriage may be over but they are still in contact with each other as they co-parent their daughter Zoe. But when tragedy strikes this fractured family, Isabelle takes matters into her own hands. “

honestly richard armitage could be cast to play a tree in a three second clip and in the behind the scenes dvd he’d spend at least 10 minutes explaining how he read up on botany and visited five national parks to prepare for the role. he also probably traced the tree’s lineage 200 years back and decided the wind made its leaves rustle in a melancholy sort of way because the tree’s father died in the war. 

below the cut are #58 medium gifs of the transgender actress Jen Richards in her role as Violet in the webseries Her Story. all gifs are textless and made by me expressly for roleplay purposes only; no credit is necessary but please do not add them to gif hunts, or use them in your own gif sets or crackship gifs. if you would like to make them into gif icons, please ask first. this pack is part 1 of 6. like or reblog if you use them–

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The Assassin’s Den Podcastft. Richard Farrese (Lead Writer on Assassin's Creed Rogue)

I’m surprised that this wasn’t posted on Tumblr, where not only has a strong AC Fandom presence, but a awesome love for both Connor and Shay. There were many who asked questions such as 

“Where was Shay during the events of AC3?” 

“What is the meaning behind Connor’s wife leaving him?”

 “What amount of story was cut out from the final game?” 

Where look no further, as the Host of the Assassin’s Den Podcast, Loomer, interviews the lead writer on Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Richard Farrese, on these questions as best he can! Enjoy! 

******Oh, and there will be a “Final” episode of the Assassin’s Creed Community Podcast that will be posted very soon, so stay tuned yall!****

NOTE: Beware full spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Rogue and the Unity tie-in.

0:00 - Intro / Richard’s role on the AC writing team and Liberation/Rogue
7:53 - Developing the story of Rogue
14:48 - The inspiration for Shay’s character
18:15 - Any plot points that were changed/removed from the original script?
21:00 - Discussions of Haytham and Gist in Rogue
33:00 - Why was there no mention of Shay in AC3 or Forsaken?
38:55 - Chatting about the short length of Rogue’s story
45:56 - On the origins of luck manufacturing
51:34 - Chatting about Precursor Box(es)
1:11:31 - Any narrative easter eggs the fans have missed?
1:12:40 - When is Shay’s birthday?
1:14:43 - Why could Shay kill civilians without de-syncing?
1:19:03 - How did Abstergo get Shay’s DNA?
1:19:56 - Connor’s wife
1:24:06 - What were the hidden drunken Shay lines for?
1:27:11 - Was there any pressure to make Rogue stand out more against Unity?
1:29:58 - Why didn’t Shay return to help Haytham against Connor?
1:32:54 - Could you see a Templar sequel in the future?
1:34:30 - Shay’s later life?
1:35:10 - Richard’s favorite AC moment
1:40:04 - What’s Richard working on now?
1:45:40 - Richard’s double life as a rock god / Goodbyes

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Under the cut you’ll find 205 gif icons of actor zane holtz, best known for his role as richard ‘richie’ gecko on the tv show from dusk till dawn. the gifs were all found herehere, here, here and one or two from his gif tag. i simply cropped and edited them, please like/reblog if using them. (this will be updated in the future).  trigger warning: guns, blood, mild violence & some are slightly nsfw.

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