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Rammstein on their first impressions of each other.

I’ve posted a shortened version of this before, so I thought I’d post the full thing.

What were your first impressions of each other and did they change over the years? (Wayne Duckett, USA)

Christoph: When I met Paul about twenty years ago, I thought he was a very ill-mannered type he made fun of everyone regardless of whether he knew him or not. He immediately noticed a person’s weakness and ridiculed him. It was like a cannon shot, and I did not like it at all. Now I think he’s a good man. Paul is always ready to help.

Oliver: At first I thought that Flake was a scatter brained old grandfather this impression has not changed.

Christophe: And I thought Ollie was a dangerous type, because he was always silent, but six months later he spoke.

Paul: I also had a similar feeling about Ollie, I always tried not to say anything unnecessary so that he would not shoot me down. I still think this. When I met Schneider, I thought he was not a very good drummer, he had a desire, but there was no passion. Then I changed my mind, but I do not remember when it happened!

Christoph: About fifteen years ago, Till was a drummer in a dark punk band. I’ve never seen anyone play like him. Incredible energy. When I thought he had given everything and could not continue, he played on.

Paul: Sometimes Till put a chicken in the bass drum, and when he started drumming they started running out, squawking and wandering around the place.

Christoph: He was also known as the “Wendish Butcher”,in the village where he came from. He stole livestock, took the chicken from the villagers and put them in his drums.