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Can you describe the six of you ? Is Till, the singer, a wild animal offstage too, is he the one who decides what to do ?
We’re very different. Some are quieter, some more loud-mouthed. Loud-mouthed, that’s how the guitarists are, Paul and Richard. They are the most ambitious within the band. They’re also the ones who crave control most. Olli, the bassist, is a rather quiet guy, but he voices his opinion. He’s not really into public life though. Flake is more of a funny guy - the man with two faces. He likes to be at home with his family, and stands for the funny side of Rammstein. Flake is the antithesis to this harsh men’s world. Till is a really cool guy and he knows that, as a singer, he’s the one who catches most attention. He’s not interested into arguing, he just gives his opinion now and then. It’s hard to judge yourself : I rather belong to the quieter part of the band, and am sort of an harmonizer. I can act as a link between all parties. So each one has his role…
—  Schneider on his bandmates.

Richard Ramirez Laughing In Court.

(New rare footage from “Monster In My Family” S02E02 The Nightstalker - Richard Ramirez 10-01-2017)

“Fused together by cocaine, his days melted into weeks, then months, and there was no new violence, but there were scores of break-ins and robberies. He felt certain that demons and Satan were protecting him and watching over him, and that he’d never get caught.”

- From Philip Carlo’s, The Night Stalker.

  • Richard Ramirez about self-care.

During his interview with Mike Watkiss, Richard Ramirez said one of his infamous quote “I gave up on love and happiness a long time ago”, to which Mike asks him why. Richard never answered to this. In my opinion, this is finally the answer that he gave in the Inside Edition interview.

This confession coincides with what profiler John Douglas said about most serial killers “no matter how they look or come across, have really low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacies…”