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“It’s fine,” You reassure.

“Okay…” He sighs, unconvinced. “It shouldn’t take long. There’s a disturbance call and they want me to check it, then I just have paperwork.”

“Well, Officer, I guess I’ll just make myself busy,” You say, humming softly as you read over the sticky note placed on your workplace, “You’ll just have to make it up to me.“

“What do you have in mind?” He asks, voice low causing a blush to coat your cheeks.

“Surprise me,” You answer.

“Shoot,” He mutters, voices echoing in the background incoherently, “Gotta go. See you soon, princess.”

As the line goes dead, a soft smile coats your features. You couldn’t believe your luck. Richard is everything you love; he’s sweet, funny, understanding. He has you hooked around his finger. You shake your head and place the phone back onto its dock and turn your mind to something else. Grasping the sticky note, you purse your lips and type the address it displayed into Google. If your dear boyfriend would be late for dinner then you might as well check up on the lead.

You click on street view and look over the abandoned warehouse. It’s apparently linked to some new drug being passed around on the streets. The warehouse, though, is too rundown. Then again, looks can be deceiving. You exit out of the window and shut down the desktop. You push out of your chair, grab your camera, and make your way out of the office.

The drive there is rather quick. You listen to some radio show with your window down as you drove past the city lights. You stop a block away from the warehouse in caution and slip off your jacket. The only thing you plan to bring with you is your camera. You can’t risk being caught. Although, you highly doubt you would considering how vacant the area is.

The warehouse is big, but not pretty. Most the windows are gone, parts of the walls are in shambles, and the entrance is a giant hole. You snap a photo, happy that even in bad lighting you could edit it and make it clearer. You took a moment to look at your surroundings before moving towards the hole.

The only source of light is the streetlamp that stands by the sidewalk. You sigh, remembering that you could’ve brought along a flashlight. Nevertheless, you continue forward and stop in front of the hole. The hole seems to stare you down invitingly. It isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this but it still made your skin crawl. You take a step back wanting to walk around the building first only for your body to collide with something behind you.

“Well, look at what we have here, boys.”

You quickly turn around to face him. There are three men all wearing identical clothing (white tank tops, jeans, black combat boots) and ski masks. Their muscles bulge unnaturally.  Everything about them screamed inhuman. Your hands tightened around your camera as you thought of all possible outcomes of the current situation.

“I don’t want any trouble,” You say nervously.

“Guess trouble found you,” The man grinned, showing off his teeth as he gestured to the men behind him. The men took that as a sign and revealed their guns. “You’re coming with us.”

“What if I say no?” You swallow as you take a slow step back.

“Then we’re just gonna have to make ya.”


Nightwing looked down at the men below him. Each held the same type of gun, wore the same clothes, showed off the same muscles, had the same identical tattoo on their necks. Bane’s men are one of the most inhuman looking goons any villain could have. They drift through the room having a quiet conversation about coffee. Usually, Dick would’ve just loved to drag the mission out to relish in the adrenaline it gave him, but tonight is different. Tonight, he has big plans.

Any sign of Bane?” He asks his voice echoing through the minds of his teammates. A chorus of “Nope” and “Nah” great him. He bites the inside of his cheek and watches the men walk into the other room. “Okay. The moment the next group of men walks in, we attack. Robin, hack into the system and download all the information you can. Miss Martian, read their minds and see if they have any useful information. Superboy, take out the alarm system. Beastboy, you’re with me.

Then they waited. Robin and Superboy are in the vents on top of the security room, Miss Martian is hiding in the shadows close to Nightwing, and Beast Boy is a mouse scurrying across the floor. It is a simple mission. Gather information, take out as many men as possible, then get out. If Bane makes an appearance they are to leave and let Batman deal with him. Much to Dick’s dismay. Then again, his team did take orders from the Justice League when it concerns big leaguers.

The door opens and in struts two guards. Nightwing grins. “Now!

The entire thing happens fast. The man to your right drops to the floor, trapped and wrapped in a string thing. The man to your left is plucked up by a pterodactyl and flung into a wall. The man behind you, the one holding your arms, grabs his gun and presses it against your temple. The pterodactyl turns into a young boy with grin skin with a lopsided grin and stands in front of you. A man from the shadows drops down, landing beside the boy and brings out a staff.

“Let her go,” Nightwing says, glaring.

“C’mon,” The goon says, “The moment either of you tries anythin’, they get their pretty lil’ head blown off.”

“Um, how about you don’t do that?” You suggest, laughing nervously, “I sorta like my head where it is, thank you very much.”

“Shut up!” He growls, pressing the gun deeper into you causing you to grimace.

Before you know it, the man is no longer behind you but is instead flying across the room and into a wall just like one of the men before him. You stand there with wide eyes and mouth wide open in surprise as women lowers herself in front of you and the two heroes. She gives Nightwing a nod and then slips through the floor.

“I have so many questions,” You breathe.

“Are you okay?” Nightwing asks, taking this moment to give you a look over behind his mask. He had to contain his worry, make it less personal in the moment, and pretend to not know you. To deny the fear in his chest that he could’ve lost you tonight. In this moment, he wasn’t Dick and you weren’t his.

“I think so,” You reply, looking over yourself as you rub your wrists from where the man’s grip used to be, “My wrists may bruise, though, but I’ll live.

“What were you doing here?” He asks.

“I’m an investigative reporter,” You explain, “I was here on a lead when those guys showed up.”

“Aren’t you a little young to be a reporter?” Beast Boy questions curiously.

“Aren’t you a little young to be a superhero?” You shoot back.

“I’m getting you out of here,” Nightwing states and turns to the young hero, “Go help Miss Martian.”

“Yes, sir!” He grins and, in a split second, turns back into a rat and scurries out of the room.

“Listen,” You start, “I can easily get out of here on my own. You’re clearly here for some kind of awesome mission and I don’t want to be any trouble for you or your team.”

“Protecting people is what I do,” He replies.

“In that case,” You smile softly, “Lead the way.”

may 15th 2017

A wild Richard Harmon appears! He uses Good Looks and SpongeBob Nails!

It is very effective!




“I’ve been watching him.” - Ray Richards

Resurrection S1 E3 “Two Rivers” + drama in the Richards family