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I think it’s important to note that Richard still could have killed Carol. He still could have used her and executed that plan. And because he was so ready to sacrifice himself and die for the Kingdom and the war, with that mindset, he couldn’t have been afraid of Daryl’s threat.

So that’s not what stopped Richard from killing Carol.

There was clear empathy in his eyes as he looked at Daryl after hearing Daryl’s long-winded threat. Richard endured a beating and a long speech about how if he so much as looked at Carol that wrong way, Daryl would kill him. Richard was willing to die for the cause anyway, so it wasn’t even that Daryl scared him away from Carol. It was that Richard saw how much Carol means to Daryl. 

I think that’s what stopped him from harming Carol. 

Then we learn that Richard had a wife, and she was killed. So really, I think that if you connect the dots, it’s pretty dam clear that Richard stayed away from Carol because he saw what was between her and Daryl, and he knew the pain Daryl would go through if Carol were to die. So he couldn’t inflict that on someone else. Because Richard, who lost his wife, knows that pain. 

ok but prince!eddie and knight!richie

richie applies to join the palace guard purely because it pays well. he’s not the strongest, but he’s tall with a lot of stamina that gets him all the way to the top, where prince eddie is entrusted for the first time with the duty to personally choose who he thinks are the best of the best

richie’s manners are, to say the least, horrendous. the other guards try to hold back snickers as he breaks every etiquette rule in the book

“holy shit that’s prince edward?!” 
“i know right? i never thought i’d get to meet the royal family” 
“oh yeah that’s neat and all but,, i thought he’d be taller”

everyone is absolutely sure that this loudmouth little shit is gonna get exiled from the whole kingdom by the end of this.

eddie walks down the line of candidates and tries to look confident (he’s never done this before, if you looked closely you could see it in how he fidgets with his clothes). every potential guard stands straight and tall, broad shouldered and looking as intimidating as possible. and then he gets to richie.

even though he’ll never match the others in stature, richie puffs up his chest dramatically as a little joke to himself to calm down from the loaded silence in the room broken up only by eddie’s echoing footsteps. 
eddie looks away for a second and makes a face like he’s trying to keep from laughing. he shakes his head and looks back up at richie with a little bit of a flush from holding in giggles.

richie, the impulsive shit he is, winks at him. eddie audibly snorts this time.

he gets to the end of the line and asks a decent group of the most imposing people to step forward. then he points at richie. a few anticipating grumbles spread around the room. trashmouth is finally gonna face consequences.

“richard tozier, your majesty.” 
“come forward.” 
with his hands shaking, richie takes a step like the others. there’s a pause, then eddie awkwardly motions him closer. richie kneels in front of him.

“richard tozier. are you willing to accept the- uh- the duties of being my personal bodyguard?”

the entire line of candidates tenses up, one person nearly has a coughing fit.

“yes? yeah! i mean um, of course, your majesty.” 
“great!” his voice cracks. too enthusiastic “ahem! good, your duties begin immediately.”

an advisor leans over to eddie and frantically whispers “are you absolutely sure? there are many other much stronger candidates here who can protect you.” 
but eddie ignores them. richie looks around his age, and more importantly he makes eddie laugh. the last thing he needs is another overprotective advisor in his ear.

later that evening, eddie gives his new bodyguard the run down of his duties. richie is fucking vibrating with nerves and excitement.
“i can’t believe it! i can’t wait to tell people! you know my friend said i wouldn’t make it through the first day of training? well who’s laughing now? suck it stanley! holy fuck! personal bodyguard to prince edward, wow!” 
“come on richard you can cut the honorifics shit out. if you’re gonna live with me, call me edward.”
richie pauses for a moment to figure out if he’s serious, and then grins.

“sooooo can i call you eddie?”
eddie is flustered for a moment. he’s never been given a nickname by anyone, let alone an awkward, tall, weirdly endearing bodyguard (friend?).
“i mean, if you really want to then i guess.”

“well then eds, you can call me richie!”
“yeah, actually,, stick with eddie.”


On October 6, 2009, Trick ‘r Treat was released in the U.S.!

It’s a crime that this film didn’t get a proper theatrical release!

Cinderella AU (Final Part)

Summary: Cinderella AU LAST PART

Characters: Dean x reader

A/N: LAST PART CODE RED PEOPLE Seriously I have absolutely loved writing this so as always let me know what you think!!!

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The silence was deafening. The room was so silent Dean could hear his own heart beat, slow and steady. So slow, in fact, that it almost wasn’t there.

All eyes were on him, their features twisted in pity though Dean refused to make eye contact with any of them. Instead he kept his gaze on the back door willing you to walk through it. Your dress flowing out around you as you walked. Your skin glowing with happiness. Your grin so big it spread to your eyes, making them sparkle and the corners crinkle slightly.

Yes everyone else had given up on you. But not Dean.

So he stood, frozen in place for several minutes after the song had ended and waited for you to come, a million excuses flying through his mind though none of them being good enough to calm him down.

He made eye contact with Sam next to him. Sam’s face, just like everyone else’s, had fallen with pity which could only mean one thing, he had given up on you too.

Dean shook his head, still refusing to believe what seemed so obvious. His eyes combed through the room, looking to see if you were hiding.

This had to be some trick, you were hiding in one of the rooms ready to jump out and yell surprise. Or you were testing him, to see how he would react. In dean’s mind you could be doing a lot of things but running from him wasn’t one of them.

His eyes connected with his fathers in his search, his face showing the same expression as the rest. This is what made it real for Dean.

After all his father was the king, his father knew best. You weren’t here. That was a fact, a fact Dean didn’t want to admit but a fact nonetheless. The time had passed in which your late arrival could have been explained by some simple mistake.

Dean took a deep breath, trying to remain calm, to make everything look normal as he took a hesitant step down the altar. Then another. Then finally he was down on ground level.

He looked out at the audience, opening his mouth to speak but having to close it as no words came out. His throat tightened around the lump in it as Dean spun around, turning his back to the crowd.

Who cared about trying to seem strong? The woman he loved, who he thought loved him back, had just left him. How was he supposed to remain strong after something like that?

He brought a hand up and covered his mouth as his face broke, his eyes clenching shut as he did everything he could to keep the tears at bay.

The breaths of everyone in the room caught in their throats as they found themselves unable to tear their eyes off of the princes’ back.

Everyone’s attention was so focused on the prince that no one saw the king slip out through the side door.


You tried desperately to keep your cries quiet. You were not about to give your mother the satisfaction of knowing she could still hurt you, even from within a cell.

A door opened at the top of them, light flooding down the dimly lit staircase for a brief second before the door was closed at the top.

Large footsteps descended the stairs towards you, stopping on the stair just above your head but you made no move to see who it was.

Your cries were still relatively loud when you felt the person’s large hand clasp your shoulder. You immediately jumped back, a person’s touch all too often being with the intent to hurt you.

Your cries stopped though your vision remained blurry from tears as you pushed yourself up against the wall.

“Relax Y/N I’m not here to hurt you.” The voice was instantly recognizable to you as you calmed down.

You shut your eyes allowing the pent up tears to fall down your face before opening them again to see Richard standing in front of you, worry evident in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, making sure to keep his hands off of you.

“What are you doing down here?” You sniffed, wiping your nose with the back of your hand.

“Trying to find you, you’re late” He said, standing up and offering you a hand to help you stand.

“I’m not going” You muttered, staying where you sat.

“What do you mean?” He asked, clearly surprised as he knelt back down.

Your lip quivered slightly as you spoke “She was right Richard. He doesn’t want me, why would he? I-I’m not worth him”

“Whoa slow down” Richard spoke softly, running his hand up and down your shoulder soothingly “Who’s right?”

“Mother” The simple word made Richards face drop even further.

“You still trust her?” His disbelief was evident “you know she doesn’t have you best interests at heart, listening to her does no one any good.”

“It doesn’t matter whose interests she has at heart” You sighed “All that matters is that her logic is sound. I’m a nobody Richard,” You swallowed, willing yourself to stay strong “I’m a peasant and he’s a prince. Can you really say that this is going to work?”

“I can” His answer was immediate catching you by surprise “I see the way he looks at you, I know he loves you. I also know that you love him.”

You looked up at him skeptically though kept your mouth shut giving him another opportunity to say something.

Richard watched you for a moment before sighing “You and I both know you don’t actually care about the wealth difference so do you want to tell me what’s really going on?”

You bit your lip, sighing slightly as you did so, before taking a deep breath and speaking “He saved me Richard. I was left at the bottom of the stairs to die and he saved me, never once left my side until I was strong enough to do things on my own.” You stopped for a second, not once making eye contact with Richard “but what if that’s all he sees me as? What if to him I’m just some poor helpless creature who needs his help and that’s why he stays? Not because he actually likes me but he likes the feeling of helping me.”

“You know that’s insane right?” Richard said immediately though you still didn’t look up at him.

“Is it though?” You mumbled “I mean not only am I not royalty but I’m not pretty, I’m not smart, I’m not strong or brave. I’m nothing”

“Y/N you are all of those things and more” Richard spoke softly “Not to mention that Dean saw all of those things in you way before he saved you.”

You brought your eyes up to meet his, your brows furrowed with curiosity.

“When we first took their measurements” Richards smile was soft as he looked down on you “Dean couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, I don’t think he caught a single word I’d said”

A small smile crept across your face as a light blush dusted your cheeks.

“He loves you, he has always loved you. And I’d be willing to bet anything that he’s going crazy now that you’re late for the wedding.”

You chuckled softly as Richard stood up and offered you his hands, this time you took them gladly, allowing him to help you stand up and lead you up the staircase.

You pushed open the door at the top and light flooded around you, making you squint tightly.

You couldn’t help but notice, however, how empty the hallway looked, how quiet it was. There were no servants rushing to and fro, no partygoers walking down them and chatting loudly, no music as you had expected there to be.

“I’m not too late am I?” Despite the fact that you were alone you still felt the need to whisper as you looped your arm in Richards as he led you briskly down the hall.

He only shrugged “better late than never.”

You reached the entrance to the back of the room to see a guard standing in front of it.

“Excuse me” You said, reaching for the door handle only to have the guard swipe your hand away.

“You may not enter” His words were few but weighted with authority making your brows furrow.

“What do you mean, this is my wedding?!” You said, doing your best to keep your voice under control.

“I am under strict orders to keep you out of this room.”

“Whose orders?” Richard demanded clearly as upset as you were.

“Mine” A new voice spoke from slightly further down the hall.

You turned to face this new person to see the king walking towards you. You opened your mouth to respond but closed it as you found yourself at a loss for words.

“I-I’ve made a mistake” He said, his voice stuttering slightly making it evident he was not used to saying those words. “I thought that if I could prevent you from marrying my son then he would go for someone of royalty” He made no attempt to sugar coat his words as he spoke to you “Though I now see that I have underestimated my sons feelings for you.” The king took a deep breath before continuing as you watched him, too surprised by his actions to say anything “I now fear that if you do not marry him he will never be the same again.”

He waited for you say something though you simply stared at him, frozen in place. He had lied to you, given you a fake blessing, sent you to your mother in hopes that she could talk you out of the marriage, then he ordered the knights to keep you out of the room. Did he really just expect you to just forgive him?

“Move” You told him, doing your best to keep any anger from your voice.

The king stepped aside, ordering the knight to do the same.

You pushed the doors open, they didn’t even squeak as the glided noiselessly over the carpet. The crowd all turned in their seats to face you, half of their faces showing relief, the other half confusion.

Dean, however, stood in the front of the room, his back turned to you. All anger you had felt dissipated immediately as you saw him, here, he was actually here.

You nodded to the woman at the organ, signaling her to start playing. The soft song filled the air once again causing Dean’s head to perk up. He made brief eye contact with the woman before turning around, his shoulders slumping in relief as soon as he saw you.

He was about to take a step towards you when Sam grabbed his arm, bringing Dean’s attention to him. A few whispers were shared before Dean took the few steps back up to the altar.

You chuckled slightly and sent him a small wave. Dean grinned and waved back to you causing the crowd to laugh, not that you really noticed, you were too entranced with Dean.

You could faintly feel Richards arm wrap around yours as he pulled you forward, your eyes never leaving Dean’s.

Richard took your hands in his and spun you around to face him. For the first time since you had walked in your eyes left Dean’s as you looked at Richard, a proud smile on his face. He leaned down slightly and pressed a short kiss to your forehead. You grinned and offered him a small nod, a silent thank you.

He nodded back before handing you off to Dean, his large hand capturing yours and holding on tightly as he helped you up the steps.

You made it to the top and stood next to Dean, both of you turned to face the minister but looking at each other from the corners of your eyes.

“You’re late” He whispered though you didn’t miss the small smile on his face.

“Trust me it was not my idea” You whispered back causing him to chuckle slightly.

“I understand you have written your own vows” The voice of the minster broke through your and Dean’s conversation.

“No” You answered at the same time Dean said “Yes”

You turned to face him, doing your best to appear calm despite the fact that you had nothing prepared “I thought we weren’t writing vows”

Dean simply grinned and winked at you, taking both of your hands in his and taking a deep breath before speaking.

“My entire life I’ve been nothing but a prince, royalty whose every action was motivated by what was good for the country.” He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing “But with you I am not a prince, I’m not important, I’m simply a man. A man who pales in comparison to you.” He had to pause again, another shaky breath passing through his lips “You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you’re funny, and kind and if I were to try and write down everything I want to say right now a sea of ink would not be enough” You bit your lip to try and keep your smile from getting to big but you knew it didn’t work.

Dean paused, a familiar lump forming in his throat, before he continued “And I know you would call a number of those things imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff, that’s the stuff that makes you you, that’s the stuff that makes you perfect to me. The fact of the matter is that the first day I saw you I felt drawn to you, this indescribable feeling filled me. And it wasn’t until I began to feel physical pain every time I wasn’t around you that I realized what had happened.”

You could feel a lump in your throat identical to Dean’s as tears clouded your eyes, little did you know the audience felt the same way.

“That day my heart made a choice and it chose you, and it makes this same choice every day after.”

Dean grinned at you, the same wetness in his eyes as he pulled you in for a hug. You clung to him tightly, forgetting momentarily that the room was filled with other people. Right now was about you and Dean, just the two of you.

After a few moments you reluctantly pulled back. You chuckled softly, sniffing and wiping your eyes carefully to keep from smudging your makeup.

“Now I’ve got to follow something like that” You joked reconnecting your hands with Dean’s.

The crowd gave a lighthearted chuckle as you reconnected your gaze with Dean’s as well. “Uh-Dean.” You stopped laughing slightly as you realized you had no idea where you were going with this “I’m going to be honest I don’t know how to start this…so let’s start with the facts. The most basic fact being that I love you, even a blind man could see that. Another fact: You love me, this being proved mere seconds ago.” You paused, taking a deep breath before continuing “And now a more depressing fact: I’m poor. And I know you don’t like to think about that but it’s true, and while you have ignored it I have let it consume me. I wasn’t royalty so therefore, in my mind, I wasn’t good enough. But you-“ You stopped, taking in a shaky breath to try and fight back the tears “You saw me for what I was, not what I wasn’t. You looked past every possible hindrance and chose me, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

A soft genuine smile had not left Dean’s face since you had started talking, giving you confidence to continue “It is in part why I am able to stand up here and have no doubts or worries about the vows I make, because you chose me. Despite all of the hard times I’ve been though, despite my brokenness you choose me. The fact of the matter is when I was at my worst you picked me up” You couldn’t fight back the giggle in your throat as a few tears spilled over “both literally and figuratively. That day you saved my life. Not forever, not for good, probably just temporarily.” You admitted honestly “But you saved my life and now I’m yours. That day you made me love you, and after getting to know you better I must admit that it is the greatest thing my heart was ever meant to do”

Dean grinned at you, a few tears of his own spilling down his face as he brought a hand up to your cheek, cupping it briefly and wiping at the tear stains on it.

The minister carried on with the ceremony and you were sure it was a beautiful one though you can’t guarantee you heard all of it. Your only other concrete memory of it being when he announced “You may kiss the bride” and Dean connected your lips to his before the sentence was even over.


The little girl ran around the room, squealing loudly as Sam chased her. Her favorite bear in his hand as he made monster noises.

“Mommy save me!” She giggled as she ran towards the spot where you sat on the ground.

You laughed and opened your arms for her to run into, Sam following right behind her. You quickly wrapped your arms, pinning her’s in place.

“I’ve got her” You chanted to Sam as she squealed even louder, squirming to get out of your grasp.

Sam laughed evilly, his approach getting slower until he suddenly pounced, dropping the bear on the floor and tickling the little girl causing her squeals and laughter to get louder.

The door to the room opened in shut softly, the sound not heard by anyone within the room.

“Sounds like someone’s having fun” His voice, however, captured everyone’s attention, including the little girls.

“DADDY!” She screamed. She was out of your grasp in less than a second and sprinting towards him.

Dean knelt to the ground and held his arms open, the little girl running right into them, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Did you bring me anything from your trip?” She asked excitedly.

“Of course I did” He chuckled, reaching into his bag and extracting a small intricate doll.

“She’s so pretty” The girl breathed out, completely entranced with it as she took it from Dean’s hand and sprinted into the other room, Sam following after her.

Dean chuckled as you did the same, groaning as you started to get up.

“Careful!” Dean immediately cried as he rushed to your side, helping you up.

“I think I can stand myself up” You laughed as a hand flew to your back, providing yourself some extra support.

“That’s why you were groaning so loudly” Dean teased as you hit his chest. He laughed and pulled you in for a quick kiss. “I missed you”

“I missed you too” You responded immediate, your hand flying to your enlarged stomach. “And he missed you too”

“So you think it’s a he?” Dean laughed, his hand also resting on your stomach.

“Have you felt him kick?” You laughed, moving Dean’s hand with you right to where you could feel him kick.

“Atta boy” Dean chanted causing you to laugh.

“What should we name him?” You mused.

Dean only shrugged, a grin so large that it had to hurt on his face as he felt his child’s kicks. You watched him an equally big smile on your face, to this day still not believing how you had ever gotten so lucky as to have met him.

  • Jon Favreau: Richard, would you be willing to write a new verse for "I Wan'na Be Like You?"
  • Richard Sherman: I don't know; I feel like the song's fine how it is. What's different about King Louie?
  • Jon: Well, we've changed him from an orangutan to the extinct Gigantopithecus-
Call Disconnected

Summary: Blaine Anderson was something magical

Prompt: Blaine didn’t transfer to Dalton because of bullying, he transferred because a teacher became obsessed with him and attacked. The teacher got out of jail time on a technicality so his parents moved them to Ohio. The teacher finds Blaine and hides in his closet. He watches as he Skypes with Kurt in New York and attacks when he thinks the conversation is over. Blaine had just minimized the screen so Kurt has to watch as he’s attacked and kidnapped

Warnings: attempted rape, underaged, teacher-student, language

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SFCon Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., and Matt Cohen Panel Highlights

Phoo, another crazy one. That’s to be expected with these guys though. Especially when the panel started with an impromptu dance number. But it ended with Matt Cohen’s testicles, so that’s what a Supernatural convention is like. Here’s highlights from the in between bits.

- Their unofficial, official group name for the SPN Tour is Greyer, Balder, Stronger.

- When someone asked if Richard would be willing to return to SPN for a plot where the Trickster was being held captive by Kali and had to do his bidding, he struggled to find a negative to that as to why he wouldn’t do it.

- Matt answered a fan saying he was what inspired Richard to act. For actual answers, Matt’s inspiration was Edward Norton in American History X. It was Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman for Rob. And Richard just always wanted to be an actor. But he loved memorizing Steve Martin albums as a kid.

- It was decided that if they ever made a movie out of SPN it would be a cartoon musical.

- A woman asked if, based on Fan Fiction, Chuck wasn’t actually God. Rob said He wouldn’t think that. That God/Chuck is always there. Richard proclaimed “Don’t challenge his godliness woman.”

- In the course of a debate over Jared and Jensen impressions. Rob ended up sitting on Richard’s shoulders to do his Jared impression. Richard’s impression of Jensen made him realize Jensen doesn’t use many verbs. He once started a phone with Richard “Tough Mudder. Mudder, heard of it.” And will say departing words like, “Email. holiday party. Email”

- Richard has always backstoried it that when Gabriel had to go into hiding, he stole Loki’s meatsuit so others that knew Loki would recognize him as such. So Loki is stuck in prison somewhere.

- Asked what shows they’d like to crossover SPN with, Richard said Judge Judy. Rob said Seinfeld and they cast Misha as Newman, Jared as Kramer, Rob as Jerry and Jensen as Elaine. Matt said the HBO show Looking, for the fans.

- Matt died laughing learning that Pellegrino and Sebastian had a panel together, feeling bad for Mark.

- Richard doesn’t really like sweets much, but does enjoy chocolate covered cherries and chocolate mousse. Not a tan Jared, the food item. Then came a rattling of items from Matt and Richard (Reese’s, coffee candy, Skor bars, and Whatchamacallit’s)

- When asked who he would save in a burning building, Richard said, “We all grasp hands and go to hell together.” Then it was decided that Richard’s hair would instantly go up in flames and kill him, which would startle Rob into falling out a window to his death, but the flames wouldn’t even touch Matt Cohen, but it would burn it his clothes off. So Matt would emerge naked like khaleeai from the flames, having saved all the puppies on his way out. Then it devolved into talk of the floors of the building collapsing one by one with naked Matt and this is where the talk of his testicles came into play.

- If he could hunt any monster anywhere in the world, Matt would hunt on island in Fiji where it was sunny, and he was on the beach, hunting a tiny and harmless monster. Rob and Richard added that he’d be naked with a puppy.

- Most embarrassing middle/high school moments were: On Rob’s first day of high school he was sprinting from class to class and turned to look for a class to his left, then ran straight into the corner of brick wall. When played football in fifth grade, he didn’t know how to put the pads in his pants and no one would help him. So he just put the against his legs instead of in the pockets, so the slid out like giant turds as he took the field. Matt tried to impress a girl in seventh grade by jumping off the bleachers at a rally. He tore a ligament in his right knee and was stuck on the ground while the entire school exited, while his knee bled internally.

- It should be known that there is a gif out there of Rob wearing nothing but a banana hammock style swimsuit from an episode of Head Case.