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Doctor Who - the 13th Doctor is...

The wait is nearly over!  Tomorrow is the Wimbledon Men’s Final… and after THAT… we finally get to find out who’s playing the next DOCTOR WHO!

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, has already finished filming his last episode, which will air at Christmas (his last series finished airing a couple of weeks ago) and now we’re just waiting to see who he regenerates into.

But who will it be?  Will it be someone famous, or will it be an unknown?  There are so many possibilities… especially now it’s just as likely the new Doctor could be female (following a trend set by the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master aka The Mistress aka Missy (played by Michelle Gomez)

Here’s a few options -


If it IS Marshall, I will be very smug indeed, having cited him as my personal option way back before the actor quit DEATH IN PARADISE and became the bookies favourite.   Not everyone is a fan, but I think he’d be great for the role.


Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t think he’s even in the running, but I think the MASTERS OF SEX actor would be a brilliant choice.  Maybe a bit too big for the role now, but maybe not.  Next to Marshall he’s my next best choice.


Out of nowhere Whittaker has become a joint-lead in the betting odds (alongside Marshall).  This is more than likely down to the fact she’s been one of the stars in the popular series BROADCHURCH.  The significance there is, of course, BROADCHURCH creator is the next showrunner for DOCTOR WHO, taking over as soon as the Doctor has regenerated.


For a while, Phoebe was the favourite, favourite female at least. THE FLEABAG star has repeatedly tweeted that she’s not the Doc, so to stopping spending money on her betting odds.  It’s probably that which influenced the rise in Whittaker’s odds.


An odd choice here, and not one I can really see, but he’s currently equal odds with Waller-Bridge, so I’ll include him here.  Rosenthal is known to British audiences for FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER and PLEBS.


Swinton was linked a while back… and I can see it!  Maybe only for a series, possibly a test run to see if audiences take to a female Doctor - so it wouldn’t eat too much into her successful movie career.  


Okay, now this might just be me being hopeful - but Hayley’s lovely (I know, I’ve met her!) and she’s garnered a load of fans thanks to her role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Atwell was once asked if she’d e a companion, and she retorted that if she were to be in DOCTOR WHO, then she’s want to be the Doctor. She could well get her wish!


No.  Just no.  This would be a terrible, terrible choice - for anything other than a spoof.


Last option, that I’m going to bother writing here, anyway.  Scott played Moriarty in SHERLOCK, opposite the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  A show that happens to be written by current DOCTOR WHO showrunner Steven Moffat.   His name recently soared in the betting odds, so I’m not ruling him out.  I’d certainly take him over Ayoade.


Another one that’s been popping up over the last few weeks.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen him in much - expect for a recent LADY CHATTERLY’S LOVER… I can’t say I’m sold on him, but he could grow on me… if cast.

Those are 10 options that could be the new Doctor.  Of course, it could be a load of other actors… and tomorrow we’ll find out.  It’s all very exciting.

Fingers crossed for Kris Marshall!

Height Chemistry: It’s a thing.

Anything hotter than when the guy’s a whole effing head taller than the gal? Nnnnnnooope! Need some examples? Well, here ya go!


And that!

And this, too!

Yup, feeling it here!

This is a ludicrous one, but still relevant!

Shitty movie, but yes!


Short ladies x tall gents ftw!