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On November 12, 1966, 18-year-old Robert Smith murdered five people at Rose-Mar College of Beauty in Mesa, Arizona. He entered the college carrying a brown paper bag that contained 200 ft. of nylon cord, a package of large plastic sandwich bags, two hunting knives, a .22-caliber pistol and extra ammunition. The plan was to bind the women, place the plastic bags over their head and watch them suffocate, but he realized they were too small to fit over their heads. Once inside, no one noticed his entrance, so he fired one shot into the mirror and then ushered the five women and two children into a back room. He ordered them to lie on their stomachs with their heads together, the arrangement resembling spokes in a wheel as he shot most of them in the head. Four women and a three-year-old girl died, while another woman and a three-month-old baby survived with minor injuries.

Smith was known to be obsessed with the two mass murders that had happened that summer perpetrated by Richard Speck and Charles Whitman. When the police arrived, he willingly surrendered, flashing a big grin for what he had just done, saying: 

“I wanted to get known, just wanted to get myself a name.”

He was originally sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life in prison when the death penalty was temporarily abolished.


On November 12th 1966, an 18 year old walked into Rose-Mar College of Beauty in Arizona. The 18 year old was Robert Smith, and he was armed with a .22 caliber 6 shot revolver, 2 knives, sandwich bags and nylon cord. His weapons were in a brown paper bag he carried. 

He walked inside and no one noticed him. He then shot a mirror to get everyone’s attention, completely shattering it. Robert then ordered some women and their children to get into the back room. They then had to lay down. One woman said that 40 people would be coming there and Robert responded that he did not have enough ammunition for all of them. He also apparently wanted to put the bags over someone’s head, but they wouldn’t fit.

He eventually began firing at them while laughing. He also stabbed one of his victims. He killed 5 and wounded 2. Someone nearby heard what was happening and called the police. Police arrived and he calmly told them that he was the killer. He also told them that he was disappointed that more people weren’t there. He told police he did it so he’d be famous like Charles Whitman and Richard Speck. 

He was arrested and was sentenced to death. A few years later however, he had another trial and was instead sentenced to live in prison.

Fictional AOS spin-off idea: “Captain Britain and the Agents of MI-13″

Basically, the show is both a Captain Britain series as well as focusing on the UK’s SHIELD equivalent. You can say it’s a British AOS.

For my fancast:

1) David Morrissey OR Kevin McKidd as Brian Braddock / Captain Britain, the main protagonist of the series.

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2) Sophie Wu as Betsy Braddock, Brian’s younger half-sister and the deuteragonist of the series. For legal reasons, she does not turn into Psylocke in the show (Psylocke is still owned by Fox). 

NOTE: Brian and Betsy share the same dad but have different moms, Betsy’s mom obviously being Asian. 

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3) Natalie Dormer as Meggan Puceanu, an Inhuman who joins the MI-13 and the tritagonist of the series. She is Brian’s main love interest. 

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4) David Oyelowo as Joseph Chapman / Union Jack, a SAS veteran-turned-MI 13 agent and Brian’s main rival. He is the anti-hero of the show, contrasting Brian’s straight-laced hero. 

NOTE: So the Daryl Dixon to Brian’s Rick Grimes 

NOTE 2: Yes, I know I racebent the original character. Needed more POC in the main cast, okay.

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5) Richard Madden as Dane Whitman / Black Knight, A rookie MI-13 agent who is later revealed to be the latest in a long line of people destined to become the Black Knight. So…the “Skye” of MI-13, and the Black Knight identity is Daisy Johnson / Quake. 

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6) Gwendoline Christie as Kelsey Leigh / Lionheart, the main antagonist of season one. She is a former MI-13 agent and the former holder of the Captain Britain title. She has since gone rogue and the reason why she despises Brian and the rest of MI-13 will be revealed at the end of season one. 

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7) Andrew Scott as Rory Simmons, Jemma’s brother who works as a Roxxon executive and ambassador for MI-13. Unlike his sister, he’s very vain, arrogant, and embraces the lifestyle of the 1%. But he changes over time, becoming more humble and compassionate. 

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8) Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Chloe Fitz, Alistair’s daughter from his mistress and Leo Fitz’s half-sister. She ran away from home when she was 10 and grew up to be a MI-13 agent. Among the agents, she forms a close friendship to Rory Simmons.

NOTE: Yes, the joke is that MI-13 has their own “Fitz and Simmons”. 

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On November 12, 1966, 18-year-old Benjamin Smith entered the Rose-Mar college of beauty in Mesa, Arizona and killed 5 women and two children. Smith’s only motive was fame- He was a loner and spent most of his time reading about serial killers. He was also obsessed with president John F. Kennedy, and fell into a deep depression when he was assassinated.

Upon reading about the horrific crimes of Richard Speck and Charles Whitman in the newspaper, Smith decided he wanted the same infamy. When he entered the college on a Sunday morning, he was disappointed to find only a few people in the shop. After he shot them dead and was arrested at the scene, he did not put up any resistance. He laughed and said that he had killed five women in the back room and then pointed to the brown paper sack that contained his pistol and ammunition. When questioned as to why he committed the act, he simply said, “I wanted to make a name for myself.”

“…let us try to summon up inspiration from our illustrious ancestors, those forefathers who, had they opened their mouths, would have made our cause great a few years earlier, had they had the guts to cry out “here I come, ready or not” to all and sundry, the world at large, and stood there long enough to have their toesies counted, would not have placed us in the mess we’re in today. I am of course talking about Leonardo and Michelangelo and Napoleon (who had a small one) and Socrates and Aristotle and Alexander the Great (the Great “what?”) and James Dean and Richard the Lion-Hearted and Richard II and Walt Whitman and Lord Byron and Tchaikovsky and Dag Hammarskjöld and Brendan Behan and Marcel Proust and E. M. Forster and Cole Porter and Lorenz Hart and Hart Crane and Emily Dickinson and J. Edgar Hoover (who wants her?), Noel Coward, Somerset Maugham, Henry James, Montgomery Clift, Caravaggio, Willa Cather, Velásquez, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Queen Christina, Milton, Cellini, Marlowe, Hans Christian Andersen, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir James Barrie, Benjamin Britten, Stephen Foster, Brahms, Visconti, Verrocchio, George Gershwin, Senator Joseph McCarthy (don’t want her either), Ravel, Rodin, Swinburne, Virgil, Strindberg, Joan of Arc, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Erasmus, Pasolini, Christian Dior, St. Augustine, Horace, Samuel Butler, Flaubert, Amy Lowell, Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, President James Buchanan who was in love with his vice-president William King, William Inge, Lord Kitchener, Charles Laughton, Hadrian, Claudius, Thomas Gray, Julius Caesar, Pompey, Colette, Cocteau, André Gide, Trajan, Lorca, Goethe, Auden, Sir Isaac Newton, Cardinals Spellman and Newman, Suleiman the Magnificent, Horace-Walpole, Louis XIII & XVIII, Herman Melville, Carson McCullers, Lord Tennyson, Bill Tilden, Williams II & III, John Maynard Keynes, Edwards II & VIII, James I, George III, (Oh, to be in England), David and Jonathan (yes, Leviticus!), Ramon Navarro, Tyrone Power, Clifton Webb, Alexander Woolcott, Nijinsky, Baudelaire, Frederick and Peter the Greats, and the Popes: Julius II, Paul VI, Benedict IX, Sixtus IV, John XXII, Alexander VI, Julius III (how dare that Catholic Church be so nasty to us!), and on and on and on and you will notice that I am not mentioning the living cowards because of legal advice, but haven’t we got a lot to thank all these fellows and gals for? Thanks a lot, gang. We didn’t know about you till you were dead. You’ve made it so much easier for us to tell the world we’re here, WE’RE HERE, damn damn damn your hide, and we shall make our presence known!, felt!, seen!, respected!, admired!, loved!”

Faggots, Larry Kramer (1978)