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The Hillywood Show® is about to turn your world upside down…

A boy goes missing.  On their search to find their missing friend, Mike, Dustin and Lucas discover a psychokinetic girl, named Eleven. Despite the fact that she’s a “Super Freak”, with super powers, the boys learn that, with her help, she can locate their missing friend. THE HILLYWOOD SHOW® leads you into another dimension and turns NETFLIX’s STRANGER THINGS upside down in an immersive, screen accurate production.        

By filming on some of the actual locations seen in STRANGER THINGS, The Hillywood Show® brings the fans a parody of intricate detail, like never before!  Starring, Richard Speight, Jr. as “Dustin”, Phil LaMarr as “Lucas” and Kim Rhodes as “Joyce”.    

View in 720p, 1080p or full 4K HD for the full Stranger Things experience!  Enjoy and God bless.

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the st x it prince and the pauper au no one asked for but i still delivered

mike is the prince and the st cast are from the higher ups and richie is a poor blacksmith’s son and the losers club is part of the poverty population of the kingdom


Richard Feynman And John Wheeler Revolutionized Time, Reality, And Our Quantum Universe

“Yet at their core, these two were practically tailor-made to collaborate with one another. Wheeler’s wild ideas always contained components that were spectacularly wrong and unworkable, but often contained a kernel of deep truth that would pave the road to an understanding that was otherwise unachievable. The idea of a path integral, the essential tool used to calculate physical observables in quantum field theory, came about from Wheeler’s insistence on a sum over histories, but it was Feynman who worked out the details correctly, and applied them properly to our physical Universe.

Feynman’s ability to connect the wild ideas to the physical Universe, never far afield from what could be measured, was the perfect complement to Wheeler’s imagination. Together and separately, they took on gravitation, the quantum nature of reality, and even space and time itself. And as much as any physicist ever did, they not only took these ideas on; they won.”

In popular culture, Richard Feynman is revered as a non-conformist/genius, whose bongo-playing, carefree antics are as notable as his groundbreaking physics research. John Wheeler, renowned for his contributions to General Relativity, gravitation, and information theory, has no similar stories from his personal lives. Yet professionally, these two complemented one another in ways that were unimaginable to an outside onlooker: Wheeler’s imagination ran wildly into the speculative and unworkable, while Feynman was always dragging things back to observable and measurable quantities. In the end, both are remembered as towering figures in physics in the 20th century, on par with names like Bohr, Dirac, Pauli, and Heisenberg. In a sweeping new book, Paul Halpern takes an in-depth look at the scientific and personal lives of these two physicists, who first met in 1939 and spent the next five decades revolutionizing our conception of the Universe.

Get the full book review here, and if you’re at all interested in picking up a copy for yourself (or the physics enthusiast in your life), follow the links and go get a copy of The Quantum Labyrinth! 



Okay,, but Twins Separated at Birth! Mike and Richie?

(We’re gonna completely ignore the different time period type stuff, because hey, I don’t care. I just wanted to get this out even though it’s probably bad. Bad stuff still went down on both sides, the world is probably even more fucked than IRL. Most random Brain Garble. Adopted! Rich? He lives a life of pain, spice it up more.) (Literally just a shit pile of anything I think of I’m sorry)

+An odd chance meeting, say a trip to Derry, Maine. Mike and friends take a road trip because why not? It’s a pretty tiny place, kinda like Hawkins, that’s probably why they were all drawn to this place.

+They’re in late high school, just a bunch of friends doing one civil thing together. It’s not too much to ask to get away from their crazy town. (Little did they know they stumbled into Clown City, USA and it’s horrible there too.)

+Bev is back in town for the damn summer, hell yeah.

+Okay, real meeting now, The Losers are literally just minding fuck all, Richie is probably saying obscene shit that just happens to catch, say, Dustin’s attention? He’d probably stop right in the middle of whatever all of that group was doing and just do a figurative spit take

+When the other notice they are all just whacked out, they all pause, Mike is probably only brought to awareness when someone, probably Dustin again, just outright yells something.

+The Losers probably look up after the exclamation to catch the group literally just staring and are all just thrown into the same spin cycle as the Hawkins kids.

+“What the ever loving fuck?” is probably the first thing from Richie’s mouth, Mike is still probably just as shell-shocked if we’re being honest.

+“You’ve got a twin is probably a quiet question among groups, but literally neither Mike nor Richie have any idea what’s actually going on.

+Things are damn near the brink of just plain awkwardness as Mike literally just walks away with his head in his hands. Normal summer of some sort? Not likely for either group.

+Things are even more awkward when the Hawkings gang decide to stick in Derry for a little longer and are just constantly running into each other, everyone just shocked, suspicious, and probably creeped out.

+Dustin and probably Ben is the first to actually make some other type of communication besides wigged outlooks toward each other, they’re probably the most curious of the groups (those two beautiful boys full of sunshine and love)

+Bev would probably interact next and that’s probably the little starting point of the group mingle.

+Richie, although usually acting pretty social and naturally curious, is as far away from Mike and Mike is kinda the same way. Their friends discuss this odd chance event of twins-or-just-doppelgangers, everyone is pretty sure they’re twins, but how?

+Mike is a bit curious, and he calls Nancy asking about this. She’d probably be a little freaked out after hearing that this guy Mike has met looks like a carbon copy of him, but she does explain that he was supposed to have a twin, but the supposed twin died and it wasn’t brought up much. (loving my typical thoughts mannnn)

+He’d tell his friends, they’d all get a little excited at this idea; and literally, all of the losers know Richie is adopted as hell, he ‘jokes’ about it all the time, but it’s a totally real thing that happened.

+How? No one knows (I don’t care about an actual timeline really)

+Now the Hawkins kids didn’t plan on staying too long in this place, they wanted to go all over, maybe a trip to America’s fifth-best Portland or some crap, but they extend their time and the group mixes more.

+They actually become kinda acquainted, maybe even cool enough with each other that they literally try to meet up with each other now. Bev loves Max and El/Jane; Dustin, Ben, Lucas, and the less angsty Mike all get along quite well;  Eds and Will are just two very tiny boys who also gain a bit of a friendship; Stan is pretty quiet in general, but stick to Bill mostly, who talked most with Angst boy Mike, it’s quite the affair.

+But Richie is just kinda bein quiet next to Eds, pretty unusual, but no one comments on it really, he cracks jokes here and there, he catches everyone’s amusement pretty easy, but he hasn’t really tried to make friends.

+Mike is the one to break the kind of awkward tension between Rich and himself.

+“Kind of weird isn’t it? Never knowing there’s someone who looks just like you?”

+“Kind of? I’ve been just mentally resetting since I saw my face on someone else.”

+They both share an uncomfortable laugh and then a little more silence before Richie just lets loose a little.

+“I gotta ask Mike.” “Yeah?” “If we’re twins, why the fuck did you get the good eyesight?” a little more laughter

+The groups finally kind of settle after the tension broke between the two, but the Hawkins group almost has only enough money to eat and drive home nearing the end of their stay.

+They make their last day together pretty fun as the summer fair is on. It’s tiny and not too exciting, just full of couples being cutesy, some more secretive than others. They end the day with a few pictures and get a few of just the twins together, Will developed his brother’s photography habit and you can’t deny that Bev would love to take random polaroids.

+An odd meeting ends and when they get home Mikes mother, Ted isn’t a functioning human I’m convinced, is incredibly surprised.

+I’m pretty sure half of the things at Hawkins laboratories is overabundant, but a hospital record of one “Richard Wheeler” turned Richard Tozier shows up and shocks Hopper tbh.

+“He’s actually my brother?” “Looks to be so. He’s also got a record.”

+He lets Rich know asap (they all probably send each other crap)

Richie is somehow surprised, no one else is.

Literally, nothing in this connects its just random ideas with a friend:

+Both Richie and Mike are pretty tall and near the same height of 6’1”

+If they were to go to the same high school, every April fools they’d dress up as the other, no one could tell, especially once Richie got contacts the only tells were the slip-ups in attitude.

+Richie a pretty bisexual guy and literally, no one could care less from the Hawkins group, being attracted to men and women is by far the least bizarre thing the world could throw at them. Richie actually laughed to tears after the fear of being rejected no one really got why he did, but it was to relieve the tension.

+Richie probably begs El to show him her powers all the time, he’s completely fascinated by her.

+The losers and the Hawkins kids all share stories of their trauma, the shit that’s gone down between these guys and the relations of their horrifying supernatural experiences bring the groups really close.

+Mike and Richie do share a room for a while if Richie was to move in. They hated it, Richie was a loud sleeper and by god, when he got on the phone with Eds, Mike wished he’d been born deaf sometimes because Richie is the actual worst.

+Mike is pretty smart, but it’s Richie who literally has the best grades in school.

+“Richie would be valedictorian if he wasn’t such a trash mouth.”

+Richie starts house fires a lot in the earliest hours of the morning to make himself food. Mike just runs down and screams at Richie till the fire is out.

+If Richie was around during Steve’s babysitting gig, Steve would’ve drugged Richie to sleep in like 5 seconds after meeting him.

+“Where’s my bat?” “You gonna kill Richie?” “No. Myself.”

(This is really long, but it’s nice to let ideas flow)


r e v o l u t i o n a r y  r o a d (2008)  |  f r a n k + a p r i l [favorite scenes pt. 2]


Here is some truly terrifying content!  Two issues of Thrilling Mystery Novel from Summer 1946 and May 1947.  Pulps such as Thrilling Mystery Novel, Eerie Stories, and Dime Mystery Magazine (to name a very few) catered to lovers of mystery and horror.  Adding to the mystery, many pulp writers used pen names; for instance, “Jonathan Stagge” author of the exquisitely titled “Death’s Old Sweet Song” is actually one of several pen names for writers Hugh Callingham Wheeler and Richard Wilson Webb. Mysteries abound in these fantastic pulps!

Thrilling Mystery Novels. Vol.26, No.3.  Thrilling Publications, New York. May 1947.

Thrilling Mystery Novels. Vol. 25, No.2. Thrilling Publications, New York.  Summer 1946