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Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.

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[This is by no means a perfect list and I had real trouble finding books written by female authors, specifically in more scientific areas, so if you have any recommendations then send them to me and I’ll update this list]

Hi Everybody! I promised you, I will finish my heavy metal bands crossover artwork. I uploaded the final version from the Metallica, Rammstein and Sabaton. I drew this picture for a long time., but I am satisfied. :) I love them, but I have more favourite bands, I love this style of music.The Heavy metal gives energy and power for me and makes me happy..:) Thank you for support…:) I hope you enjoy this.

The annual Beer Hall Putsch remembrance march, 9th November, München, year unknown. R-L: Future SS-Obersturmbannführer/Oberstleutnant d. R. (Luftwaffe Flak Ritterkreuzträger) Richard Kolb, Hermann Kriebel, Ulrich Graf, Hitler, Göring, and Dr Friedrich Weber. Jakob Grimminger carries the “Blutfahne”