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Green 1902 Patent triple-shotgun

Retailed by Westley Richards in England c.1911.
12 gauge triple-barrel cluster, single trigger, top break action, automatic extractor.

There was a short-lived enthusiasm for these guns back in the early 20th century, but balancing problems and no doubt WW1 put an end to it.


Can we talk about this for a moment? Because this’s the best fan video I’ve seen. It was created as a tribute for early series of TG when they were some little boys who made modest car show for BBC2. But for me it’s a tribute for all series and episodes. A tribute for 13 years of smiling, laughing and, of course, crashing and catching fire.
This show will be known for many many years after because it really is one of the best program in the world.


First appearances:

🇬🇧Top Gear UK/ TGT 🇬🇧

“Jeremy did mention the moment Richard Hammond and James May decided to follow in his footsteps and leave the show though, with him calling the time “the happiest nine minutes of his life”. 

He said: “There were nine minutes from me leaving the BBC, to Richard and James saying ‘Actually we’ll come with you’. And they were the happiest nine minutes of my life.

Jeremy Clarkson is precious, brilliant, delicate little flower when you stop judging him by his TG/GT media persona and like actually listen to him or read his books (◡‿◡✿) .

James May is actually geek genius and listening to him for hours would be an honor. He is true reinessance man of so many talents that we know of and surely many more. Also I bet his hair feels really nice and is soft like a candy floss  (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Richard Hammond is the most enthusiastic person in the world even though he struggled through so much shit in his life, he still remains little sunshine and lights up everyones life. He is the true definition of smol bean (◡  ‿  ◡  ✿)