richard third

  • Adam: You're smiling, did something good happen?
  • Ronan: Can't I just smile because I feel like it?
  • Blue: Gansey tripped and fell in the parking lot.

My favorite thing about 300 Fox Way is that you never quite know how many people are there at once. I mean you remember Blue, Maura, Calla and Persephone well enough, but there is Orla and Jimi every once in a while and then there are random cousins running around and ‘hey Blue your Raven Boys are here’ and sometimes the Gray Man is there and then when you get the Cave Crazies its like how big is this place is everyone packed in like a clown car whats going on

Some nights were so / sensory I felt that starlight landing on my back / and believed I could set fire to things with my fingers
—  Denis Johnson, from “Talking Richard Wilson Blues, by Richard Clay Wilson,” The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly: Poems New and Collected (HarperCollins, 1995)

I’ve been trying to get more into watercolor so I painted the gangsey for practice


There were many versions of Gansey, but this one had been rare since the introduction of Adam’s taming presence. It was also Ronan’s favorite. It was the opposite of Gansey’s most public face, which was pure control enclosed in a paper-thin wrapper of academia.
But this version of Gansey was Gansey the boy. This was the Gansey who bought the Camaro, the Gansey who asked Ronan to teach him to fight, the Gansey who contained every wild spark so that it wouldn’t show up in other versions.
Was it the shield beneath the lake that had unleashed it? Orla’s orange bikini? The bashed-up remains of his rebuilt Henrietta and the fake IDs they’d returned to?
Ronan didn’t really care. All that mattered was that something had struck the match, and Gansey was burning.

anonymous asked:

Why do some fascists identify as socialists?

That’s a great question.  This goes back to the beginnings of fascism, when fascists were actively competing with socialists and communists to win recruits to their cause.  In his book The Coming of the Third ReichRichard J. Evans describes how Hitler and co. would deliberately make socialist pronouncements in the hopes of luring working-class Germans away from socialist groups and into nazism.  It was no accident that they were called “national socialists.”  Hitler publicly proclaimed that the nazis = socialists. 

But that strategy didn’t really work out for the fascists.  The nazis never enjoyed significant working-class support, despite their con job.  But it did enrage legitimate socialists in Germany and sew confusion among the more gullible.

This pattern was repeated elsewhere.  Alexander Reid Ross notes in Against The Fascist Creep that “Fascism…draws left-wing notions of solidarity and liberation into ultranationalist, right-wing ideology; and, at least in its early stages, fascists often utilize “broad front” strategies, proposing a mass-based, nationalist platform to gain access to mainstream political audiences and key administration positions. 

In any event, the socialist charade never lasts long.  Shortly after gaining power in Germany, the nazis forgot all their socialist positions and promises, murdered thousands of socialists, and laid out their Lebensraum policy, which was absent of any socialism but full of racist colonialism.

In our times, we see fascist groups continuing to adopt socialist or even anarchist trappings in the same attempt to fool people and undermine their strongest opponents.  Fascists have tried to infiltrate the animal rights, anti-globalization, and environmental movements; fascists have adopted black bloc tactics in confrontations with anti-fascists; fascists have attempted to stake space in the anarchist milieu as “national anarchists.”  But it’s always the same tired old con and it will only lead to genocide and misery if we fall for it or fail to stop them.