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Kylie Minogue’s (Likely) Comeback Single Was Produced By Sigala

Kylie Minogue’s pop comeback might be a lot closer than we thought with news that the likely lead single was produced by Sigala, the UK DJ behind club hits like “Easy Love” and “Say You Do.” He let a few details slip in an interview with The Sun, describing the song as having “a ‘Spinning Around’ vibe.” So far, so good! “I’m influenced a lot by the Nineties so it makes sense for me to work with her,” Bruce Fielder (his real name) revealed. “It fitted really well.” As for the sound? “It’s cool that it sounds throwback but it needs to sound modern as well to take Kylie’s career forward.”

It’s about waiting for somebody to tell you how they feel and being like, ‘Come on, let’s get it out in the open and stop messing around. Tell me what you’re waiting for.‘” The inspiration for the song could be the pop diva’s break-up with boyfriend Joshua Sasse. “After splitting from Joshua maybe that’s why she picked it because she wants people to be honest with her.” Sigala isn’t the only confirmed collaborator. Kylie has also been in the studio with Richard “Biff” Stannard, Xenomania producer Brian Higgins and Guy Chambers.

Interestingly, the album is rumored to touch on world issues. “It looks like her album could be her most political yet too, with talk of tracks covering issues like LGBT rights,” a source told The Sun. “Kylie just wants to make an album that will start conversations.” While we wait for music to arrive, check out Sigala’s breakthrough smash below.


In the book “The Spice Girls Revisited” by David Sinclair it was confirmed by the co-writers/producers of the song Matthew Rowe & Richard Stannard that Geri Halliwell was the main songwriter of “Viva Forever”, the last single by the Spice Girls as 5 piece. The song was written/recorded in 1997. 

As for the meaning of the song, it is said that it’s about a romance that she kept a secret [Feelings unfold, they will never be sold and the secret’s safe with me] and it mostly reflects on the holidays, adventures and memories they made together.

The funny thing is: Geri never had a long term boyfriend during the Spice Girls or had the time to date anyone outside fame. Plus, most of the holidays/adventures she went was with Melanie B [Fiji, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Antigua and Barbudas, Maui, the infamous Mojave desert incident]. At the end, it pretty much explains why the song never mentions a “he”.

Bottom line: The song is about her relationship with Mel B.

Note: Mel B cried while performing this song twice in Oslo, Norway during the ‘98 Tour. The 28th of May (the day after Geri left) and the 29th (on her 23rd birthday).


"Please Stay” é uma canção dance-pop para o sétimo álbum de Kylie, Light Years (2000). Foi produzido por Richard Stannard e Julian Gallagher. A canção foi lançada como quarto single, no inverno de 2000 e no Reino Unido, chegando a número dez. Na Austrália, a canção alcançou o número quinze no ARIA Singles Chart, vendendo mais de 35.000 exemplares, sendo disco de ouro.