richard speight jr fc

Gabriel could double as Richard Speight Jr. He is an archangel and he is 2000+ years old. Gabriel is currentlyrogue and he is open.
Background Check

Youngest of the four archangels, Gabriel’s early years were filled with pranks and general hilarity usually at the expense of older brothers Michael and Raphael and with the assistance of Lucifer… then his older brother rebelled and was cast out of heaven and suddenly the home he’d always known to be full of love and acceptance had turned somehow darker, more foreboding. His brothers went to war with one another and he watched on in horror as angels turned on one other, fighting in an endless and brutal war. And to top it all off, God disappeared from heaven leaving the bloodbath to continue without him and, for Gabriel, this was too much so he fled the garrison, relocating to earth under the aliases of ‘trickster’ and ‘Loki’.

He was dragged back into battle during the first apocalypse by the Winchesters, forced to face Lucifer and what falling had forced him to become and dying in the battle which then ensued. After that, things are a little hazy given that when an angel dies they kind of blink out of existence .. until someone resurrected him about a month ago. He’s not sure who it was, or how they did it (the obvious suspects are God, Michael and Lucifer but he definitely doubts it was either of the latter two) but he’s definitely grateful for this second lease of life. Now Gabriel’s steadfastly trying to avoid the upcoming battle in the hopes that he might just get out of this second apocalypse alive… but with the stakes this high, can he really manage to keep himself from joining the fray?


Gabriel is often said to be a joker and a little smug, however while Gabriel does enjoy delivering his own personal brand of ‘just desserts’ to those who are truly deserving, he mostly uses his jokes to hide his emotional scars from watching his brothers and sisters kill each other for several millennia.

  • The WinchestersSam and Dean Winchester have been a thorn in Gabriel’s side from the moment he met the two of them, posing as a janitor/trickster at Crawford. Despite this though, he genuinely likes the brothers and admires them for the way they handled the first apocalypse.
  • MichaelMichael is Gabriel’s oldest brother and, despite their differences in opinion, he honestly cares about him and hopes to one day reconcile their differences.
  • LuciferLucifer is another of Gabriel’s older brothers. Before he fell, Lucifer would often assist Gabriel with his pranks in heaven. In the aftermath of being killed by Lucifer, their relationship is strained at best though Gabriel hopes it will not always remain so.
  • RaphaelRaphael, Gabriel’s third older brother, was probably always the sibling he was least close to before the fall. He does, however, care for him just as much as Michael and Lucifer.