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OKAY! THE BOLD TYPE REALLY JUST DID THAT! i love how the season felt really tied together. with the girls toasting and quoting mama jackie to sutton being back in the elevator with richard. i loved the friendship dynamics of the girls in this episode. I LOVE HOW GOOD KAT  LOOKED AT THAT PARTY. I love that kat edison followed mama jackie’s indirect advice to be brave and show up. i love that mama jackie’s character got even more depth. i hate that jane left scarlet, but i love how understanding and supportive mama jackie still was. i’m kinda sad about alex and sutton, but i love how alex was understanding and not cruel. i love how even though adena wasn’t in the episode, she still was.  i love how impactful and important the message in this episode was. AND I LOVE HOW KATHERINE EDISON DID SOMETHING CRAZY AND FUCKING GOT ON THAT PLANE TO GET TO HER GIRL!  I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT FINALE AND FREEFORM NEEDS TO JUST GO AHEAD AND RENEW IT


Happy Birthday Richard Ayoade (*23 May 1977) - “a filmmaker, writer and amateur dentist. He lives in London with his wife, her wife and their two husbands. They have children. For his cinema, Ayoade has won no major awards. He has also won no minor awards. He has, however, watched several award shows and especially enjoys seeing other people receive awards. Good for them, he thinks to himself in his small house that he doesn’t own.”


Happy Birthday, Brandon Richard Flowers (June 21, 1981)

The real smartphone hour

Be More Chill - Monster AU

take that title loosely cause they arent all technically monsters

Jeremy: Werewolf - first things first he is a VERY scrawny werewolf even when he is transformed. I know its kind of unfitting but i honestly couldnt think of anything other than just making him human but that would be weird so im just gonna use his furry kink as an explanation for this one folks 

EDIT:. Jeremy is a satyr now 

Michael: Half dragon hybrid - i dont know what to call it but think wings, tail, fangs, and a fire breath exclusively used for lighting joints. hes a music obsessed stoner dragon with anxiety what more do i say

Christine: Angel - you heard it here first folks shes a literal angel. 

Rich: Halfling dwarf - think lord farquaad. thats it. literally his only powers are being short and buff (also if i remember from DnD they can kind of see in the dark but i havent reviewed the handbook in a while)

Jake: Demon - his parents stole money from some important dudes in hell so he’s just chillin while they flee. He’s actually a pretty high class demon so he naturally excels at a lot of things, hence the all of the extracurriculars he does

Brooke: Siren (the mermaid kind not the freaky bird kind) - you know those mermaid movies where they only have tails in the water? think of it like that. she has a beautiful voice (obviously) but shes insecure about it because it can kind of straight up lure people to her (and occasionally kill them)

Chloe: Just a really sexy witch - think hogwarts student but she doesnt need a wand. Lowkey jealous of other people at school because all she can do is cast spells while there are some that can straight up murder people

Jenna: I cant think of anything - i actually cant think of anything feel free to help me out. please EDIT:. Shes a psychic and can see peoples futures/do very basic mind readings! Thats how she knows the dirt on everyone

The SQUIPS: the squips are a species of spirit-like shapeshifters capable of minor possessions that convince you that they can help you get whatever you want before using you, your status or even just straight up taking over your body to get what they need

also this is just extra and unnecessary but Madeline is a succubus and thats why she always manages to have sex with dudes


Coworkers and their opinions on Ricardo’s small orange.