richard ramirez letters


Hi again.

I got 8 more pictures today. You look like you get along w/ your sister real good. You must be real close. I’m doing ok I guess. When I was free, I was going over the San Rafael bridge in a car w/ a friend. He said, “Look, There’s your future home - San Quentin.” The motherfucker must of put a curse on me. I think they sell “Answer me” at the book and magazine stands around the city. I’ll try and get the address you need to send for it if yr interested. DId you see “Nervous” play? Sorry yr friend died on Halloween. Where did he live? Oh, here’s a # you can call, and they’ll send you a free pamphlet telling you how to get any material you have published, I think it’s 30 pages. Vantage Press: 1-800-766-2020. It’ll take about 4 wks to get it but it might help you out in getting your poems published. I’ll write you again soon.

Love, (possibly from)


A letter from serial killer Richard Ramirez to a journalist who posed as a 10-year-old boy and wrote to him while he was in San Quentin, high security prison. Richard asks him what school he goes to, who his friends are, and gives him the advice to stay in school. He also asks the “young boy” to send him pictures.

a letter serial killer Richard Ramirez wrote to a woman who wrote him frequently, it reads “I’d like for you to know that I value our friendship. I wish I had another way to express it. You light up my existence and I’ve missed you. If you know all the feelings I have for you then you should know that to me you are what makes my world a better place…”


“But even though I’m here, Evil lives in the world. As it should”

Richard Ramirez

(in a letter to Jason Moss)

I went from 1985 to 1993 without listening to music, believe it or not.  
The places (jails) I was in from 85 to 93 had no radio. All I did was read books for the most part.

— Richard Ramirez in two letters to a penpal (Nov / Dec 2000)