richard pose

Richard z. Kruspe live

If you ever saw Rammstein live, you may know Richards different poses. Like:

The “prince of eternal darkness”

The “making love to the microphone”

The “I’m in love with the crowd”

The “booty check” Jepp. It’s still great.

The “fire duck face by accident”

The “hardcore guitar orgasm”

The.. erm. Scream? Pain? Lust? What’s that supposed to be, Reesh?!

The “I’m not seeing you”

The “I see you very clearly. Rawr”

The god.

Daguerreotype portrait of British amateur botanist and shoemaker Richard Buxton posing with flowers, 1851. By John Benjamin Dancer.

Source: National Gallery of Canada.


Little red sequin dress, inspired by Jessica Rabbit by Julia Panther
Via Flickr:
Makeup by Amanda Richards. Reblog if you like the look