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Lets.... Let's calm down here folks. Is everyone else safe atleast? The girls, Jake and Rich? Jeremy?

Chloe: Everything’s alright. The hospital said that the fire was contained to one part of that floor, so we were just moved some where else.
Chloe: There’s… there’s a lot of emotion. Christine’s a mess, Brooke has to sit on Jeremy to keep him from running back in.

Chloe: As for Rich and Jake…
Chloe: You never know how much you love someone till you almost loose them.

Richard z. Kruspe live

If you ever saw Rammstein live, you may know Richards different poses. Like:

The “prince of eternal darkness”

The “making love to the microphone”

The “I’m in love with the crowd”

The “booty check” Jepp. It’s still great.

The “fire duck face by accident”

The “hardcore guitar orgasm”

The.. erm. Scream? Pain? Lust? What’s that supposed to be, Reesh?!

The “I’m not seeing you”

The “I see you very clearly. Rawr”

The god.

why would u hate on the true crime community when theres nazis, pedophiles, tweakers, shoplifters, and a TON of other groups on tumblr much worse than the tcc? most of us dont condone what happened and we are just interested in the psychology aspect of it. it just doesnt make sense why we are getting attacked when we didnt fucking do anything