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The Children of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

William, Count of Poitiers (1153-1156) / Henry the Young King (1155-1183) / Matilda, Duchess of Saxony (1156-1189) / Richard I “The Lionheart” King of England (1157-1199) / Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (1158-1186) / Eleanor, Queen of Castile (1161-1214) / Joanna, Queen of Sicily, Countess of Toulouse (1165-1199) / John, King of England (1166-1216)

…I was interrupted [from exploring the waterfall and surrounding woods] by a call from the General… I found the General & suite seated under a large spreading oak–within view of the spray [from the waterfall] diversified by a beautiful rainbow. A fine cool spring bubled out most charmingly from the bottom of the oak. The traveling canteens were immediately emptied, and a sudden repast spread before us consisting of cold ham–tongue–and excellent biscuit. With the assistance of a little spirit we composed some grog–over which we chatted away a very cheerful hour, and then took leave of the friendly oak–its refreshing spring–and the meek falls of Pasaic.

The Journal of a March, a Battle, and a Waterfall, Diary of the Year 1778 by James McHenry on June 30th, 1778

Family picnics on hikes with Washingdad
Richard Oakes would have turned 75 today. This is what he did for Native American rights.
Richard Oakes was a Native American activist best known for leading the occupation of the disused Alcatraz prison, which was credited with changing the narrative around indigenous peoples' rights. He was shot and killed in 1972 but would have turned 75 today, and a Google Doodle has been created in his honour. Oakes was a member of the Mohawk tribe, who originated in the north eastern United States and south eastern Canada.