Literally one of the most insightful but deeply depressing moments in American television history. 

He’s happily admitting ON RECORD he broke the law.

But nothing will ever happen. There will be no consequences. 

And everyone knows it.

I’ve never lived through a real impeachment where the president actually has to resign before he gets thrown into prison, so what’s the etiquette here? Do I throw a pre-impeachment party now or should I wait until afterwards, when everybody else is throwing a post-impeachment party? Am I supposed to be taking bets on the exact day Trump quits? Do I set up a lottery for how many other Republicans get taken down with Trump?

What’s the proper attire? Will people expect me to wear a tux or is it more casual? Should my party have a theme? Has “I am not a crook” been overused? Do I get a dj to play only 70s music?

I have sO many questions

Yeah yeah yeah, I know….don’t count your chickens before blah blah blah, but dammit I’m excited and I’m really tryna throw this damn party