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Zipper: Interview with director Mora Stephens, Patrick Wilson, Dianna Agron, and Richard Dreyfuss

Zipper, the second feature by writer/director Mora Stephens, is a dark political thriller about an attorney whose political ambitions are put at risk due to his “zipper problem” (aka a taste for high-end escorts). When we first meet Sam Ellis (Patrick Wilson), he’s a family man with good intentions, who is able to resist the temptations of the firm’s intern (Dianna Agron). But as his campaign manager (Richard Dreyfuss) and loving wife (Lena Heady) encourage him to run for district attorney, he finds himself in a downward spiral that may threaten everything he’s worked for. By telling the story through Sam’s eyes, Stephens makes no apologies for this charcter’s behavior but tries to give a bit of understanding as to how one might fall down this rabbit hole. At the festival, we sat down with director Mora Stephens, and stars Patrick Wilson, Dianna Agron, and Richard Dreyfuss to chat about the film.

Dianna and Richard, what attracted you to this project?
Agron: The cast. Mora. I loved the script. [to Mora] I felt like I knew where you wanted to land. I love working with female directors. You were so articulate with what you wanted and it was such an easy thing to sign onto.


Interview: Richard Dreyfuss, Patrick Wilson and the Cast of “Zipper”