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SSW Heavyweight Championship:
Shane Mercer (Champion) Vs. Davey Richards
SSW/PWK/RCW When Worlds Collide III
[February 4th, 2017]

On February 4th, Strong Style Wrestling presented a matinee show featuring a host of new talents known as New Blood. The main event of that show featured the Strong Style Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Kongo Kong defending the title against the longtime number one contender, “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer. Mercer was successful in capturing the gold, and would issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room at When Worlds Collide III that same evening. Enter Davey Richards, former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, to accept the challenge for Mercer’s newly won championship. It’s a match that was received with a standing ovation, that proves that Richards is still a top contender for any championship in the world, and that Mercer is well-deserving as a top level superstar.

The King was so pleased with the ready response of the London merchants that he presented to the city a flat cup with a cover of gold, encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and pearls. To brighten their own wardrobes and provide gifts for the court, the King and Queen ran up a bill of £ 1200 with a mercer; and Richard probably presented Anne with the latest fashion in jewels, for on December 9 he had licensed a merchant of Genoa to bring precious gems into the kingdom provided that he himself was given the first opportunity to buy.

From “Richard III: The Great Debatte” by Paul Murray Kendall.

Here it is.

I love the bit with the jewel merchant. I imagine Richard was all like: “I want this … and this … and THAT TOO! Anne`ll be so delighted! Oh and I`ll have that one for Francis. And this one for myself.”