richard madden (2)

I see people all the time comparing this two movies, and all i can say is –they area both great IMO every movie has something special about him like for example:
1.Beast (Dan Stevens) is better than Prince Charming (Richard Madden)
2.But Cinderella has better villain (sorry Luke, Cate Blanchet killed in that role)
Ask for actresses both did fantastic job, loved Lilly as Cinderella as much as I did Emma as Bell.
So go and watch and love both of movies, it’s not illegal you can love both. 💛💙💞

The Smut Tally

Ok after the first day the tally for who I shall be writing a smut filled fic.

Jason Momoa:2

Tom Hiddleston:3

Tom Hardy:1

Richard Madden:2

Kit Harington:2

Jeffery Dean Morgan:1

Theo James:1

Robert Downey Jr:1

Jai Courtney:1

Voting will close on Sunday (Australian time) after I post this weeks chapters.

Feel free to cast your vote on this post, my post full of suggestions, or juts message me.

Vote for those already suggested or submitt a new one.

Lots of love you horny devils.

P.S Someone also suggested Tom Holland but I feel weird just thinking about it.

Before I Dive... Chapter 2

So here is chapter 2. Song used is “Dive” by Ed Sheeran. Part 3 is coming soon because it takes place the next day. I wrote it as 1 but I thought I should break it up length wise. Enjoy!

Amy opened the door to her flat, smiling when she saw Richard, who smiled back at her. She took a moment to notice his plain black t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, and was mildly disappointed about the sunglasses hiding his eyes.

“Just let me grab my purse,” she said, disappearing back inside.

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Tog Squad Network Challenge Week 2

Favorite Character Dorian Havilliard

“We’re all risking something.” There was so little of the friend he’d grown up with. The prince glanced at his pocket watch. “I need to go.” Dorian stalked to the stairs, and there was no fear in his face, no doubt, as he said, “You gave me the truth today, so I’ll share mine: even if it meant us being friends again, I don’t think I would want to go back to how it was before — who I was before. And this…” He jerked his chin toward the scattered crystals and the bowl of water. “I think this is a good change, too. Don’t fear it.”

Dorian left, and Chaol opened his mouth, but no words came out. He was too stunned. When Dorian had spoken, it hadn’t been a prince who looked at him.

It had been a king