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Red Team Appreciation Week

That’s right folks, due to popular demand, Red Team Appreciation Week is officially a go!

It’s a sad truth our beloved Red Team doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve, so Red Team Appreciation Week is about changing that! For one week, starting June 2nd (National Donut Day, naturally), let’s come together to fill Red Team’s tags with content! Each day of Red Team week is devoted to one member:

June 2nd - Donut Day
June 3rd - Doc Day
June 4th - Lopez Day
June 5th - Sarge Day
June 6th - Simmons Day
June 7th - Carolina Day
June 8th - Grif Day

Post your stuff on the corresponding day, so everybody gets a share of the love! 

Art, fics, headcannons, discussions, AMVs, MMD videos, cosplay, edits, gifsets, or anything and everything else you can think of is appreciated, so go wild! Just please remember to tag NSFW content and trigger warnings when applicable, in both the post itself and reblogs, as a courtesy to those who wish to avoid it.

The event starts in a week, so there is some time to start making and queuing your posts. I know it’s still a little short notice and everyone’s busy, so not to worry if you can’t find the time to participate or miss days. The important thing is to have fun!

Don’t forget to tag #RvB Red Team Week, and happy creating!

You know, I was having fun with those Sister headcanons. So, here are some for Sister as a Blue. There’s some Tuckington in here, because fuck these are my headcanons!

-After she rejoins the Reds and Blues, she and Tucker quickly become friends with benefits.

-Grif is very much against it, but learns to tolerate it since Kai is an adult, and since Tucker is legitimately nice to her.

-Kai and Tucker actually develop a very strong friendship outside of their sexual encounters, swapping stories of previous exploits and trying to one-up each other on the dirty jokes. Kai always wins.

-When Junior visits, he immediately remembers Kai as the nice lady who took care of him before he was taken by the other alien, and readily considers her to be part of the family.

-She’s still convinced that Wash is a cop. He has given up on trying to convince her otherwise.

-She has a major crush on Carolina, who is very put off by her at first, but eventually becomes good friends with her.

-Caboose gets along well with her. After finding out about Church, Kai sits with Caboose and tells him about how she dealt with her mom leaving when she was little.

-When she finds out that Tucker has a crush on Washington, she is super supportive and hopes that he won’t take forever to confess the way Grif did.

-She lowkey hopes to have a threeway with Tucker and Wash if they get together. She’s convinced that Wash has handcuffs stashed somewhere.

-Before Grif and Simmons get together, Kai tries plotting with Tucker on ways to get them together. “Ooh! What if we lock them in a closet pumped with aphrodisiacs?” “Already tried that…” “Goddammit, my brother is stupid!”

-She keeps throwing raves and organizing cons on Chorus, now with the Reds and Blues helping. She always lets Simmons and Caboose have free merch. Her raves become the place to be on the weekends.

-Upon seeing Lopez again, Kai asks if he’s down for another kinky choking session later on. Lopez is very disturbed by this and asks to be thrown back into the ocean.

-Kai and Doctor Grey become best friends. No one knows what they do when they hang out, and no one wants to.

-She frequently hangs out with Doc and tells him stories. While he’s disgusted by these stories, he puts up with them since he’s happy to have someone hanging out with him of their own volition.

-Kai just being happy and having a good time with her new family!

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Fluff Week: Red team movie night!

Red team is split on movie nights, between those who enjoy watching musicals and singing along to the songs, and those who hate musicals and wish they could just have a quiet night for once.


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so I was stuck not knowing what to draw and my gf @scarecrane suggested I do a height chart for the reds and blues like I’ve done for other fandoms so I was like why not? using our best guesses on what we thought their heights might be I then gave them body types I thought were fitting (or that I just liked) so I got to practice bodies a little!

I tried to make some of the scarring accurate to injuries these guys have had but mostly I just had to wing it but I hope these seem acceptable! as for lopez, I just wanted to draw a robot body….ehehehe

also their underwear is based on personality and headcanon as well; enjoy!

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission and leave my description; thanks!)