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Every time she walked into the BBC in the morning she was glared at by everyone because she had taken this tiny little program that wasn’t supposed to be a success and she’d made it the biggest thing on television! And all these people who thought they knew how television was made, hated her and would glare at her every day. Richard Martin said, ‘Verity dear, how do you manage it?’ And she said, 'Well I just buy a new hat every day and I assume they are looking at that!’
—  James Goss, recalling a story told by Richard Martin about original Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert

I’ve been stitching a LOT since we’ve been living in the car, mostly because it’s a very portable & compact hobby but also because it helps take my mind off of things (like the fact that we’re living in the car) for a little while. Nothing major since I really only gave scraps of Aida and a very select collection of colors (no money for craft supplies atm), but I’ve done several mandalas and a few other pieces. A few weeks ago I stitched a mini Mad Sweeney from American Gods because he’s the best character on the show, and then a few days ago I decided to stitch some of my other favorite “misunderstood” men (I stuck to tv & miniseries because if I branched out to movies I would be stitching FOREVER). Left to Right Top Row: Mad Sweeney (American Gods) saying “You’re an asshole, dead wife!” James Delaney (Taboo) saying “I have a use for you.” John Thornton (North & South) saying “Look back at me.” Left to Right Bottom Row: Hannibal (Hannibal) saying “I’ve taken off my person suit.” Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones) saying “I love you Khaleesi.” Prince Hal (The Hollow Crown) saying “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” I am planning (once I can afford a 6-picture collage frame and once we have a wall to hang it on) to get a big frame for them all (they’re all around the same size, a collage frame with 6 4x6 portrait-style picture holes in it should work damn near perfectly)….I’m not sure if I will make little name tags for them or not (it wouldn’t be for me really, it’d be for anyone who doesn’t know the characters)….but I’ve got time to decide 😎😉❤

“There is a Moriarty in me" "I do mean that… there is a dark side to me, although I am a good person, I hope. Meryl Streep, I think, said that just because someone doesn’t look like the part, doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for the part. It’s much more about what the essence of someone is.” (x)


seriously I’ve watched this video so many times