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Psycho-(Richie Tozier)

Characters: Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh, Stan Uris, Bill Denbrough, Richie Tozier and (Y/N)

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader

Word Count: 1544

Warnings: swearing(duh) and that’s about it

Summary: Beverly introduces (Y/N) to the Losers Club, and she catches a certain trashmouths attention.

(A/N) This is my first IT imagine, requests are open so feel free to request! The characters are aged in this, for obvious reasons.

Richie Tozier has always been a guy who didn’t take things too seriously. He always looked at the positive things in certain situations, like when Henry Bowers was beating him up he kind of looked like the homeless man who hung out on his street daily. He always joked around, oh there were plenty of cheesy and corny jokes that often annoyed his friends. Though one thing Richie did take seriously was the odd feeling about the new girl that’s Beverly’s friend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Who was she anyway? Why was he so infatuated with the way her lips turned up when she laughed, the way her eyes looked at him from across the corridor at school? Well, Richie was about to find out.

(Y/N) and Beverly both chat amongst themselves about the most trivial things imaginable. The two lay on their backs and faced the sun, bodies bare set aside their underwear. What better way to spend the last few days of sunshine than some sunbathing and jumping off of cliffs? 

The two girls sit up as the rest of the Losers Club come waltzing out from the woods, loud as ever. The guys look a little confused when they see (Y/N) with Bev, after all she’s not a part of the Club. 

“Anyway, I told her she’d sooner earn money at the circus with that face rather than selling her shitty lemonade.” Richie laughs at his story, since the rest don’t. And he’s okay with it, he knows deep down that his friend appreciate his odd jokes and sense of humour.

“Hey guys, hope you don’t mind that I brought (Y/N).” Bev grins and motions to her new friend next to her. Yes, the boys were used to seeing a half naked Beverly when they went swimming, which was often, but (Y/N) had something different about her. She wasn’t confident like her red-haired friend, yet she wasn’t reserved. She looked older than Bev, more mature. And that’s the first thing Richie noticed. He almost made a comment about (Y/N)’s body, but he restrained himself, for once in his life. 

“Of c-course. I’m Bill.” Bill smiles at (Y/N), noticing the way she was eyeing the guys. The rest followed suit, introducing themselves. When it came to Richie, he bent down in front of her, took a hold of her hand and placed a small kiss on it before smiling at her. 

“I’m Richie, and yes I’m the man of your fucking dreams sweetheart.” This took the Losers Club aback. Yes, Richie has always been unpredictable and a flirt, but never to this extent. 

(Y/N) feels a blush creep up her neck to her cheeks, and she just shakes her head at Richie, the boy she indeed has been dreaming about.

“Don’t let your ego get to your head too much, it’s already big as it is.” She grins at the boy and stands up, leaving him totally and utterly speechless. That’s when Richie realised he would make that girl his. 

“Well shit, did Richie just get owned?” Eddie laughs along with Ben. Little did the group know, Richie didn’t mind it at all. In fact, he found it incredibly attractive, if you overlook the insult.

“This is revolutionary, a once in a life event.” Mike grins at the guys around him. (Y/N) smiles back at Richie with a playful glint in her eyes. It would be unlike her to not joke around. Next to her, Bev takes a run up and jumps off the cliff. And that signals the end of the discussion. 

One after one, the Losers follow Beverly into the water, until it’s just Richie and (Y/N).

Richie looks at (Y/N) in the way a child looks at a candy store. He’s in awe with her beauty and sense of humour, and he’s sure there’s much more where that comes from. 

“Don’t worry Tozier, your head’s just fine.” (Y/N) smiles at Richie and walks to him. She takes a hold of his hand, noticing how sweaty it is, before dragging him with her into the water. The two let go when they collide with the water, but the Losers still noticed. And they started realising that maybe Richie and (Y/N) wouldn’t be too bad of a couple. 

The two resurface and start laughing, the thrill of the jump resonating within them. It’s quite the height, so the adrenaline pumping hard and fast through both of their bodies is enough to make them act out like they’re kids once again. 

“That was fucking awesome.” (Y/N) laughs, she hasn’t jumped off there before, and she’s sure that the only reason she did jump was because of the courage Richie gave her. She knows she’s safe with him. The  rest of the Losers laugh along and start a water fight.

(Y/N) places down three bowls overflowing with popcorn on the table that is littered with various snacks and drinks that the Losers picked out. It’s the rare occasion that someones parents leave town and leave the kids behind, this time it’s (Y/N). So, a movie night was quickly organised by Bill and Ben. 

“Okay, the choices for tonight are ‘West Side Story’, ‘Psycho’ or ‘Spartacus’.” Bev reads out the titles of the movies she herself picked, despite the fact that it should have been (Y/N). But she doesn’t mind, really. As long as her new friends actually enjoy this.

The group unanimously decides on ‘Psycho’, as Halloween is nearing and they’re all ready to get into spirit. Bev puts the tape into the player and it begins. Bill, Ben and Beverly are all huddled close together, ready to dive under the covers if anything jumps up, Mike and Stan have attacked the popcorn, and Eddie is chewing on some apples he brought with him. He said his mom would not let him eat any candy in case he God forbid got a cavity.

Richie looks at (Y/N), who’s sitting next to him and chewing on popcorn. He notices the way her hair sits perfectly atop her head in a messy way, the way her eyes widen slightly at the scarier parts on the movie, the way her lips curl up when a joke is told. He notices the way her cheeks are slightly rosy all the time, the way she’s started slowly dressing like him without even realising it. Richie looks at (Y/N), and swears to himself that he will get this girl. 

Halfway through the movie, Mike and Eddie are sound asleep, Stan and Ben are clinging onto the sofa with suspense, Bill and Bev are hidden under the blanket so only their eyes poke out, and Richie has finally gathered the balls to discreetly put his arms around (Y/N)s shoulders. Of course she notices. And of course when the scary scenes come, she hides her face in Richie’s chest like it will protect her. 

As the credits roll, Richie looks down at (Y/N), who looks like she’s ready to pass out from exhaustion. He doesn’t blame her, it’s past 1 in the morning. The rest of the Losers Club is also fast asleep, some snoring and others quiet. 

“Richie are you comfortable?” (Y/N) asks the boy she’s currently basically laying on top of. The two of them got the corner of the sofa, so there really wasn’t another position they could be in. But they enjoy it.

There are three things (Y/N) has come to realise during the movie.

 One, Richie smells really good. There’s a hint of cologne, cinnamon, dirt and mint. It’s a strange smell, albeit a fitting one for the boy. It has a calming effect on her.

Two, Richie’s arm around her shoulders feels right. Like it was always supposed to be there. The way he absentmindedly traced small patterns on her shoulder made her feel like she could trust him with anything.

Three, over the last three months, she’s come to realise that she’s fallen down a rabbit hole with the boy who’s next to her. He loves her, and she loves him, and they know it. Yet they’re both scared of it, of saying it out loud and making it known.

“Yeah, are you?” Richie asks, his heart skipping a beat or two when (Y/N) looks up at him. She’s tired, but smiling. She shifts a little so her head is on his chest and her arms around him. In that moment, Richie is overcome with adoration. This is the girl who can match him in witty comments and snappy remarks, the girl who rocks a tank top and Hawaiian shirts better than he does, the girl who’s not running for the hills and instead is choosing to be with him. 

Richie takes a small breath and intertwines his and (Y/N)s fingers. She can hear his raging heartbeat, and he feels her laboured breaths. (Y/N) closes her eyes and sighs in relief. She finally has someone in her life who cares about her the way she cares about him.

Richie places a small lingering kiss on her head and also closes his eyes. After the hell he’s been through, he’s happy to have a girl by his side that is unlike any other person he’s ever met before. He’s happy that at the end of the day, he can simply hold (Y/N) in his arms and fall asleep with her.