richard jacobs

Marcia: Jacob?

Jacob: yea??

Marcia: now that we’re engaged….we’re gonna have to move in together. right?

Jacob: that’s normally what happens??? isn’t it?? are u okay w/that??

Marcia: no i’m fine with it!! i want to live with u! i just….i don’t want to live with rats. please. get rid of them.

Jacob: richard….and charlie….are my pets…my friends….don’t ask me to get rid of them. please.


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My favorite moments of the episode?

When Henry confesses his love to Lizzie. I am so salty he never said “I love you”.

Henry needing Lizzie and his kids to be safe. He even trusts Richard’s/Perkin’s word.

When Lizzie crowns Henry in the room.

When Lizzie tells Margaret B to step away from her cos she is “too close”

Henry and Harry laughing as Harry sits in the throne


Henry confessing what he actually did to Richard (not that it really happened, as far as I remember BUT… HE DID HAVE THE GUTS TO TELL HER WHAT “HAPPEN” so…)

Lizzie and Arthur dancing

Spanish Ambassador being extra af with his clothes. YAS BAE