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Sarah Shahi and the Canary Yellow Ferrari (POI 2x22 God Mode commentary)

Jonah Nolan: “The Amazing Sarah Shahi I think she had a lot of fun shooting this episode. Firing guns, driving Ferraris.”

Richard J. Lewis (director): “She loved driving that car. She was very good at it.”

Jonah: “Oh, she was very fast.”

John: [catches Shaw’s shotgun]  “What’s this for?” 

Shaw: “To help you feel less inadequate while I drive this thing.”

- POI 2x22, God Mode

Greg: “Ohhh! I love that line!

Jonah: “That was a good line, that was courtesy in part of my wife.”   

Lewis: “Here’s when Sarah really impressed us with her driving coming up here. She– she just said: ‘Can I, can I just take it?’” 

Jonah: “Never driven this car before?”

Lewis: “Yeah. Jeff Gibson gave her a little tutorial.” 

Greg: “Did she really drive that?”

Lewis: “Yeah, she’s driving right there. Speeding away.”

Greg: [sounding almost in awe] “Look at that.”

Barney’s Version (2010) ❤
Director: Richard J. Lewis

My feeling towards Paul Giamatti has changed quite drastically because I started out not liking the guy so much to developing a lot more respect for him. The first movie I’ve seen him in that didn’t quite impress me was Sideways. I can’t remember much details except for maybe it had something to do with his character and just appearing to be a bearded, chubby man that came off creepy to me. But the following films after that got me convinced he’s a great actor after all. Barney’s Version is probably one of my favorite roles he’s done, while the other is probably Shoot ‘Em Up..hah. He really embraced the role of Barney Panofsky and told his story in a sweet, charming way. Same amount of applause goes to Dustin Hoffman as Izzy Panofsky the dad. It’s a tale of love through Barney’s version, over the three loves of his life. That’s how I’m interpreting it at least..the movie was both sincere enough to be taken seriously, while also having its lighthearted moments to laugh and smile over. I think the only person I would have liked replaced is Rachelle Lefevre..I have nothing against her besides the fact that I don’t think she can act as worthy enough, which made her stick out too much from everyone else. I also think it’s her hair that bothers me..if only she had changed it up a bit so she doesn’t have to seem so much like her Victoria character from Twilight, then maybe I would lean towards her more. That and her lack of chemistry. Aside from that, movie was very much delightful!