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Dear Mr. Fantasy

(A/N: @bloodstained-porcelain-doll - Hope you like it, love <3)

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Dear Mr. Fantasy

Your knees pressed together as you muttered curses under your breath, glaring at the bus full of strangers around you and wishing they would just disappear. Your mind had wandered off to Gabriel for the seventeenth time today, and the increasingly graphic details of the things he could do to you was starting to effect your body in the most sinful of ways. You could practically feel your walls clenching from even just his name floating around in your mind, let alone the perverse thoughts that had kept you company throughout the day.

There were still three stops before yours, but you decided that you needed the fresh air and were going to walk the rest of the way home, standing from your seat as you looked at the person next to you.

“Do you need to get off?” they asked, sliding out of their seat to make room for you to leave.

“You have no idea” you grumbled as you pushed passed them, making your way to the door as the bus stopped and people began to file out.

The cool evening air hit you and you breathed deeply, hoping the chill would chase away the blush that warmed you inside and out. You pulled your collar up against the cold and set off in the direction of home, the promise of a glass of wine and self-achieved relief nearly had you sprinting.

By the time you stuck your keys into the lock, you were slightly winded from the walk and the accelerated heart rate was not helping your aroused state in the slightest.

You pushed the door open and turned to close it, slipping the lock back into place as you kicked off your shoes.

“Well, hey there, Kitten” a voice teased from your living room.

The silky quality of his voice had you reeling and you were half convinced you were dreaming until you turned around to see him standing there, holding a single rose and grinning wickedly at you.

“What are you doing here?” you asked quickly, praying that he was alone.

You watched him carefully, edging your feet towards the living room where he stood while making sure to keep a respectable distance between you.

“Please, how could I not show up after you’d been practically shouting at me all day?” he teased, giving you a sideways smirk as he threw the rose down on the table.

You heart hammered in your chest as each and every fantasy you’d imagined throughout the day danced behind your eyes so graphically that it nearly obscured your vision.

“What do you mean? I haven’t spoken to you…” you rambled, very aware of the fact that he was sauntering closer towards you.

Gabriel tapped the side of his head, devious intent written as clear as ink on his face as he came to stand before you.

“Don’t need words when you’ve got such wonderfully desperate and descriptive longing. I think I’m almost deaf in one ear from how loud your thoughts are” he mused, tilting his head as he pursed his lips.

“You heard all that?” you asked nervously, though the answer was already obvious.

“Guilty. But I must say, some of those wicked little ideas of yours, oh, they tickled me in all the right places” he confessed, slipping his fingers through the belt loops of your pants to pull you forward, your waist pressing against his as he swayed your bodies back and forth.

You swallowed hard, feeling arousal race through your system like a forest fire, your throat running dry as your fluids were clearly needed elsewhere.

“What do you say, sugar? That little idea with the whipped cream? Why don’t we start there?” he offered with a wink, snapping his fingers so a bowl of whipped cream appeared on your table.

A thousand more fantasies raced through your mind and Gabriel smiled, clearly eager and excited to try every single one of them.

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Drabble Request from @castiels-ass-butt-1967 - Hope you like it!!
Gabriel with prompt #132 - “We’re not playing strip poker! I don’t care what I said when I was drunk!”
Words: 413
Warnings: None.

Returning home to find Gabriel sitting in your kitchen with his feet up on the table was probably as far down on the list of ‘things were expecting’ as physically possible. The smug posture of his body expressed no regret at his intrusion, and the smile on his face only affirmed that.

Your forehead creased in askance as he held up a deck of cards and waggled it back and forth, staring at you expectantly.

“What?” you asked with a shake of your head, feeling like you were missing some key part of a conversation you didn’t recall having.

“You said it yourself, sugar! You said you’d play with me!” Gabriel provided, using his foot to push out the chair next to him as he nodded for you to sit.

Your mind was completely blank as to what he was referring to, and you wracked your brain trying to recall any such discussion. Then like a punch in the gut you remembered, through the drunken haze of your last outing with the angel.

“Oh, no… Gabe, I didn’t mean…” you laughed awkwardly, silently vowing to never drink again.

Gabriel pursed his lip skeptically as he fished out his phone, fingers flying as he apparently searched for something on it, and your eyes going wide when your own voice sounded from it.

“No, no, I’m like… dead serious,” you slurred from his phone, the noise of a crowded bar in the background. “Next time, we should totally play strip poker! I mean it!”

“Sounds to me like you meant it, alright!” Gabriel teased, setting his phone down as he winked, leaning forward to pat the chair he’d pushed out for you and grinning wickedly like he’d already won.

“We’re not playing strip poker! I don’t care what I said when I was drunk!” you groaned with exasperation, though you edged slightly towards the table regardless.

Faking an over-dramatic pout, Gabriel shrugged his shoulder while disappointment washed over his face. You stood there for a moment, feeling yourself falling sharply for the sad, puppy-dog eyes he was fixing you with before letting all of your stuff drop to the floor with a heavy sigh. You trudged towards the table and plunked yourself down, trying to hide the smile that was threatening to seep across your face.

“Just shut up and deal” you huffed, gesturing towards the cards as your smile finally broke out from under your control.

At least you’d worn you good underwear today.

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This is Halloween?

(A/N: I have no idea why this popped into my head, but I’ve been giggling about it all day.)

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The day before Halloween, Chuck decided to pay an unannounced visit to you, begging you to try and teach his angels about human customs. Without waiting for a reply he left, dumping the four archangels in your lap without so much as a starting point for what to teach them.

Being that it’s Halloween, you figured it would at least be worth a laugh to take them trick-or-treating, giving them the very basics of costume etiquette and leaving the rest to their imagination.

Michael dresses up in the most stereotypical cartoon devil costume he could find, clearly with the sole intention of angering Lucifer as much as possible.

Lucifer dresses up in old fashion pinstripe prisoner garb, which you’re certain is a shot against Chuck.

Raphael doesn’t see the point in learning such a custom and refuse to participate, though the promise of candy makes him at least want to tag along (even if he won’t admit it.)

Gabriel goes all out in full ‘Sweet Transvestite’ costume, high heels, fishnets and broad smile on his heavily painted face because he knows he nailed it.

Somehow he’d also managed to talk Castiel into joining them, and despite his reservation about Gabriel’s costume choice for him, he was assured that it was customary.

You stare at him, wearing black silk and lace lingerie, topped off with tiny ears set on his head.

Admist your shock and giggles, you manage to ask him what he’s supposed to be.

His brow furrows and he squints his eyes, as if the answer should be obvious, given the explanation Gabriel gave him and he merely states,

“I am told this is what a mouse would wear.”

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Meet me there, code quick - and bring the fire department with ya’. 
Deadly Dreams - 4x07

Everything Goes To Hell

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Words: 3, 264

Summary:  Gabriel gives Sam and Dean a lead and while they go investigate it, they leave you at the motel to keep an eye on him. Unimpressed with being stuck ‘angel sitting’ you decide to get drunk. Gabriel, on the other hand, wants to have some fun.

Warnings: Smut, Oral, Drinking, Sex on various pieces of furniture. The cliche of playing Twister… 

Everything Goes to Hell

               “Why be sweet, why be careful, why be kind?

               A man has only one thing on his mind.

               Why ask politely, Why go lightly?

               Why say please?

               They only want to get you on your knees…”

                               -Everything Goes to Hell – Tom Waits

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Words: 455

Summary: Watching scary movies with Gabriel.

Warnings: none.

For @sdavid09 TaleTeller’s Fright Night 2016 challenge 

Originally posted by spngayngels


“Quit crinkling the bag, you’re ruining the best part!” you whined as you poked Gabriel with your toe where he lounged on the other side of the couch, sprawled like a king surrounded by bags of candy on his blanket.

He had been reluctant, but eventually he agreed to join you during your horror movie marathon, only on the condition that he was going to supply the snacks. Had you known that it was going to involve several bags of mini chocolate bars, gummy candies of all varieties and goodness knows what else he left in the kitchen, however, you may have reconsidered. While Gabriel was the best friend you could have asked for, he didn’t understand your love of horror movies, nor did he have the appreciation for silence during the scary parts. Not to mention the wicked stomach ache you were sporting from eating so much of his candy, but that was more your own fault than his.

You had just started watching Night on Elm Street and it was at the part where Freddy Krueger dropped his, “This, is God” line while holding up his glove, which caused Gabriel to bark out a laugh.

You shot a glare at him and lobbed a sour candy at his face.

“… I’m not supposed to laugh, am I?” he winced before finding the candy you threw and tossing into the air. He easily caught it in his mouth and grinned wide as if he were pleased with himself.

“No, you’re not!” you hissed back, though after a moment you couldn’t help but smile at him.

He was here to keep you company and though it wasn’t his thing, he hadn’t complained once through the first 3 movies you’d already watched and was still seated comfortably next to you looking entertained as ever.

“Gabe?” you asked quietly after a pause, watching his amused expression as he stared at the television.

“Yeah, sugarplum?” he responded, turning to you with a quirked eyebrow.

“Can I come snuggle with you?” you requested, gesturing towards him with a tip of your head.

The grin that spread across his face was infectious as he moved the candy and pulled the blanket away from him, beckoning you over with both hands.

“Bring it in, sweetness!” he teased as you crawled over, nestling up against his chest as he wrapped the blanket around the both of you.

After that you hardly noticed the crinkling of his candy bags, and even joined him in his laughing at the so-called ‘scary’ parts. This felt like the beginning of a new tradition to you, and as you drifted off to sleep somewhere between the third and fourth Freddy movie, you couldn’t recall a more perfect Halloween.

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