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meri47  asked:

If you had an unlimited budget and a guaranteed yes from every director/actor/actress etc, which TV show, episode, or movie would you like to rewrite and how would you do it?

Hmm…assuming I can’t do it for any of the ones I’ve already been asked?

The BBC’s Robin Hood.

I love Robin Hood. Robin Hood is one of my favourite stories, and one of my favourite characters from legend. And the BBC version was, in light of that, extremely disappointing and really only worth watching for the sake of Richard Armitage in black leather. So! A few changes ahead of time.

First of all - consistent morals. If Robin doesn’t want to kill people, don’t have him do it. But this is the middle ages, and you can get away with a lot of killing so long as you’re consistent about whether it’s evil or not. Just look at Merlin.

Secondly - more than one Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin kills the first one off early on, but his replacement is even worse than he was, and then a few seasons in he gets removed for his failure to defeat Robin and a third sheriff is put in. This allows a fair bit of range in terms of characterisation, and establishes a lot of different dynamics - one man could be vicious, scheming and greedy, another a brutal ex-soldier who wants to crack down on Robin and doesn’t care about the price in lives, another a quiet, Machiavellian figure who makes Robin question the long-term possibilities of what he’s doing.

Thirdly - no love triangles. If you can’t make Robin and Marian’s relationship compelling on its own, you’re already sunk. Bringing in a rival will only bring this into focus, and also waste valuable plot that could be spent on other things.

Fourth - I kind of like the idea of Guy of Gisborne being a major player, but in a different sense. He’s the Sheriff’s right hand, yes, but not quite as vicious as his employers, and has some link to either Robin or Marian. If Robin is a noble, they were childhood best friends. If Marian is noble, but Robin just a yeoman, he’s Marian’s older, legitimate half-brother. Show the process of a man who believes wholeheartedly in the cause getting more and more exasperated, more cynical, less certain of himself over the course of years.

Fifth - less emphasis on king, more on country. The people are what matters here, not the man in charge. The war does them no good, the taxes they are being bled for offer no profit, and they are being misused by corrupt leaders more interested in filling their own pockets than serving their people. All of this is what matters. King Richard is of only secondary importance.


Richard Armitage - Black Leather Jacket

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