richard iii stage door


It’s just unbelievable he did stage door today, because the rain was so heavy and he was meeting some guests, so I was just waiting for a glance, and half of my body got totally wet.

So when he came out and began to sign, I was like what?!!! Why you do stage door in this heavy rain!!! Why don’t you just go home!!!

I forgot to ask him did Arthur like the new tennis ball LOL, maybe next time~He smiled a lot today, seems in a good temper~

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Ok guys, so tonight it happened! I finally met Martin Freeman!

He was such a doll and came out pretty quick after the show. He signed for a lot of people and he was just really kind to everyone, taking the time to talk to them and not make them feel rushed. I’ve always wanted to hug him and a few others asked if they could hug him and he graciously did, so when it was my turn i asked for a hug and he gave  me one! He was such a sweetheart! Thanked me for coming when I said I was a big fan. I’m just so elated!

The very kind madnina video tapped the whole thing for me so I’m going to post a video as well, because you can really tell in the video what a great guy he is :D

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Last night I finally saw Martin Freeman performing in Richard III in London! I’d been waiting since June, but it was worth it, really. He was brilliant, he have me chills! And he was also extremely scary and funny at the same time. He’s such a great actor and I love him so much. Unfortunately he didn’t do stage door, but he just climbed into the car, them he went back to the theatre because he’d probably forgotten something. Silly Martin. I’m going back to the stage door tonight, and I really hope he does some signings. But even if he doesn’t, it will be great to see him again.

mrszefronso, I saw #RichardIII directed by @jamielloyd & starring #MartinFreeman tonight for opening night. It was utterly brilliant, so i waited at the stage door to see him and met some lovely people. We may have had to wait over an hour, but I got to tell him it was bloody brilliant, and he looked directly at me and thanked me, and I even got a quick autograph. THANK YOU, MARTIN! Good luck with the rest of the run! 💛🙌 - #love #autograph #trafalgar #trafalgarstudios #trafalgartransformed #shakespeare #jamielloyd #favourite #actor #what #stoked #sherlock #me #instagram



so, I’m back from london and still can’t believe this only happened - what, 4 days ago? yet it feels like it’s been eons. I’d been looking forward to this trip and day so much and then it went by in a jiff… 

seeing this play and one of my favourite actors 3 feet away from me (sat in row c, fantastic view!) felt absolutely unreal. I’d like to say I paid attention to the play 100%, but it was more like 50% of “wow, this production is amazing” and 50% of “martinfreemanisrightthereohmygodIcan'tbreathe”. what can I say? it’s all been written about before. martin was terrifying, funny, energetic, a force on stage. he might not be the tallest man, but his presence filled the room like no other could have. it was such a pleasure (and dare I say an honour, too) to watch him do his thing live, to see that face act, to hear him yell and watch him fight. he gave it his everything, and he looked so proud and accomplished during the final applause. bravo, martin, well deserved.

well. and then stage door happened (sept 19). after all the other actors had left (on a side note: how awesome was buckingham?!), martin came out to sign. a dream came true that passed me in a blur. I had some trouble getting through to him, and when I did I only mumbled a “hello” and “thank you”. I saw some other fans getting hugs, and god, did I want one, too. but I was frozen to the spot when he came around to me. I must admit I really regret not speaking up when I got the chance, but I did get my programme and ticket signed, so I’m utterly grateful for that. you can actually see it happen in picture #2 (my mum took those, bless her!).

I wish I had the chance to see him again, but alas, I’m back home and can only wish the entire cast a successful last week and a well deserved break after. break a leg!