richard i know how you feel

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Look, this is important. If any of you feel afraid or uncertain or hopeless, let me tell you something: there has never, in all of history, been a man or a group of men who could stem the tide of progress. Change will come. Change is already here, knocking on doors and hitting the streets, and that terrifies small men filled with impotent rage.

Change scares the Steve Bannons, the Donald Trumps, the Richard Spencers of the world because they know how this ends; they know that they will lose. That’s why they need you to be afraid of them and their potential: fear silences hope. That’s why they root out goodness and fairness and execute these things publicly—they wield their power in excess so that you might believe this battle unwinnable, but I promise you that isn’t true. This is a story told a hundred times and it always has the same ending. Progress prevails.

These are small men and ideologues, but most importantly, mortals. Hope is an idea, hope is a choice, and hope kindles the fires of change. Hope is, and forever will be, eternal. You, the people, are good. You, the people, are filled with light, brimming with love, and your power is untold. In each of you there is a capacity for greatness. In each of you there is an instinct toward hope.

Understand that this is but a moment, that dawn is coming, a new day will rise, and change will slice through the darkness that envelops us today. Now, more than ever, you must have hope. Embrace your fears, name them, know them, but do not allow them to rule you; be guided instead by the moral arc of this universe and cling to hope as it is your shield. Now, more than ever, you must stand up and speak—even if your voice trembles. You have the whole of history on your side.

A lot of people have been asking me “how to I get involved, I don’t know anyone in my area, but I want to help, what do I do”. And I have a kind of short series of suggestions for how to find a place you’re into.

Any org, you should go to it at least once to check it out, see if you like the people, the mission, the way it works in practice, before you start committing yourself to doing stuff. If you feel kinda iffy about it, check out someplace else, or at least go a second time before you commit yourself. Nobody wants you killing yourself with stress over activism and if a place is sketchy, is amazingly ineffective, etc, then stressing yourself out and putting your whole life into that org isn’t going to solve that.

In any moderately sized city, there’s going to be some broad range political org. Your ISO’s (international socialist organization), your Black Roses (anarchist peeps). If you don’t know anyone, if you’re new to a city and want to get involved, it might be worthwhile to go to a meeting, because a lot of the people involved in those groups are going to be involved in other stuff and you can talk to them about like where a place to check out would be, who’s sketchy, what groups are misogynistic/homophobic, etc. This can be very important even if you don’t end up going to weekly meetings or planning any actions.

It’s easy to look at the protests, see Richard Spencer getting punched, etc, and think “that’s all activism is, I’m crap if I’m not doing that”. And that’s not the case. If the process of planning and pulling off a protest/march/action isn’t your deal, that’s okay because there are *other things that you can do*. Something that I very much believe in, right now, in a country and a political situation where the welfare state is getting ripped apart, is the importance of mutual aid, the importance of shelters/soup kitchens/free clinics. These gorups are going to be *everywhere*, even in smaller towns, even in suburbs. Recently I checked out a Catholic Worker’s Shelter, and they’re really beautiful places. My first point still applies, but Catholic Worker’s Shelters are everywhere, and checking them out if you want to get involved is a good place to start. Food Not Bombs is also a great organization that gives food to the homeless but again, step 1

I think that there’s a lot (probably more) groups to get involved with that are more single issue groups that may or may not have a “broad range political org” behind them. Some are harder than others to connect with, but they are often more connected to on the ground organizing and communities than political orgs focused on ideology. The best way to find these orgs is too look for community events in the paper, in the internet, and any other popularity community resources such as co-op cork boards and the like. My advice to any person interested in getting involved is to pick ONE issue and stick with it.
also be wary of PIRGs because their work tends to be based around fundraising towards little more than survival

Feel free to add stuff !!

how to mourn a ghost:
i. find something to live for. you would think you’d stop fearing death the second time, but the second one, knowing how it feels, is worse. second deaths, you realize, are always worse. it’ll happen again, someday; make the most of the gift he gave you. the white noise isn’t the sharp hornet-buzz you got used to, crawling on the back of your mind, but something’s there, pulsing and dynamic. too much has died for you, boy without purpose, to be irreverent of life.
ii. leave room in the places where he was. you have another reason to sit closer to the center of the couch but there’s the wrong kind of cold space next to you and you shy away from it hoping he’ll be there. the power at your fingertips couldn’t stop this. you fix broken cars, broken places. let go. there are things too lost to fix.  
iii. try to remember how they saw him. he was turning into something less by the time you met him, shrapnel of humor and humerus and human. there’s not a lot you doubt anymore. hands on either side believe in you. the countryside rolls past and you can feel the two of them believing in him.
iv. recover. you think, for a second, that you could dream him back, but that makes you no better than the life you’ve fought to escape. you can be better. there’s calloused hands keeping you grounded and it’s the kind of magic that doesn’t decay. you miss him. there’s snow globes marked down at the dollar store. you wish it was so easy to make anyone else laugh.
v. get far enough away that the earth doesn’t sing for his bones. the grave’s been set for years, but it’s colder now. cross-continental doesn’t seem far enough away from your memories. he couldn’t curse you. you made him stronger. once upon a time, you would’ve said okay. there’s something about silvery midmorning that makes you stop, just for a second. you have things to smile about, though, still, and you hold on tight.

you will live 

you will live 

you will live

Dick: Bruce, why are you mad at Uncle Clark?

Bruce: *Growls*

Dick: *Puts his hands on his hips and taps his foot*

Bruce:…Fine. Clarks body temperature is significantly higher than a humans. He is always hot. He keeps the League thermostat turned down to 63. Do you know how cold that is, Richard? I want to wear four jackets. I want to line my cape in fur. My hands and feet are numb constantly. Instead of listening to briefings I fantasize about having a super power that would allow me to climb inside of a burning fire place, and survive it.

Dick: *Pulls his phone out from his back pocket* Did ya get all that Uncle Clark?

Clark: *Barrels in through the door* WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?! I FEEL SO AWFUL! *Hugs Bruce*

Bruce: Don’t let go. I can almost feel my fingers again.

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in your time writing ramirez, do you think he was reformed?

Who really knows? I doubt it, but Richard didn’t show anybody his true self - not even his wife. All those years she stuck by him, she genuinely thought he was innocent because of the stories he fed her. She only left him when DNA proved he raped and murdered 9-year-old Mei Leung. Due to this, it’s clear he didn’t feel any remorse because to feel genuine remorse, you admit to your wrongdoings and that’s something he refused to do. However, I certainly don’t think he was reformed when it came to how he felt about children.


tomorrow there will be

watch bozo on pbs at the age of 7 and think

lil tugboat captain you saved everyone in this picture frame how did you do it email me at w/ your secrets and we can defeat the credits to an above average movie

we saw a electronica and everyoen stood there
when richard devine played the concert for the suicide charity thing at the college before what’s her name spent all the money on a used ARP 2600 she had me mark people’s hands with smiley faces to make sure they paid

we were - you know at times i feel, if i may say so, that the christianing of our small child was ruined by my mother going on about hot flashes to storm gale - organizing cds by bar codes doped on percocets the cds were all over the floor why are you doing this? put the cds back stop.

by shoeshiner disdcuss the trip to a dentist, suggest dentists to the person sitting beside you. say yours is quite good and recommend. Dr. Stoklasa, now he’s one who know hows to handle teeth. like a fair woman’s soft clink into pringle’s cans now that is a doctor. great. fantastic.

i am in need of needs to be had. i have no needs. i am told that is incorrect. to find that grotto where you put yoru needs into, symbolism you knwo i am a genius. i am hiv positive that you know what i mean and that i know what you mean there is charcoal drawings of where my heart was full of trees, living. living and standing so tall. you told your ex that you wanted a tatoo of a leaf on your forearm cause you want to be more like trees. there is still no tattoo.

by candle light dinner did we discuss the finance of marriage. smug and alarmed by plate to forks to crashing on head. overheard there is “you dumb fuck you ain’t been poor you never bought your groceries from a dollar store”. Best friends are hit by cars. you look out the window to see the wreckage. Your spider-queen covers her mouth. Gasp gasp oh no gasp.

the tangerine is soft after it is peeled. thumbs are pressed into it to check how soft it really is. wow, really soft. quite yes. tangerine juice sucked from the thumb. tangy and sweet. the tangerine was a terrorist and the juice-sucker dies from poisoning. her lab partner looks down at her body. carries on. let’s try the orange next. At the congressional hearing they ask her why she did not report the tangerine to the authorities during the death of her lab partner. She says she did but nobody reads poetry besides other poets. A man asks, “well, may we hear this poem?”

light is upside down leading to my beheading
there is sporks in my eyes as i do not opt for the bag on my head
mama told me a good way to mask pain is to cover it with other pain
hack hack saw saw gurgle gurgle not a clean cut should’ve watched qvc

That is an awful and offensive poem. do you not understand? i will not reblog it. I am high above these city streets. I above the Chinese pollution problem. Hong Kong is the most free city for I have flown back; from cairo, from L.A, from Paris, and you are in Hong Kong. so i always come back. no one does femdom like you, not all my villains doe they know how to make me drink my cum like you and tease me and treat me like their son when we have sex. I AM SO ABOVE SHOE LACES and have been waiting for the shooes from back to the future for years and it never hapens. NOt ever not never does it happen i am in love with you beyond me and beyond rain. you are winter in the south, everything is closed and people can’t drive in the snow.

they watch a pigeon keep slamming into a window. “is it retarded or is it blind”. that’s the question always that question. “more so of how i worked at H&R Block i think”. “makes sense, taxation yeah”. There is enough moments left to be spared so they go to a place where their eyes are wide and one hasn’t abused the other yet.

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Sadly this is not about Bellarke and I'm a new follower so I don't know how you feel about the character. I feel like Murphy doesn't get the credit that he deserves for becoming a relativity good person. He's come along away since s1. He actually reminds me a lot of B and how he tried so hard to convince people that he didn't care about anyone but deep down he knows he cares a lot about everyone. He shows his heart a lot especially when it comes to Emori and Raven and I just love him so much.

Well you came to the right place because I am such a Murphy stan this season. Might be thanks to the fact that Richard is a phenomenal actor but literally all of Murphy’s scenes this season have given me major feels. Of course I’ll always remember the fact that he’s the one who disabled Raven forever and nothing will excuse that. But I’m just a sucker for characters who somehow go from being the fandoms most hated, to one of the most loved. Plus I adore Memori, I’m still shook over how soft he is with her

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I've wanted to say something to you for so long now and I feel bad for not doing it sooner because you have been such a good source of inspiration and pure Stanchez love for a while <3 I watched Moon last night as you recommended! So obviously I imagined Richard and Ricardo constantly, I wanted to know how closely these character personalities were inspired by the movie? And if there are any more little things we can learn about Richard since everyone has Ricardo sussed out pretty well

The characters of Ricardo and Richard are a very large mixed bag of influence and not really meant to be any one specific parody of anything. Moon no doubt is one of the influences, though I think they most heavily pull from other scifi duos I have adored over the years. To name the biggest inspirations for them would probably be Rimmer and Lister of Red Dwarf, and Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. I wanted a pair of citadel based Ricks that played up that goofball slacker thrown in with a ‘by the books’ comedic straightman coworker dynamic. The main influence Moon has on the AU is JERTY. I needed a boss figure for the janitors who wasn’t just another Rick, and wound up with an upgraded butter robot who’s somewhat a mix of GERTY3000, Marvin from HHGTTG, and Holly of Red Dwarf with my own spice thrown in. Plot wise, Moon really has nothing to do specifically with the janitors, but just is a movie I love that I thought they’d fit into the roles of well for a crossover screencap redraw. :)

As for the second half of the question, I’m always open to answering more specific questions about either Janitor, but I have a lot of fanfic in the works for them so some answers may stay vague for now so as not to spoil too much. Though I will say- I’m amused that everyone seems to think they’ve got Ricardo figured out and that Richard’s the only one with secretes. 


something about that glory,
just always seemed to bore me,
‘cause only those I really love
will ever really know me.

—lukas graham, 7 years

Are you ever just living your life when suddenly at 3 AM you’re impaled in the sternum by Jack Zimmermann feelings? And then you start thinking about everything he’s been through and about how our resident, pie-baking, actual-sunshine-incarnate Eric Richard “Bitty” Bittle is canonically the “best thing that’s ever happened to him”? Yeah, me too.

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(I'm that anon, who was worried about Richard's fate after episode 10 and I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID IT OMG😱 YOU WERE MY BROTHER, AMC! I LOVED YOU!! my emotions MY EMOTIONS😭)So, after this I don't know how to feel anymore, I'm dead inside😢 Gotta go read all the Richard stuff you've got😢 hello darkness my old friend...

Yeah…I felt the same but at the same time…I kinda guessed it and although I was sad to see him go that way…I was more shocked for Ben :( but yes go read some Richard XD i’ll try to write some for him :3


“(y/n), I know that I’m ‘the bad guy’ around here and you should have every right to walk away from me right now, but I just had to tell you, I am completely and hopelessly in love with you. I don’t know when or how it happened, but all I know is that it did. And you may or may not feel the same, but no matter what you feel about me, I’m always going to love you, protect you and try my hardest for you to see the better side of me.”

11 pm
You think of him when you know you shouldn’t, this all consuming love that is only a fantasy, only a possibility or a dream or a hope.

12 am
You think of him when you lie awake, the music of crickets and wind outside your window, a song or a lyric or a memory.

1 am
You think of him when the rest of the town sleeps peacefully in their reality, no cars or voices or busy life.

You think of him when you tune out the world with your music, you want his lips or his hands or his love.

You think of him when he’s the only one you’d ever bother to think of, and pray he isn’t asleep or uninterested or unlovable.

You think of him when you pick up the phone and dial, hearing the line ring on the other end, will he answer or let it ring or-
‘Pick me up. Let’s drive somewhere.’

4:07 am
You think of him when he shows up in front of your house.
And you realize, that he thinks of you too.

—  “Drive me mad(ly in love).”
(m.b, a bluesey poem)

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I don't...I don't understand. How you can be so freaking amazing. Do you? Do you know just how amazing you are? I've never had so many glorious images of Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr. flowing across my dash. But then I found you, and you fixed a problem I didn't know existed. It's only been a few days, but my life has already been blessed by your blog. So, I guess my question for you is DID YOU KNOW???

You know, I tend to have this feeling that I’m really fucking awesome and amazing, but its always good to hear it confirmed. 😎

I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog, and don’t be afraid to say hi! ❤❤❤


With yesterday’s sumptuous event of the noontime show, “Eat Bulaga”, I admit I am one of those who still cannot get over and I can still feel the envy with a Maine Mendoza. I know there are a lot of people who are still denying that they like #Aldub or #Maiden because of other’s bashful tongues, saying it’s jologs. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t envy her?

i. She is pretty. Admit it, the way she smiles even though how big those teeth are, it will still affect you because she’s so natural. And even though how often she does these Melay Cantiveros’ facial expressions, her underlying beauty still find it’s way out and illuminate her. Even the sculpture of her body seen when she tried different outfits on the September 26th Kalyeserye episode, wow fantastic baby!

ii. She has a credible background yet she’s humble. She is a graduate from DLSU-CSB, and she has a successful family. And I believe that those were good platforms for her to find and sustain the confidence in her. But I’m very pleased that she’s still humble after all! Tataydub and Nanaydub, really did a great job disciplining her!

iii. She was blest with the opportunity. This whole ‘Dubsmash’ thing was just for fun and it was never in her wildest dream that she will gain more than a million follower with that. If you have seen her audition in GMA, it was really evident that she is not that competitive and driven to achieve the goal of being a celebrity. The way she answered “No” to the questions if she knew how to sing or dance, you know in that moment that she doesn’t only have 50% chance but only 25% chance left to get this job. She was awkward, but I think Eat Bulaga risked and tried using her as a strategy. And probably, since this is her fate, she’s now here breaking the internet with 39 Million tweets.

iv. She is partnered with Alden Richards. Yes, even though how crazy this will sounds like, yes I admit I am one of those who still cannot get over because that is THE Alden Richards. From his physical attributes, his dedication of all his works to God, his wits, his attitude down to his flaws. sigh He. Is. Totally. My. Type.

But of course, I recognized that this is only a fandom, Alden just characterizes my ideal type of guy, that’s why I like him. And what made me realize that he is really just a fandom, is because…

I want him to be with Maine. I want them to be together as couples, I want them to end up marrying each other and I want to be one of those people who will support them as they journey together.

And I think that is the most envious thing about Maine Mendoza: She was blest, and there is someone wishing her to be more blest. Not everyone gets to be happy with someone else’s success.


Then what’s stopping you? If you really want to know.

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sprry to bother you? But what other imagines are coming up next? (Like how many do you have, etc..... (i just wanna know if i should send something in because i dont wanna add onto a large work load))

Hey Anon!
You’re not bothering me at all!
I have five requests coming up (Joe, Richard, Rafael, Sonny and Rafael again) 

I had more but I lost them because when you click on a message on your phone and go back, they disappear. So I’m sorry if that was anyone’s requests.

Feel free to send it in Anon. I don’t mind and now I’m just curious as to what it is! 

And also thanks for taking time to check that you didn’t add to my workload. I appreciate it and you’re just too sweet! But never feel as if you’re bothering me. 

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Love, JZ

Mon Cher,

           I don’t know if I should start this letter off by saying I love you, or wait to the end. I guess that it really doesn’t matter; I say it all the time anyway. Sometimes I think that I say it too much and that one day it’ll lose its significance. Maybe it’s because I’m so bad with words but most of the time I can’t articulate how happy you make me feel and ‘I love you’ is the closest I can get to expressing that. So yes, Eric Richard Bittle, I love you very much.

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